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Unit 2 Understanding Specific Needs Level 5 Regent College


Health and social care services are defined as the integration between several services which are available as well as provided by medical professionals to patients in hospital. All these services are integrated with various biological as well as behavioral principle of nourishment in order to make services available to those people who required proper care or treatment. People who suffers from specific disability or deadly disease required special care as well as medication. It is important for medical staff to develop the understanding about the needs of services user and provide them with appropriate solution to their problem. As this strategy will assist medical staff in developing as well as maintaining healthy relationship with customer. It is essential for the medical staff to conduct the medical practices as per the laws. As this activity will help health care institution in eliminating legal issues.

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The purpose of the report is to develop the understanding about the concepts of health, disability, illness and behavior in context of health care services. It also has focus on analyzing the effect of legislation as well as social policy on the ways services are made.



TO: The Director Manager

CC: The Manager

Subject: Health, Disability, Illness, Behavior, Perception and Legislation, Social policies, Society and Code of Practice

Signature: Gabriela Darie

Q1.Concept of health, disability, illness and behavior

Health as well as social care services is considered to be as significant aspects in lives of people living in society. But with the passage of time, the perception of people regarding the services provided by health and social care institution has changed. Earlier, an individual used to visit health and social care institution until and unless there is an urgent need. But with an increase in health awareness, people visit hospital for routine body checkups and have an understanding about healthy lifestyle.  As it has been identified from the given case study that  name as Parkinson’s disease, So he requires special care as well as treatment that helps him in improving his health (Colosio and et. al., 2017). Parkinson's disease has a negative impact on the quality of life. Several symptoms of this disease might have an adverse influence on the behavior of an individual. It is required by medical staff in an organization to develop the understanding about the needs of patient suffering from such disease and gain knowledge about the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. As this activity will assist medical professional in providing appropriate treatment as well as suitable care to patients (Grasso, 2016)

Disability is the ineffectiveness of perform a physical, mental or social activity that causes a person to lose the self-confidence and well-being. Mr. Pen has the disability regarding visual impairment and hearing problems. Other than this, he also suffers from cardio respiratory and digestive problems. This has affected his health, made him more ill and deteriorated his behavior. The Parkinson disease has also disabled him to perform the work more effectively. Thus, in this case, the care home has to effectively take the measures to meet Mr. Pen’s requirements.

Illness is related to diseases which can impacts the well-being of person and his behavior to a greater extent. The illness not only makes the person physically weak but also frustrate him mentally. Thus Residential care home has to look after the proper handling of Mr. Pen as a patient.

Behavior is the attitude and reaction of a person towards a condition or activity that occurs or takes place in its surroundings. The behavior of Mr. Pen towards the care takers of care home has been quite violent due to his prolonged illness, solitude and disability. His anxious behavior is required to be monitored in order to maintain the health and well-being.

 Q2. Perceptions about specific needs have changed

The development of perceptions have been deeply affected by the practices that are been faced by the individual. Thus, the organization will look after better handling of operations that will help in better growth and development of the organization that will help in better rise in compatibility of health and social care body. In the previous period, people used to be absurd and unaware about the seriousness of Parkinson’s disease. But with the advancement of technology and increase in knowledge, people and workers in the health care have gained a good knowledge about the diseases and the issues related to it (Thompson, 2015). Thus, such condition is required to be handling in a better way. This has helped the early detection of PD in Mr. Simon and helped him to get a good medical treatment.

Also, the people have grown aware about the health concerns and thus, unlike to those in older days, now take more care of their health and well-being. This will help in suitable rise in compatibility of the health and medical care operations that support a good increase in functional capability of the firm. Other than this, the development of a good perception will support a good building of a better relationship that helps medical workers and employees for a good rise in trust level and effectiveness of their operations that will help in suitable rise in operational capability of an organization (Mirowsky, 2017). The early identification of the symptoms that are been shown by the health and medical care employee’s or officials in the organization. Other than this, it will help in better avoiding of different diseases that are been taken in consideration by the firms. Also, it will help in prevention of any sort of stigma related to the condition of patient or diseases and thus will help the organization which help in suitable rise in capability of work force in health and social care

Historical perspectives and the social and medical models followed by the care home will help the organization to carry out the operations and activities in a must effective and significant manner. Since late 19th century to end of 20th century, care homes and services have been evolved to a greater and significant extent due to development in medical and health care facilities that are been offered by them. This also includes certain legal factors like human rights which enables a person to have a good access to health care services and well-being despite any sort of disability.

The social and medical model of disability is been considered that helps the firm to handle any sort of impairment. Social model assist that the disability is caused by perception of society. This assists in removing the barriers and convey their personal experience and induce an inclusive way of living.

On the other hand, medical model states that the disability is caused by physical or mental impairment and consider it even if it doesn’t cause any pain or illness.

Q3. Impact of past and present legislation, social policies, society and culture on the ways services are made available for individuals

Various social operations and actions have been taken in an organization that helps in better rise in compatibility. Other than this, it will help in suitable handling of wide range of business operation that will help in suitable rise in operational capability of organization. Apart from this, the legal obligations and social policies will help in maintaining the quality and standards of medical services that are been taken in the health and social care home. Some major legal obligations that are been taken in consideration are as follows:

Health and Social Act, 2012: This will help Mr. Pen and his family to get the proper support from medical staff of health and social care home. This will help them to that the proper support and gain a good control over the operations that will help in suitable rise in operational and service quality offered by the organization in a better way (Green and Thorogood, 2018). 

National Health Service Act, 2006: This legal obligation will help the organization to manage the health care requirements of the people in a better way. Mr. Pen and his family will look after the better management of the operations that will help in suitable rise in service quality and providing of a high quality services to the needful patients like Mr. Pen.

Other than this, the social setup plays a crucial role in handling medical functions that will help in suitable rise in operational capability of the health and social care services in a better way. This will help in effective handling of good business operations that will support a good increase in operational capability of organization (Glasby, 2017). Besides this, social cultural beliefs and practices are required to be handled in a better way to maintain the quality of medical services in health and social care home.

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