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Empowering Users of Health & Social Care

University: East End Computing & Business College

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

The objective of this report is to develop understanding and knowledge of students in the context of legislations and standards for service user’s rights. Thus, it is needed to analyse the contribution of different policies that may help in developing a positive system within helath care organisation.

  • Analyse how to design services to promote rights of users within health and social care services.
  • Evaluate how to promote the independence and participation of health care users.
  • Discuss the responsibility of monitoring and managing risk within health care organisation.
  • Determine how good practices in administration of medicine if important for service users.
Answer :
Organization Selected : IKEA


Empowerment is referred to a situation in which an individual feels that he is more control of his life and can form decision of their own. This feature stands crucial for people who are in health and social care institutions as practitioners are making attempts in ensuring that users are able to form their own decisions and live independently (Adam and Taylor, 2014). This assignment taken into consideration the case study of Mr. Taz. There will be an attempt to designing and reviewing services that promotes maximisation of rights of social care service users. There will be an description of factor which influences participation and independence of vulnerable people in the institution. Understanding will be developed with managing and monitoring risk approaches so that good practices related to heath and social care is taken into consideration.


1.1 Influence of current legislation on organisational policies and practices for promoting and maximising rights of service users

It can be said that legislation which has been formed by the government tends to influence the manner in which health and social care practices and processes are carried out in an organisation. There is a brief mention of factor which tends to create an impact on maximising rights of service users.

Data Protection Act 1998 is an legislation formed by the government influences the manner in which personal information of clients is protected and preserved within an organisation and is only used for welfare of the person (Adams, 2011). This act lead to formation of confidentiality policy in an institution which keeps information of service users away from person who can cause harm.

Equality Act 2010 is another law formulated by government which states that every individual must be viewed as equal and there is no superiority and inferiority among human beings. The individual suffering from numerous physical and emotional illness should be not be treated as inferior than others. This act have persuaded formation of policy of offering equal opportunity to individual to grow and prosper in the growing environment.

The care act have been a step by the United Kingdom government which intends to reform the manner in which health and social care services are offered to adults. This act with its formation in the year 2014 have brought in some reformation in form of obligations and provision related provision of care to service users. The alteration in the rating and quality criteria have persuaded these institution to work harder to match the benchmarks established.

There is an legislation enacted by the government which aims to emphasize upon concerns of health and safety in an institution. The health and safety at work 1974 have identified roles which are to be carried out by management and practitioners so that safety and health of service users and provider is conformed (Anshari and et. al., 2013). While counselling and providing care to Mr Taz, it is the duty of practitioners to counter with his aggressive behaviour in a professional manner and help individual in leading a stable life.

Policies and practices for promote maximise the rights of users

  • Confidentiality: Service users in health and social care expect the service providers involve in their care treatment who have access of their personal information wants to protect confidentiality. Information consists details about the lifestyle, family, medical condition which they want to keep private and do not want to share it with anyone. Breaking confidentially affect the care that health care organisation provides its customers and this also affect the public’s confidence in health care professionals.
  • Equal opportunities: Equal opportunity is put in organisation in order to safeguard every individual. One of the most important aspect of this is that it provides better care to vulnerable adults in health and social care. Concept of equal opportunity describe that all clients should be given equal opportunities and should not be discriminated on basis of age, disability, gender and religion. All employees working in health and social care require to comply with policy of equal opportunity so that all patients are free from discrimination and are protected.

1.2 Analyse factors that may affect the achievement of promoting and maximizing the rights of users of health and social care services

Promoting and maximizing right of an individual is not an easy task and may require a sum of factors to be working together for its accomplishment. A brief analysis of factor affecting promotion and maximization of right are as follows:

Policies and procedures: These can be referred to one of the prime factor which influences rights of a service user. The presence of policies such as anti-discriminatory, confidentiality, health and safety and most important decision making which is being left out to service users are helpful in making a positive impact on the level to which right can be exercised by a user.

Staffing: This factor focuses on procuring right members in the team so that holistic care is being offered to people. The number of staff does not matter it is essential for them to be possessed with suitable skills and knowledge. This feature will be helpful in making sure that they provide ample of opportunity to Mr Taz when it comes to decision making and exercising rights.

Continuing Professional development: The provision of adequate training and education is very crucial. This factor will be helpful in enlargement of skills and knowledge of workforce and taking into consideration that no laws and policies of an institution are violated (Bradway, Årsand and Grøttland, 2015).

Individual: it is one of the important factor which states that it is dependent upon the service user and its health status which determines the level to which right are promoted and maximized. The level of independence which is offered to a service user is mainly dependent upon the his health and his ability to form decision for himself. In case of Mr Taz, he is not in a state to form decision for himself or can be left alone due as it is perceived that he do not wish to live any longer.

Feasibility: Feasibility determines the chances of attaining success in the such domain. The provision of level of independence to Mr Taz does not seem like a good ideas as he is going through a rough phase and will be benefited with a great deal of intervention which is being refused by him continuously.

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2.1 Explaining factors from the case study which have contributed in loss of independence, non participation and social exclusion

There can be numerous reasons which can contribute to loss of independence of a service users are as follows:

Physical disability: It is referred to be a limitation on the physical functioning of an individual. The physical disability which is being encountered by a person through tragic accident which resulted in hearing impairment as well emerged to be a major loss on the social grounds of an individual. Mr Taz has not been able to successfully communicate with family and friends which tends to bring down his morale to survive and be healthy again.

Emotional trauma: the loss which has been encountered by Mr Taz during the accidents is much to be absorbed by the brain. This experience during this phase of life is not being able to dealt properly by the individual and have resulted in inability to form right decisions for self (Wang and Huang, 2012).

A brief description of factors which contribute to social exclusion of client are as follows:

Cultural reasons: A health and social care institution encompasses people belonging to different religion and culture. The culture defines the perception and experiences of people which may not be similar leading to social exclusion (Chiang, Yang, and Tu, 2014). For instance: A jewish may not be part of English traditions and celebrations.

Age: the age is one of the factor which can emerge to be a leading cause of the social exclusion. Mr Taz is a 18 year old boy who have met with an accident and is being a part of rehabilitation center whereas other members in the institution are elderly. This can results in a major cause for social exclusion of individual.

There are some factors which relates to non-participation of a person with others in an institution. A brief mention of features are as follows:

Personal: Considering the case study, it can be said that Mr Taz due to his ailments does not wish to participate in the in social gathering at home or at the institution.

Institutional: there can be possible for reason on grounds of institution which persuade Mr Taz to forego social participating events. The environment of institution can emerge to be one of the cause which may be cause of reluctantly towards such events.

1.3 Analyze how communication between care workers and individuals contribute to promoting and maximizing the rights of users of health and social care

Communication can be referred to be a crucial element which can be employed in making sure that ideal care and services are offered to people. The practitioners and service provider are expected to regularly communicate with the users so that their problems and queries are resolved in the ideal manner (Glasby, 2017). The rights of an individual can be referred to be as legal entitlement which are informed by the law of the United Kingdom. The task of physiotherapy involves working with patient for a duration so that their physical and emotional difficulties can be countered. It is essential to engage consumers through verbal interaction so that they are able to identify suitable practices and therapies which are being helpful to a patient in dealing with difficult circumstances. The communication between Mr Taz and physiotherapy team have been identified to be crucial as it will be help in diagnostic, assessment and treatment of physical and emotional difficulties which are encountered by the service user. The interaction will be help into exchanging of information amongst the two leads into education them on the ways through which their circumstances and health could be improved (Storm and Edwards, 2013). The lack of participation of Mr Taz can only be resolved with effective communication between physiotherapist and service user itself.


2.3 Analyze the tensions that arise when balancing the rights of the individual to independence and choice against the care provider’s duty to protect

Mr. Harry has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in which a person is not able to pay attention and fails to control his impulsive behavior. Under such circumstance, service user wishes to prepare his favorite meal.

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