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Working Partnership - Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: M/508/0974
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Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
  3. TASK 2
Question :

The objective of this report is to develop understanding of learner in the context of partnership practices in health and social care. This will enable learners to identify the concept of power sharing, consultation and so on.

  • Determine the partnership philosophies as well as relationship in the context of Mid Staffordshire.
  • Evaluate how to promote positive partnership working with service users, professionals and organisation in Mid Staffordshire.
  • Identify the outcomes of working partnership in health and social care services.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust


Partnership working in health and social care take together separate enterprise so that they can benefit and essential from resources, pooled expertise and power sharing (Partnership, 2017). Main goal and objective of partnership is to increase the quality and efficiency of service provision. It is marked by regards for one another, rights to information, role division, competence, value and accountability accorded to individual input (Cameron and et. al., 2014). In other word, in partnership each and every partners seen as having something to involved, decisions are made, power is shared jointly and duties are not only reputable but are also promoted by moral and legal rights. In this assignment, given organisation is Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust which provide health related services to the service user. This report is based on partnership relationships and philosophies. In order to promote positive partnership working with professionals, organisational and users of services which is also determined in this project. Outcomes of partnership working for the business enterprise and people is also shown in this study.


1.1 Philosophy of working in partnership in health and social care

In the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust are adopting and using different philosophies which has been developed to provide facilities to partnership working between organisation within health and social care sector. There are certain philosophies which includes autonomy, power sharing, making informed decision, empowerment of partners enterprise in effective manner. Organisation involves in working in partnership that are able to empower each other with the help of coordinating and operating with major activities (Dickinson and Glasby, 2010). It help in enhancing the ability and capability of partnering for achieving desired goals and targets in better manner. The firm performing functions and activities who are working as partners in the provision of health and social care facilities which are totally depend on each other such as financial, economical and social support to the company. The partnering generally assist in cooperating and coordinating their employees activities and also sharing of information which required for making decisions. Health care sector different kind of business approaches in which firm require to analyse their clients issues and problems to provide them quality services. Partnership in health and social care activities are related to provide effective and quality services to their clients on the bases of their requirement. This is collaborate working activities between two or more individuals, government bodies and health care agencies to build effectiveness for needy and services users.

Philosophies Theory: A philosophical position or philosophical theory is a set of impression that excuse or report for a basic philosophy or peculiar philosophy. The apply of the term concept here is a argument of colloquial English of the term theory. Partnership is a business procedure in which two or more parties share their specific goal to attain specific objective easily in better way (Dickinson and O'Flynn, 2016). Philosophy of partnership in health and social care services are related to face different barriers and issues by different group of individual and governmental bodies to provide impactful solution easily. Some of the organisations choose to work in partnership for easily tackle different issues and problems that might be risky in future or to handle properly. It also help the business to reduce conflict which arse between the service providers.

Dilemma and conflict:

Dilemma: There are 3 kinds of conditions that must be existing for a position to be reasoned an ethical dilemma. The basic condition fall out in conditions when a single person, known as the “agent,” that must make an effective decision regarding which types of action is foremost. Situations that are not comfortable but that don’t necessitate a choice, it are not philosophy dilemmas. For instance, service providers in their internships are needed to be under the management of an suitably certificated social work field instructor.

Conflict: Sometimes partnership in the health and social care create the conflict between the service users and provides. In this manager adopt different kinds of philosophies which support the employees and service seeker to take an effective decision as well as achieve their personal objectives easily. When an activity is against your belief. There is no doubt or uncertainty in their mind. e.g. Honesty is identify as one of your best values. Accepting bribe that would be an ethical conflict.

Actual Philosophies of partnership: There are different Philosophies which are determined as below:

Empowerment: It is a management information practices of sharing, power allotment and reward partaking so as to yield the other scope in order to analysis better solution of specific issue and take appropriate and speed decisions for the betterment of performance and service.

Independence Power Sharing: In entire view of our regular surviving, Independence is reasoned as the most essential and effective aspects. It implies encouraging and authorising the person who is in health care you for care of a dynamic body.

Autonomy: It is a part of allowing liberty so as to create the correct selection of decision making at the perfect time in the work station. The manager of the healthcare that will be aiding the liberty will be focusing the project targets and therefore license entire his workforce to select the perfect choice in their accurate manner for succeeding goal.

Respect: As an recognition for the dead importance of service user, they have come crosswise the respectfulness and such go around the liberty regard of the service seeker. In conclusion the term that we will be encouraging over here belong of two dimensions: Behavioural and Cognitive.

1.2 Partnership relationships within health and social care services.

When two or more than two firms start doing work with each other then it not only boost up the business process but at the same time provide various long term benefit to both services providers and users. Major advantage of this is that it provide an opportunity to service user to get various type of products and services in just one place. Mostly elder people suffer from diseases and health issues and concept of partnership help them by increase the convenience level of patients and simultaneously save their time and cost. For example if a merger take place between mental or medical care homes then patients can get different services of their health issues at one place. When company do work in partnership then different barriers are face by them. One of the major barrier face by them is complexity because when employees of two organisation work together then it give rise to complexity. It become very difficult for management to decide how to manage the staff members and their actions at workplace. Confusion arise among mind of workers that which process require to be follow by them to perform their roles and responsibilities (Fotaki, 2011). Effective and open correspondence ought to be happen in big business to expand adequacy of business tasks and its quality . New strategies for working ought to be well educate to representatives, perplexity and issues ought to be comprehended. Contrasts in culture and hierarchical structure can be another boundary to viably working in association. After the association understanding the two firms should make or set a solitary authoritative structure to did diverse exercises.

In each well-being and social care it is exceptionally fundamental for firms to keep up nature of their administrations. This can be accomplished by dispensing with every one of the obstructions at working environment. For this legitimate techniques and process ought to be trailed by specialists and chiefs.

Number of organization offices are depicted in the event that review. It is extremely important for every one of them to deal with unpredictability emerge at working environment and keep up the viability. This will help the in improve the situation care of kids live in their territories.

M1 Strategies to find appropriate solutions

Better strategy is support the organisation to analysis basic needs and wants of the clients. It is also beneficial for the organisation to keep strong relation with the service user. An effective strategy also support company to improve their performance at marketplace (Gardiner, Gott and Ingleton, 2012). With the help of this, business enterprise easily attract large number of customers towards business products and services. Thus, it is essential for them to achieve better outcomes and results in an appropriate manner.

D1 Critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions

According to the Glasby, (2014) Own work support the business and individual to enhance their motivation and performance level within an organisation. Thus it is beneficial for person to apply different tools and techniques which support to increase their effectiveness in limited time duration. Above entire information are relevant and accurate for the organisational and personal to develop proper strategy easily.

On the other hand, own work also support individual to attain better outcomes in an easy manner. Thus, it will assist to accomplish predetermined objectives and goals in systematic and effective manner.


2.1 Models of partnership working across the health and social care sector.

The partnership model in health and social care define the business structure. There are different model or framework of partnership which is used by the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust in order to maximise sales and turnover easily. These are determined as below:

Unified Model: Under this, management structure includes administration, training and staffing of the workers (Glasby, 2017). There are no isolated structures as well as area for these functions and activities. The main aim of this structure and framework is to assign the integrated facility to the demanding. There are different advantages of such structure such as:

  • Considers entire activities of health and care services.
  • In service delivery, business apply single system.
  • Unified Model has separate system of financial.
  • Apply only single strategy methods that carries a predetermined objectives and goals.

Coalition Model: Under this model, different activities of business are associated with each other but in this work are not done individually. In addition, the staffing, training and management of the employees are related to together with the assist of confederation but works and activities individually (Hunter and Perkins, 2012). There is less participation of the staffing in order to train their workers in an effective manner. The advantages of selecting such type of model in the organisation are determine as below:

  • The services cooperate and activities in the joint actions.
  • Works in individual manner so that there is necessity is less which have information of entire activities as well as segments also.

Hybrid Model: It is identify as a combination of above two model which is essential for the business entity to maximise their profitability. In the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust it is identify as combination of coalition and unified modal.

2.2 Current legislation and organisational practices and policies for partnership

There are some legislation in the health and social care that highly effects on individual and organisational performance effectively. The organisational policies, practices and two types of legislation are determined as below:

Children's act 1989: Main motive of this legislation is to render security and safety as well as complete the entire requirement which is needed by Child in order to maintain their future. The government that are contributed in the improvement of the children's future they can fulfil their wish, needs and establish an effective strategy in order to meet with its desire and wants (Lowes and Hulatt, 2013). This act mostly emphasis on be healthy, create positive contribution, stay safe, accomplish economic wellbeing.

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