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Impact of Digital Technology in Ensoft limited

University: Loughborough University London

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 17 / Words 4241
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BTHD52019A
  • Downloads: 930
Organization Selected : Ensoft limited


Digital technologies has completely revolutionised the means of conducting business activities. It has been observed that most of the companies were using conventional models of businesses in past years (Porwal and Hewage, 2013). That is why they were failed in achieving their pre - setted aims and objectives. But the introduction of digital mobile technology provides large number of opportunities to small and medium sized enterprises for earning high amount of income. Entrepreneurs are now able to achieve commercial goals as per their choices and preferences. On the other side, by making huge profits, these SMEs can easily enlarge themselves by increasing production level. The present report is going to depict the impact of digital technology upon the business projects of small firms. In this context, Ensoft limited is considered here and influences of digitisation on its growth and innovation is described. Specific project aims and objectives is framed by researcher along with appropriate Gantt chart and work break down structure. In addition to this, report also comprised of specific project management plan.

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P1. Project aims and objectives

Topic:“To determine the influence of Artificial Intelligence upon production and profitability of organisation : A case study on Ensoft Limited”.

Ensoft is a small corporation that is dealing with delivering software solutions for telecommunications as well as high - end computer systems. It is majorly working with main product vendors of United State and United Kingdom (Marston and et. al., 2011). They are performing on industrial leading platforms for Carrier Ethernet, video, mobile, core or edge routing and broadband. Thus, from this their specialisation is highlighted i.e. Software, Networking and Telecoms. From an investigation, it has found that, it is a privately held small company which is involving around 51 to 200 workers. Its headquarter is situated in Harpenden and was developed in the year of 1997. The owner of this venture now wants to make a strong position in current Information & Technology (IT) industry. The reason for doing the same is to compete effectively with other competitors and in-turn earning high sum of profit. Therefore, business owner should decided to work with Section head and Deputy head of Business Research. In this regard, they all should perform their duties together for building new aims and objectives of project. The appropriate aim and objective created by them are mentioned as follows :

Aim: “To determine the influence of Artificial Intelligence upon production and profitability of organisation : A case study on Ensoft Limited”.

Objectives :

  • To determine the significance of digital techniques in IT industry.
  • To find out the impact of Artificial Intelligence on commercial actions of Ensoft Limited.
  • To evaluate the influences of digitisation upon productivity and profitability of company.
  • To ascertain the effects of modern tools on growth and innovation of Ensoft Ltd.

Research questions :

  • What is the importance of digital technologies in IT world ?
  • What are the advantages of implementing Artificial Intelligence at Ensoft Ltd ?
  • How influences of Artificial Intelligence can be found upon production division of organisation ?
  • What is the contribution of digitalisation in growth and innovation of small sized corporations ?

P2. Project Management plan

It is very important that before plan or scheme should be prepared before applying new techniques. Through project management plan organisation get the rough idea about the cost to carry business, what kind of resources required to fulfil the objectives,time involve in the activity and risk involved in it (Hwang and Ng, 2013). So that for all this they make earlier arrangement before starting it. These are the elements which are the backbone of the project without determining it section head and chief officer not able to succeed business project. Project management and its concerning factors are discussed below-

  • Cost: Cost is the basic which required in the organisation to carry out all activities and operations. To complete any project or assignment there is a need of fund. There are various things which affect the project cost like raw material, labour rates which contractor charges. Cost is to be known before implementing it so that expenditure does not goes beyond limit. When company make decision to introduce new product or new technology which is artificial intelligence, than they should make proper estimation of the entire expenses. According to research department average cost of the project comes between $45'000-$ 110'000, it can vary on the basis of prevailing situation of the market. Cost of new technology can only beard by reducing extra expenditure of the business. In earlier time,it has been seen that organisation have spending lot of money in the paper at their working station which is very useless and unwanted in the organisation. In such a way organisation can save higher amount of revenue and can implement or apply it to the new ideas.
  • Resources: It refer to the thing which needed to carry out day to day operations. It include resource planning,resource utilization and resource availability which organisation need to do for effective management. The resources should be allocated properly so that they get fully utilised in the business. Resources refer to human,finance,technological resources and raw material. Each objectives or goals can be achieved by the help of these above resources (Kowalkowski, Kindström and Brehmer, 2011). In primary and secondary resources it also help in doing the investigation. In primary human who gather data from outside environment need to placed well otherwise information can be correct. In secondary books,journals,internet and newspaper are the important resource because they collect information.
  • Time: There should be proper evaluation of the time until the end of the project. There is a direct relationship between sum of project and the end result with the required time. In this context, our software business take approximately take 2 to 3 years in manufacturing some innovative product. It is not easy to make changes in the organisation because large number of steps are undertaken and many obstacles have to overcome. Changes are not made easily in the organisation,because employees are not ready to adopt it. They are responsible for making the product and business successful, it is duty of the authority to convince their employees by telling Preparing suitable report can be possible in 2-3 weeks.
  • Quality: Company should take care that all products should be developed properly and efficiently so that customer does not move to another brand. Quality should be focused while designing any project because its the first most thing which customer demand from firm. Ensoft private limited need to provide good quality in its new product to attract large number of customer. Bad types of standards, dissatisfied the employees and they move towards their competitors. If person or employee doing same kind of work but unable to fulfil the quality standards then it is obvious that business not able to create successful business project.
  • Scope: The scope of this project is very good because it brings the innovative ideas which nobody have in this IT sector. With the help of this new ideas and techniques business enterprise able to develop unique or different product in minimum cost and time.
  • Communication:It is way through which information and important facts and figures is transferred to the all players participating in the activity. There should be proper communication between employees and the management so that business can perform up to its best level (Harish and Kumar, 2014). The mentors should communicate all information to the employees effectively so that businesses able to achieve its desired outcome. Communication will enhance the level of cooperation between the employees. It is necessary in software organisation because no one is aware about the digitalisation. Communication should be effective in the organisation so that each and every person know his duties and gave proper contribution in the business success.
  • Risk: Every business have to face risk otherwise they are not able to earn profit. Project manager should take necessary steps to overcome the risk otherwise it will damage the company image. At the time of implementing new strategy,the rate of risk get increase drastically. It is very risky to introduce artificial intelligence at Ensoft private limited because it was applied first time in the organisation. It is noted that there are various firms which are providing same product and services as Ensoft to the market. Due to this concerned organisation have to face all the risks which comes in their path of new policies. This digitalisation technique help business to produce new innovative product which help them to grow. There should be a risk management or risk handler group who detect it and take effective measures.

P3. Gantt chart and Work-breakdown-structure

Gantt Charts mainly used for representing schedules of specific project in graphical formats. In other words, it can be defined as a kind of bar chart which highlights the starting & ending date of particular task within a project (Hall, 2011). Researcher has designed appropriate Gantt chart for showing the dates of beginning and finishing the activities which is being performed by whole team of research. If you want to know more about Management Accounting then click on Management Accounting Framework & Structure - AZIO.

On the other hand, work break down structure is also created by investigator for organising the entire work into certain sections so that these tasks can be distributed equally into team. The main motive of breaking down projects' activities in small components is to make it manageable. Researcher has presented proper Gantt chart along with suitable work break down structure below :


P4. Small scale research

Research is very important part of the business because from it firm able to develop new methods in operations. Through research organisation able to gather information, collect data and able to find the suitable sources of the business. Research give answer to the problems which are facing by the arrangement. Matter or information can be gather from Primary source or secondary source or both. Primary research means new research which organisation or individual get after taking questionnaire and surveys. First-hand research is the fresh matter which people collected for the betterment of the organisation. While secondary research is second hand information which it was taken from some other place. It is taken from previously researched person. Secondary data is collected from Internet, official companies websites ,books ,journal , magazines and newspaper. Here we undertake primary research and secondary research to achieve business goals. There are two techniques which are used in the enterprises for the research purpose :

  • Qualitative techniques :The research develops the ideas or hypothesis for another quantitative research. It take place to understand the reasons , opinions and motivation of the people of the society which help business to survive for a longer period of time. This type of research is conducted in unstructured way such as individual depth interview or group discussion. It is the form of non statistical data (Bakker and et. al., 2013) . Under this small number of the persons or group is taken to respond the view of whole society. Because in this views are limited to particular group or about small people it can be used to make generalisation of the public interest. It provide the framework through which organisation get direction to achieve its objectives. This type of research help both new and established brand to understand market so that company can fulfil their goals.
  • Quantitative techniques : This is a research which provide numeric figures and facts. the aim of this investigation is to identify and gather information so that it can compare with past records and make it better in future (Basu, 2014). It has proper structure through which they use to collect and gather content such as questionnaire, polls, survey and telephonic interviews etc. Statistical data in the form of tables which represent large number of people and their interest. It can be used to recommend a final decision of the people. Data collection is conducted on large samples which represent the entire population. Sometimes after qualitative research they used to explore more findings which can be done. It gather numerical data which is gather from large groups of people.

Note :This is to noted that in this research both primary and secondary data is used for aggregating proper information as per the theme of the research. No one can take full guarantee of secondary research it can be authentic or not. In this sample size is taken 30 so that researcher can easily collect data analyse the same for receiving desired outcome. Students can get cheap HND Assignment Help from professional experts with No Plagiarism.


Name :-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Age :--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Gender :----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Q 1. Are you contented by the introduction of digitalisation at EnsoftLimited ?

  • Yes
  • No

Q 2. Did you notice any relation between digital technology and enhanced production of corporation ?

  • Yes
  • No

Q 3. What type of recent technologies could be applied by Ensoft Limited in their workstation?

  • Cloud technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • The internet of Things
  • Mobile technology
  • Social media

Q 4. According to you what type of impacts are seen within workplace of Ensoft Ltd by executing modern tools and techniques ?

  • Optimistic
  • Antagonistic

Q 5. What are the benefits of introducing digital applicationsin referred company ?

  • Increase in net income
  • Improvement in manufacturing level
  • Production of innovative goods and services

Q 6. Can Artificial Intelligence change the current standard of productivity and probability of Ensoft Limited ?

  • Yes
  • No

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P5. Analysation of research

Theme 1 : Contentment of users and employees by the implementation of digital techniques

Q 1. Are you contented by the introduction of digitalisation at EnsoftLimited ? Frequency
Yes 20
No 10

Interpretation : Digital technologies help every business in their growth as it makes their work easier and save time and cost. There are various small medium and big enterprises which are adopting this advance technology to achieve its objectives and goals in a efficient way. In the above illustrated diagram, their are 20 respondents who are satisfied with the use of digital technology in the Ensoft limited and only 10 persons are dissatisfied with this techniques. This means organisation can apply digitalisation for their welfare and development. Enterprise should ask the dissatisfied respondent reason for that and try to remove their problem. But that does not mean that organisation should not use it because every thing has come opposer which can't be removed.

Theme 2 : Relationship between digitisation and production department of Ensoft Ltd

Q 2. Did you notice any relation between digital technology and enhanced production of corporation ? Frequency
Yes 18
No 12

Interpretation : From the above data, it is analyse about relationship between digital technology and enhanced production of corporation because utilising digital technology will provide support to companies for increasing regular productivity. Thus, it is analysed that 18 respondents agree with fact of increasing outcome through the use of advanced technological equipments on their organisation whereas 12 of them are not agree with the same. Digital techniques are helpful top industry as they can save time and boost up production on daily basis which facilitates to attain growth of business successfully.

Theme 3: Modern technology used by company at work place

Q 3. What type of recent technologies could be applied by Ensoft Limited in their workstation? Frequency
Cloud technology 5
Artificial Intelligence 10
The internet of Things 2
Mobile technology 3
Social media 10

Interpretation: There are different types of digital technology which is used by staff members of an organisation as per their core activity and prefer techniques which are more suitable to carrying out regular procedures in correct manner. From the above data, it is analysed that various kinds of technologies are used by employees as per their requirements to gain desired benefits. Thus, 5 of workers are comfortable to use cloud technology to get required outcomes, 10 of them are fond of utilising artificial intelligence, 2 people use internet for certain things and 10 of employees prefer social media to fulfil their needs to perform their regular tasks in appropriate way.

Theme 4 : Influences of digital tools and technology within Ensoft Limited

Q 4. According to you what type of impacts are seen within workplace of Ensoft Ltd by executing modern tools and techniques? Frequency
Optimistic 19
Antagonistic 11

Interpretation: There are various kinds of digital tools which are used by companies to carrying out regular operational activities or procedures to gain better outcomes. It includes the criteria of using several types of technologies in an organisation to conduct various tasks properly along with improving productivity as well as profitability on daily basis. From the above mentioned data, it is analysed that several positive impacts are achieved by company reduce time of production, increase productivity, improved performance of employees and many more. Thus, 19 of respondents give their positive comments for digital tools and 11 of them remain negative for the same.

Theme 5 : Advantages of implementing updated application in business practices

Q 5. What are the benefits of introducing digital applicationsin referred company ? Frequency
Increase in net income 12
Improvement in manufacturing level 11
Production of innovative goods and services 7

Interpretation : According to this graph, 12 respondents claim that by establishing digital technology net income of the organisation get increases while there are 11 persons who say it improves manufacturing level and only 7 state that it enhance innovative and new products in the organisation.

Theme 6 : Contribution of Artificial Intelligence in growth and development of organisation

Q 6. Can Artificial Intelligence change the current standard of productivity and profitability of Ensoft Limited ? Frequency
Yes 20
No 10

Interpretation : From the above report, it was concluded that it benefits the organisation by increasing it productivity and the sales.

P6. Recommendation

Artificial intelligence can be considered as the new technological subject over which all small and large organisation as well as nation are struggling to control over. Small-scale companies are investing money over the advancing technology AI for more time, energy and money investment within Ensoft. Considering these dynamics of business environment, it can proclaim that robotic workplace are the new innovation or modification that Ensoft can undertaken in regard of achieving business objectives (Smith, Gonin and Besharov, 2013). Also, through managing the practices of artificial intelligence within the working environment and processes of company, Ensoft can ease their work procedure and can attain stardust target or outcome in more significant manner.

Ensoft and other small organisations are also recommended that through opting distinct AI technologies and leveraging company's framework from this, firm can integrate AI with their production and operational system which are user friendly and available for the companies. Also, through opting artificial advertising techniques and methods, organisation can accomplish the determined objectives of future in more significant manner (Stoshikj, Kryvinska and Strauss, 2014). Henceforth, this can be affirm from the above mentioned notion that small or large organisation can assist in managing growth and development in more significant manner. It is integral for a company to effectively execute and control it in more significant manner.

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P7. Reflection

Through developing an assignment on digital technologies and creating evaluative analysis over Artificial intelligence, I had the chance of attaining numerous logical information in regard of digital transformation within small business organisation in regard of accomplishing business objectives. This can be claimed from the above mentioned report that artificial intelligence is an advanced technologies that rely on digitalisation in order to perform functions in business in more significant manner. Understanding the theoretical aspects of this report, I realised that through employing advanced technologies and digital techniques, small and medium sized companies can support their business firms and achieve standard outcomes. Gathering information in relation to this certain topic is required in order to support the accumulated data and information in more significant manner.

Beside this, I have identified numerous practical knowledge and information in relation to conduct a research report which can assist an organisation to achieve business objectives. This can also be claimed that secondary and primary data is significant in regard of stating the hypothesis in a research report. Also, I have prepared the Gantt Chart and interpreted the data with the purpose of gathering required information and systematically formulate the data accordingly. Henceforth, I have managed to learn how to conduct a successful business project within a certain time duration with authentic data and resource utilisation adequately.

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By going through above based report, it can be concluded that each and every company should introduce the concept of digitalisation at their work places since it will assist them in reaching their goals and objectives. Ensoft limited ought to implement digital tools and techniques for increasing existing level of production. For doing the similar, they can take help of artificial intelligence. This is a modern technology that is used for manufacturing innovative merchandises or services. Thus, by introducing identical application at workstation, Ensoft can be able to create innovational goods. This in turn assist them in seeking attention of large number of customers. Thereby, selling rate of corporation get rise up which directly give positive impact on profitability by enhancing it. In this assignment, different aims, objectives and research questions are created by researcher for starting work on new project. In addition to this, survey has been conducted for making appropriate questionnaire.


  • Geraldi, J. and Lechter, T., 2012. Gantt charts revisited: A critical analysis of its roots and implications to the management of projects today. International Journal of Managing Projects in Business. 5(4). pp.578-594.
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