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PM101 Health Promotion Assignment Level 4

Table of Content

  1. Introduction


Health promotions and preventing people from ill health are the key priorities of government. Authorities are continuously making efforts so that they can make people aware with the benefit of good health (Rod, 2015). Present study is based on Daniel and Fatima. Both have arrived in the UK as refugees from South Sudan. They belong from the place where overweight or excess body fat are seen as symbols of wealth and prosperity. They were unaware with the importance of healthy diet thus, after some time, they have become obese. Current assignment will describe effects of socio economic influences on Daniel and Fatima's health. Furthermore, report will discuss reasons and barriers to Daniel and Fatima in accessing health care. Role of different professionals in health and social care sector will be illustrated in this study. In addition, report plans promotion campaign and it will explain effects of socio-economics influences.

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Task 1

1.1 Effects of socio-economic influence on the health of patients

Socio-economic factors are considered as essential factors in the life of human beings. These elements influence the person's health to a great extent. As per the given case scenario, Daniel and Fatima have five children. They have come to UK as refugees from South Sudan. They belong from the culture where excess body is the symbol of wealth and prosperity. These persons used to eat fast food, have fizzy drinks, etc. (Golden and, 2015). Both do not perform any physical activities which enhance their body weight. Now, the whole family is suffering from obesity.

Employment: It is another major factor which influences the health condition of people. If the person has income sources then they become able to have a healthy diet. But if the person has limited income sources then they pay more attention on earning money rather than concentrating on their health (van Berkel and, 2013). This influences the well-being of person to a great extent. Daniel and Fatima are living in the UK as refugees. Thus, they do not have income sources and jobs. This is the reason; they are unable to concentrate on health and having healthy diet which influences their health condition to a great extent.

Education: It is another major component which affects the health condition of individuals. Due to poor education, Daniel and Fatima are unaware with the importance of healthy life. They think that overweight is good. This affects their well-being and they become unable to live a healthy life (Fung and, 2016). Socio-economic factors influence the health of Daniel and Fatima. Effects of these elements are described as below:

Culture: It is considered as the most essential element which affect health condition of individual. As Daniel and Fatima belong from other cultures where body weight has been seen as a sign of wealth (Jørgensen and, 2015). Thus, they are unaware with the importance of healthy diet and exercise. This cultural background creates a mind-set that if they have excess body weight then it is good for them. This type of culture put negative impact on the health of Daniel and Fatima.

Social determinant model of health is highly related with economic and social conditions. Both these elements impact on health status of individual. This model explains that persons living with working conditions can get suffer from risk of disease. Unequal distribution of health damaging experiences and poor social policies impact on the healths status of the person to great extent.

1.2 Relevance of government sources

Government plays a significant role in assessing the level of health of individuals and take actions so that well-being of individuals can be improved soon. There are various government sources that give necessary information on the health inequalities.

Marmot review report: This has been published in the year 2010. In this report, it has been identified that how social class, income and other socio economic factors impact on the well-being of individuals (Chan, 2013). Furthermore, this review report gives strategies through which these inequalities can be minimized and overall health condition of population can be improved soon.

All these government sources have adequate information about population health, issues with them, etc. By this way, authorities become able to make new strategies which assist in taking actions for improving the condition of people.. Thus, authorities can take action for improving their condition soon (Klinner and, 2015).
Black report is another effective government source that published by department of health and social security. This report describes about health inequality and main causes of this inequalities. This report describes that social inequalities such as education, diet, employment major affect health of the person.

Community health research foundations and agencies: This is the agency which continuously conducts research in order to identify the number of patients in hospitals and most common disease in society (Wagner, Greiner and HeinrichWeltzien, 2014). On the basis of report of this agency, authority compares data and measures the success of health promotional strategies. This supports in implementing actions so that health and safety can be maintained in the community.

Public health and administration department: It is another source of government where authorities are concerned about the health and safety of population. Thus, it organizes time to time camps for the society members so that they can remain healthy and fit (Dermen, Ciancio and Fabiano, 2014).

Acheson report: It has been published in the year 1998. This report focuses more on interrelationship between social class and health inequalities. This helps in identifying that to what extent social class impact on well-being of individuals.

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