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Practice and Strategies to Minimise Abuse in Health & Social Care

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 4 / Words 876
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: J/508/0601
  • Downloads: 877

Table of Content

Question :

Abuse means the process which helps in mistreating the individual and also violating civil and the human rights. It helps to measure mental, physical and also emotional sufferings that leads out to degrade the life quality. As it helps to order and give all views. kindly answer all the learning outcomes given below:

  • Elaborate the existing various working practices with the strategies that helps to design so as to minimise all the abuse in the health and social context 
  • Explain the effectiveness in all the working practices with the strategies that are used to minimise the abuse in the health and social care. 
  • Provide all the possible improvements which will imply to all the working practices and with that the strategies to minimise the abuse in all the health and social care.
Answer :
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Abuse can be defined as the process of mistreating an individual and violating civil and human rights of them. It can cause mental, physical or emotional sufferings leading to degradation of life quality (Boulwareand 2016). The report will explain  various practices and strategies for minimizing abuse in context of health and society. It will also evaluate the effectiveness and improvement strategies for these practices.

3A. If the Working Practices and Strategies Designed for Minimizing Abuse in HSC Context

Working practices

It is essential to support and cooperate the working practices which aim at minimizing abuses. The most common practices include:

Care planning cycle: Firstly care professionals assess the needs of patients so that objectives and guidelines of care planning can be developed. In the next stages of cycle, care plan is implemented and evaluated.

Person centred practices and secure environment: The preferences and requirements of individuals are kept at priority. It ensures that abusive attempts do not take place.  Monitoring can assure that no abusive activities are taking place and safe environment is available.  (Begun and Clapp, 2016).

Anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory practices: For minimizing the abuses, it is monitored that no discriminatory activities based on gender, race or age interfere in the operational activities. All oppressive activities which create humiliation or violates human and civil rights are prohibited via regulations and strict actions (Owen and Samuel, 2017).


It is essential to eliminate the abuses. Following strategies can help in achieving these goals:

Multi- agency strategy to services and provisions: Multiple agencies like local safeguard boards, police, justice agencies, children and family court can work together to minimize the abuse. Their joint venture can accomplish quick information exchange and sharing; thus can act as an effective strategy to minimize the abuse (Antony and Bowman, 2016). It also involves regular checking to limit the risk of abuse.

Care strategy by family and informal means: The abuses can be reduced to a great extent by providing informal care. Informal care is provided with the emotional support of family, relatives and friends. They ensure to provide safe surroundings with strong moral support. The family and informal care is more effective and is also appreciated by the local authorities.

Forums and decision-making procedures: These procedures follow monitoring of internal reports so that suitable and effective decisions can be framed. They aim at evaluating information and formulating the plans for abuse protection.  

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3B. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Working Practices and Strategies Used to Minimize Abuse in HSC Context

There are different evaluation techniques for measuring the effectiveness of abuse minimizing strategies and practices like:

  • The principle and value sharing in agreement to policies help in reducing the abuse.
  • Care planning, regular monitoring and assessment of risks keep a sense of responsibility and respect for the regulations. Thus, chances for abusive activities are minimized.
  • Documentation and record maintenance of abusive activities, health issues and the records of corresponding actions of authorities enhance the accountability. It is also one of the factors in reducing abuse activities (Sari, Wahyuni and Wibowo, 2018).
  • Surveying of staff members and proper training as well as development session before recruitment make it easy for decision-making authorities to implement the most suitable strategies for avoiding abuses.

3C. Possible Improvements Strategies to Working Practices and Strategies for Minimizing Abuse in HSC Context

There are some strategies that can be involved for making some kind of improvements which are discussed as below:

  • The foremost effective tool in minimization of abuse is to develop a sense of awareness and change in mentality. When individuals will start giving respect to humanity then, it will naturally abolish these abuses.
  • Selection of suitable employees who are truly dedicated to humanity is a necessary aspect for solving the issue.
  • Different agencies like legislative authorities, non-government organisations, family and society must work together to execute the permanent elimination of social and health care abuses (Pillemerand 2016).
  • A regular monitoring and counselling via proper information sharing network can help in the development of strict framework. This framework can encourage the involvement of anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive environment which is essential for elimination of abuses.


From the report, it can be concluded that for social stability and development of young generation, it is necessary to abolish the abusive activities in social and health care context.  The report has focused on strategies for abolishing the abusive activities. It can be concluded from the report that the joint efforts of family care and local authorities can help in identifying and eliminating abuses.

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