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The Role of Public Health

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Question :

Public health plays an important role in uplifting the economy as it involves disease free country which can contribute in economy. This project is base don different health organisations which helps in maintaining the public health.

  • Understanding different approaches to measure the incidence of disease in communities.
  • Investigating the implications of disease in communities.
  • Factors which influence well being and health of people in health and care setting.
Answer :
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Public health is depended on health service. It is considers to different government agency to decisive the planes of health and quality in the society. Public heath is important for every governmental factors that have plan to sustain health of public. Public health is all about any humanity will take care its own ways but sustain health with effective priority. It is help to sustain the society to protect inflexion and non health problem diseases. In this case is briefly about the public heath care and its organisation that have responsibility to protects different diseases in the community (Plough, , 2015). Also investigate the significance of illness and disease in communities for the provision of health and social care service. Moreover is briefly about the factors influencing health and well-being of individual in health and social care settings.


1.1 The role of World Health Organisation (WHO), Department of Health or Public Health England and local organisations

World trade organisation(WHO) – According to country they serve heath organisation . Which is direct and coordinate in international health. Its plans to sustain public health with different protecting ideas that's fight new disease in areas. Its partners with countries is united nation system, international organisation, civil society, recovered, domain and research establishment.

Public health England – They protect and improve public health of England. Also reduced health diseases and sustain public health. Public health England works different partners to utilize and development on program for effective social factors that affects people health. They organized different campaign to awareness for diseases.

Health protection agency- This agency provided health protection in UK. England public threats about to their health infection. They gives information to National health services for condition of UK public health. The health protection company follows under the rules that government of UK ( Rosen, 2015). They also provided different suggestion to doctors and nurses with effective way to conflict with diseases. Heath Protection Agency provided emergence service , and supports to National health services. Its helps to preparing a health threats like bioterrorism.

1.2 The epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and breast cancer, OR dementia

Both HIV and cancer are dangerous diseases. HIV is infectious and cancer is non-infectious diseases.

Epidemiology of HIV- This disorder is because of viruses,bacteria, or fungi. In a global level 36.7 million people are infected with HIV. Most in the world sub – Saharan Africa is affected is deadly virus. Its all about the awareness of people that infected by virus one body tom another . Aids is the medical condition if people aware about it it has been in controllable situation but if aids becomes HIV its cause too much for people. On a global level 98400 people are infected from HIV. Also , 22% will not aware about infection.

Epidemiology of Breast cancer – Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer. This disease mostly found in women ( Wen,and Sharfstein, 2015). This diseases is non infectious. Almost 31 % in UK women is suffer from breast cancer. 50000 cases is observed in one year. This disease is is founded in 80% of old age women of above age 50.

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1.3 The effectiveness of different approaches and strategies to control the incidence of any infectious and non-infectious disease

There are many plan of action that followed by the government to foreclose people from infectious disease. This steps helps to aware about the symptoms of disease and controlled over them. Also they ensure about society remain healthy.

The plan of action as below:

Screening- It is important that regular check up in individually. this helps in treating individual by identifying any symptoms of disease. This testing helps to understand the disease before attainment.

Surveillance- This will helps tom reduced the expatriation of disease body to body. Also it will helps to identifying elements that are the cause of spreading of infectious disease.

Immunisation – Vaccines helps to people controlled over disease. It helps in resistant of individual from getting in contact with disease.

Education and Welfare Programs – This is the best way to gives information about the disease (Frumkin, 2016.Schneider, 2016). By educating society about it interference can be done . Welfare programmes gives free medicine and and vaccination campaign to protecting people

Environmental control – It helps to maintain safety and health environment for people because its important to controlling and reduction of several diseases. It helps to restriucts spreading of disease in the society .


2.1 Determine current priorities and approaches to the provision of services for people with disease

The condition of services for people will regard the great deal of operations that will help in the better rise in the direction and tacking capabilities of the organisation (.Liu, Yang, and ., 2015). Some major and effectively measures that are been reasoned in case of interference of deadly diseases are:

Primary prevention: it helps to effective preventive measures against HIV/AIDS. It helps to controlled and mitigation on HIV. This have two programs:

  • CHAPS- This is the main program to prevent homosexual relationship. This programmes helps to educating about to protective measure wile having coitus.
  • NAHIP – It is helps for African communities by the government to prevent safer sex practices and controlled on it .

Secondary prevention: In this preventive steps is involves screening and identification of disease causing the diseases like HIV. Ebola breast cancer type 2 diabetes etc. it will timely detection will helps in reduce their severity and prolong the health.

Tertiary prevention: This is the final prevention and most have risk factor. This is not that much impact is too kills and disease but provided comfort to the patient. This will helps to maker provide proper palliative care measure.

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2.2 Explain the relationship between the prevalence of HIV/AIDS OR Ebola OR breast cancer

This will helps to proper management by assessment and analysis of number of patients that are been suffering from a wide variety of diseases. This assessment helps to making good decision is about the health care services that are been followed by the organisation (Montesanti, and Thurston, 2015). It will helps in taking the preventive steps according to development of program to prevent the spreading of diseases. according to the banificial for both patients and health care settings it will helps to take the preventive different steps . It also helps in distribution of effective services to larger number of population.

Treatment of the patients. It also analyse the health and social care setting support good rise in effective and it timely give advise to people to treatment for betterment of health of their society. Different precautions implement on the health and social care setting will took after the health needs (Tulchinsky, and Varavikova, 2014). Also it will be keep in the development of the programmes to prevent the expanding of the disease.

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2.3 Analyse the impact of current lifestyle choices on future needs for health and social care services

This is forceful impact on people lifestyle. People more conscious about their health and implementing new tactics for maintain their health. Also people followed the effective ways that reduces the change of disease. There are some factor that have impacts on people current lifestyle:

  • Obesity: This is the physical condition that have weight problems beyond the permissible limits. This disease is because of overeating , eats allots of junk food and improper diet. It cause many disease like high blood presser , diabetes etc.
  • Lack of physical activities: In this lacked have disordered muscle in physical deterioration. In order to keep oneself fit and healthy, certain physical activities and exercise like yoga , aerobics, cycling etc. in this diseases have different types of segments that have different types of effects on the people .
  • Substance abusing: The use of drugs , and smoking have very bad impacts on body. Its intoxicants will cause the individual to face serve consequences and impacts on health. One must avoid using such materials and live a clean life .


3.1 The health and well-being priorities for people living in a London borough

Different areas have different priority for the effective health and well – being. People needs of must be stratified so that they have better living standers within society. Surrounding in good are improves living standers of people (Plough, , 2015 ). A society will loving be happy with healthy and good environment. There are different disease due to which well being is belonging to social and economical factors. There are different disease due to which well- being of people is affected. Different people have different living standers:

the priority of people is living in London is as follows

  • Managing stress
  • Disease free expectancy
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Good life expectancy
  • Being safe in road
  • Overeating habits
  • Unfollow diet chart
  • Not follows doctors prescription

This is the major point to unfollowed by the patient , and its affected the health and well- being leaving standers of the people (Rosen, 2015 ). If society have to follows the prescription about the diseases , it will helps to reduces to affected. Also following the doctor prescriptions helps to sustainability for the effective leaving standers. Effective living stander makes proper health society .

3.2 The effectiveness of strategies, systems and policies in a health and social care setting

Society must create and maintain the conditions under which people living in community can be healthy. It is the responsibility of all sectors of society to improve and maintain public health. Government health care providers, organisations, and institutions must conduct activities to improve public health such as treating illness and injuries. Public health refers to all measures to prevent disease, promote health, etc. These activities provide better conditions in which people can be healthy ( Wen,and Sharfstein, 2015). The activity of improving public health is important because it affects people every day. Public health workers educate and teach people about wellness. They develop various strategies to improve health of individuals.

Public health services do:-

  • They observe health status to find and help to solve society health issues.
  • Apply laws and regulations that secure health.
  • Provide individuals personal health services.
  • Create new plans and policies that help community health initiatives.

Nowadays governments recognised the significance of public health programs in improving health by reducing incidence of disability and other physical and mental conditions. One most important strategy to improve public health is to promote modern medicine and develop tools to prevent causes of diseases.

3.3 Discuss changes that could be made to improve the health and well-being of individuals

It is important that changes implements in health sector. Because its improving the heath level and betterment for living standers . It improves low level of of living standers. The changes can makes people to aware about the disease and provided effective services of people. Over health sector it must be divide into different parts so it will helps to giving care services accordingly (Frumkin, 2016). People educated to understand the precaution against them . In UK changes must have to made of homes care so quality of health service can be improves. It will accreted the leaving standers for the people to influences the awareness for the it will helps in providing care services accordantly. It depend on the various factors that influenced by the awareness of different health organisation . It depend on the organisation which is facility by the effective service to provided to public so that improves their health for betterment of living standers .

3.4 Evaluate an activity that has been implemented to encourage behaviour change for individuals

Behaviour of people is important role in living stander . Because it helps to understand the different need of society and community. Behaviour changes according to age of people. Good habits practises make good healths. this will helps enhancing their lifestyle. Their is one activity that have been followed by people for betterment of their living standers .

Mental Health Service- UK peoples is focused about mental services. It take to governments with initiatives ways . It included meditation and yoga to improves great behaviours impacts by the people . The stress among people has been reduced . Thus, it can be observed that yoga and medication classes (Schneider, 2016). They are able works freely and creating a healthy environment in society. It also focused about they relative diaereses that people have to understand the problems faced. Also gives suggests for doctors mental prescription for the creating services for the people leaving standers . Also it helps to sustain the metal problems that person family faced to Handel the person behaviour , mediations helps person to in improves its thinking behaviours and maintain better leaving standers.

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From this report is concluded that different areas need different service to sustain public health. World trade organisation have big role on to reduces decease from people and gives suggestion to protected from virus. also it is concluded that different health organisation have different plans to controlled over the diseases .Also it is very important for government to ensure that strategies or system that are developed by them must be implemented and followed .

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