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Public Health Practices - WHO

University: Regent College of London

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Question :

The scenario of this report is based on public health practices in order to analyze their positive and negative impact over service users. All these practices are required an effective analysis based on different services as:

  • Evaluate the role of WHO and department of public health in disease control and prevention practices within UK.
  • Discuss health and social care services by considering current approaches and priorities.
  • Discuss the effectiveness of strategies, policies, system related to health and social care settings.
Answer :
Organization Selected : WHO


Government and local organisations play a crucial role in making people aware about different types of disease in communities. They are responsible for providing effective health and care services to people (Gostin and Wiley, 2016) Besides this, they promote health care by organising seminars and campaigns in the society. Local bodies are responsible for setting standards in health sector so that services can be delivered accordingly. Government develops rules and regulations. They are useful in providing equal services to everyone. However, by doing this, it helps in increasing level of health care in society and overall country. This report will describe about different types of diseases and their effects. Moreover, it will evaluate the role of government agencies in UK. . Also, what changes must be made in health care.


1.1 Roles of WHO, Department of Health or Public Health England in health and disease in community

There are many international organisations whose main role is to enhance the level of health in different countries. They ensure that people are getting equal health services. In addition, they make aware about various diseases and their effects.

These organisations are described as below:

World Health Organisation (WHO) – It mainly works at the international level. They work with private organisations to promote health services (Brownson, Deshpande and Gillespie, 2017) With this, they have eradicated many diseases. WHO is presently focusing on dealing with diseases like HIV, malaria, etc. Their main role is to set norms, standards, and monitoring their implementation. Besides this, they provide technical and financial support to countries.

Department of Health in UK- This organisation works at top level with private firms. It is also known as National Health Services. They are responsible for developing policies related to Health Care in UK. Along with this, they help in promoting level of health. They have implemented Health and Social Care Act 2012, in UK.

Local Authorities – They work at primary level in health sector under the supervision of NHS. They are mainly responsible for implementation of health services. They monitor polices so that it can be improved. Local authorities ensure well being of people within the society. They collectively work with private organisations and set a systematic structure in health sector (Wolch, Byrne and Newell, 2014).

1.2 Statistical Data describes the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and breast cancer, OR dementia and Type II diabetes in UK

The term epidemiology refers to the study of patterns of disease in community. It is a branch of medicine that deals with all the factors and measures to control disease. In this study can is done on both infectious and non infectious disease.

Epidemiology of HIV- It has been found that 98, 400 people suffers from HIV. Also, 22% of people are not aware about infection. Moreover, one third of people in UK suffers from HIV. There has been constant rise in this since year 2000.

Breast cancer - Almost 31% of women in UK suffers from breast cancer. The number of cases observed in one year is 50000. Also, 80% of cases are found in old age females of above age 50.

1.3 Effectiveness of different approaches and strategies to control infectious and non-infectious diseases

There are many strategies followed by government in order to prevent people from infectious disease (Boulware, Cooper and Powe, 2016) These strategies help in making aware about symptoms of disease and also controlling them. Moreover, it ensures that people in society remain healthy.

The strategies are described as below:-

Screening – It is an approach in which screening of an individual is done. This helps in treating individual by identifying any symptoms of disease. This testing helps in finding out occurrence of disease before attainment. It is of two types that are universal and case finding.

Surveillance – It refers to monitoring environment so that disease can be stopped from getting spread. This approach helps in identifying elements that are the cause of spreading of infectious disease.

Immunisation – This is a method through which infectious disease can be controlled by giving vaccines to people. It helps in resistant of individual from getting in contact with disease.

Education and Welfare Programs – This is the best approach through which infectious disease can be controlled. By educating people about it, prevention can be done (.Betancourt and Green, 2016) In addition, by organising welfare programs, giving free medication and vaccines can be provided to people. It will help in creating awareness about such diseases in society.

Environmental control – Keeping and maintaining a safe and healthy environmental helps in controlling and reduction of several diseases. It also restricts spreading of disease in the society. Besides this, in many cases, a healthy environmental has helped in the eradication of infectious diseases

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2.1 Determine current priorities and approaches to the provision of services for people with HIV/AIDS OR Ebola OR breast cancer OR Type II diabetes

The provision of services for people will involve the great deal of operations that will help in the better rise in the management and tackling capability of the organisation. Some major and effective measures that are been considered in case of prevention of deadly diseases are:

Primary prevention: it involves the effective preventive measures that will help in good management the preventive measures against HIV/AIDS and thus, help in its controlling and mitigation (Rosen, 2015). The two major programs that are been followed for prevention of HIV/AIDS are:

  • CHAPS: it is the main preventive program that is introduced to prevent the AIDS in homosexual relationships. This program focuses on spreading of education to use protective measures while having coitus.
  • NAHIP: it is been initiated by the government to prevent safer sex practices and controlling of AIDS in African communities.

Secondary prevention: It involves the screening and identification of disease causing factors so that the proper medication measures are been taken in the advance to mitigate the risk factors that can cause the diseases like HIV/AIDS, Breast Cancer, Ebola, Type II diabetes etc. Although some diseases like AIDS can't be cured, their timely detection will help in reduce their severity and prolong the health.

Tertiary prevention: this is the final stage of prevention of the health risk factors. In this step the palliative medical care is been given to patients. This measure doesn't cure the illness but reduces the impact of their disease and provide comfort to the patient. The health care firm will maker the effort to provide proper palliative care measures (World Health Organization, 2016).

2.2 Relationship between the prevalence of HIV/AIDS OR Ebola OR breast cancer OR Type II diabetes in relation to the requirements of health services

The prevalence will help in the proper management of the actions that will help in facilitating the assessment and analysis of the number of patients that are been suffering from a wide variety of diseases. The assessment of the information will help in making a good plan about the health care services that are been followed by the organisation.

During the setting up of prevalence, the health and social care setting will look after the health needs and thus will help in the development of the program to prevent the spreading of disease. Also, it will help in taking the preventive steps accordingly. For instance, if health care individuals have idea about the root cause of the disease, it will help them to take the preventive steps accordingly which will prove beneficial for both patients and health care setting (Frumkin, 2016).

It will also help in determining the need of providing education, medication and other health and social care setting that helps in good rise in compatibility and meeting of the targeted goals and actions. It also helps In distribution of effective services to a larger number of population. The prevalence is based on proper resource allocation that will help in facilitating the proper treatment of the patients. The health and social care setting will also analyse the data that supports a good rise in effective and timely treatment of the disease will lead to decrease in number of people falling ill and prone to disease.

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