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Key Factors on Health and Social Care Services - NHS

University: ITCM College London

  • Unit No: 26
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Course Code: BBA402
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Organization Selected : NHS


Change management can be defined as the set system and process which transform the actual situations of an institution to accomplish set targets or goals. Health and social care industry also requires various changes to provide effective treatments and better services to service users . In the current situation, it can be analysed that many of people are facing several problems regarding healthcare because organisations are not able to give proper treatments due to lack of funds and resources (Antheunis, 2013). This report is based on the King's Fund and Nuffield Trust who provide the actual information regarding healthcare problems in the England by publishing a report named as “Home Truth”. NHS is public health care organisation which provides their services worldwide. This assignment will explain the factors that drives change in health and social care services and define the recent changes with principles of change management.

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1.1 Explain the key factors that drive changes in health and social care services

In the present scenario, every industry needs to change their system as per the environment so that they can meet desired goals or objectives as well as survive in the market . In this report required to provide major emphasis on such factors that have major impacts on the changing system of the organisation. Health and social care institutions require to undertake various modification and alterations that will help in providing better quality of healthcare services and facilities to social care service users (Tates, 2013). As per current situation of England, people are not getting better treatments and services due to expensive facilities or higher costs. Local government have to consider this factor and provide proper funds or financial support to the firm so that they can improve the performance in well manner. There are several aspects which support in identifying driver of changes of different firms such as PEST analysis, Force Field analysis as well. These are as followings:

PEST Analysis

Political factor includes various rules and regulations, legislation, code of conducts, acts and many legal bodies that formulated by the government of country. These all affects on the organisation in several ways such as social care for older people were very poor in England because of inappropriate healthcare service. Therefore, local government focus on implementation of the Care Act 2014 that brought several changes in the system. It was passed in 15 may 2014 that describe intense care for older people, and another patients. London Council provide proper funds to the healthcare centre to improve the performances of organisation and provide better treatments to them.Frequent changes are made by government in health regulations to fulfil current needs. This will have large impact on the current strategies of NHS as they have to bring changes in their structure to perform their functions effectively without any interruptions.

Economical factor is another factor that have major impacts on the health and social care because in this included inflation rates, currency rate, economic growth and exchange rate etc. Due to such fluctuations the major impact which is assessed by the management of NHS is about funding which is not fulfilled properly (Nieboer, 2013). Healthcare centres such as NHS, have to consider the particular economic crises and provide better quality of services as well as medical treatments to the people with less prices. Local authorities should provide proper financial support for avoiding economic factors on the healthcare organisations.

Social factors is related with social culture and value system of society. In this included ageing populations, lifestyles, minority ethnics community needs. For example, NHS is operating the operations for providing services to the old age population and many ageing patients so there are required to bring several changes in the existing operations. They have to install new machinery and new equipments to support the old age people.

Technological factors define the new technologies and maintaining the data of firm which bring various changes and improve the working style in more efficient ways. NHS also should consider the new techniques for managing the operations or function such as installing electronic record keeping system to maintain data of the firm (Bernabeo, 2013). They can also provide better training to employees for learning technicals skills. London Council have to provide proper resources and funds to the healthcare centre for running operations effectively.

Force Field Analysis

This was introduced by the Kurt Lewin in 1951. This model is very useful in bringing changes and making an appropriate decisions by presenting in graphical form as well as visualization techniques. Organisations can implement the Care Act 2014 by making better plan and its execution. Healthcare centres needed proper funding and several resources for improving the old age people health. The different type of resources which are required for effective treatment of old age peoples includes new medical equipments, good infrastructure etc. Here are types of principles of force field analysis that helps in analysing situations such as:

Driving forces includes those forces which affects directly on situations and push them right direction so that particular goals or targets can be accomplished. Changes can be made in an appropriate manner by undertaking several factors that will support to the NHS in enhancing productivity and adopt new techniques for better treatments (Holmboe, 2013). This is positive aspects of the healthcare centre as they can create better staff workforces by providing them funds and satisfy their basic desires.

Restraining forces is opposite of driving force that decrease its effects. In this considered poor maintenance of tools and technologies, improper management, lack of resources, staffing services and home care treatments etc. therefore, it is necessary to undertake its factors while adopting changes.

1.2 Challenges that key factors of change bring to health and social care services

There are number of factors which can be identified during the changes in the health and social care services. their can be major impacts on the staff members, services users and organisation so they face several challenges according to situations. Healthcare services required adequate funds for giving appropriate treatments to the old patients. Therefore, local authorities are dealing with demographic pressures and funding for proper social care systems. They also focusing on implementation of the Care Act 2014 as per the requirement because the Home Truth Report described several healthcare problems due to inappropriate management and lack of resources which published by King's Fund and Nuffield Trust. Many of firms have to undertake new tools or techniques as well as several changes so that effective health care services can be provided to the old patients (Brett, 2014). There are defines some challenges and impacts of changing factors in health and social care services such as improving staffing services, adoption of new tools or techniques and electronic record keeping and many more for managing the entire business operations in well manner.

Services users are facing several problems regarding waiting for getting treatments and taking medical services so it can big issue for staff that to manage the admissions and discharge of patient. Therefore, it is necessary to manage and handle the people by motivating them and give more effective healthcare services to the old age people.

Staff play vital role in running business and its operations by performing their work in well manner. London Councils should support in providing the adequate funds for adopting tools and techniques such as robotic surgery, therapies, ultrasound machines and other equipments. Therefore, management have to take decision to provide better training and learning session that NHS should be considered for improving the quality of services and enhance their skills, abilities and knowledge to increase profitability in well manner.

Organisation also can face number of challenges regarding the changes adaptations for healthcare and social care. Care Act 2014 must be implemented for intense care of people including every age (Brown, 2012). The challenges of changes are ageing population as it is not easy task for the firm to tackle patients at same time. Therefore, they can give home care services as NHS provide to the patients. Old age people can get treatments in an appropriate manner. The another challenges are electronic record keeping system which support in maintaining the records and manage the medicines by considering cost factors. NHS also has undertaken the record keeping for managing and maintaining healthcare services as well.


2.1 Devise a strategy and criteria to measure the recent changes

There are various changes identified within health and social care services by implementation of Care Act 2014. as this act was passed in the may 2014 and describe the roles and responsibilities of the local authorities towards the social care services. according to report of King's Fund and Nuffield Trust, it has been analysed that many of healthcare centres are not treating properly and also required many of tools or equipments for medical services to the old age people in the London. This issues generally occurs due to lack of funds and financial support of local authorities (Osborne, 2012). Therefore, London councils take decisions about supporting to healthcare industries by providing funds or investments. NHS firm can consider the strategic plan for bringing such as changes as like:

inspection and auditing is one of the best way of measuring the performance of staff members and organisation. They can find out the actuals situations of the firm as well as requirements of changes while inspecting the operations.

Feedbacks or surveys are another method of bringing changes as they can get feedbacks from employees, services users and other people regarding healthcare and social care services so that organisation can undertake those factors an try to satisfy patients. Many of people wants to get medical treatment at home for better relaxation.

2.2 Measure the impacts of recent changes on HSC services against criteria

In this considered various tools and techniques for measuring the impacts of recent changes in the health and social care services with the help of conducting survey and research as well. Management can formulate a basic formate of questionnaires by framing several questions about recent changes (Chou, 2013). NHS firm can also consider these aspects for analysing the actual conditions or situations and impacts of change on the organisation for improving the performance ins well manner.

Staff members play vital role in giving medical services as well as healthcare facilities to the patients so it is necessary to satisfy their needs or basic desires. Experts or specialist wants appropriate salary in exchange of their time and efforts so it is required to increase their pay scale and motivate them for providing effective services.

The impact of change on service users is also higher because they can get better treatments by taking medical services and can be relax their bodies through home care services in well manner. As per the research report of the King's Fund and Nuffield Trust that England's people are facing various problems due to inadequate health and socials care services so better new technologies in surgeries, operations and therapies should be required within the firm.

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2.3 Evaluate the overall impacts of recent changes

In this considered the overall impacts of change management which takes place in the health and social care services. in this included the impacts of changes ons the working place in the organisation like NHS (Coleman, 2012). They can conduct an appropriate survey for analysing the implications and their effects on the social care services. it is necessary to implement the Care Act 2014 for providing effective services or facilities to the employees. This can be possible by getting feedbacks from employees and service users. This Act defines various changes in the care systems so that old people can get better services to improve their health conditions as well.

Staff members also can be satisfied by getting enough funds or salary so that they can provide medical treatments to the people. NHS have to consider this and review the overall impacts of the firm in increasing productivity and profitability as well. Local authorities must take better action pal n regarding providing best specialist who are experienced holders and can treat effectively to the patients.

Service users can take benefits of best medical facilities and treatments for improving their health conditions in well manner. If the patients are in old age then they can gets homes care services as organisations provide nursing or staffing service at home for effective treatments as well. There are also big opportunities for residential care regarding health and social care at cheapest costs.

Organisations can run their businesses in well manner by considering many of changes such as proper staffing services, management of medicines, electronic record keeping, new machines for surgeries, therapies, and ultrasound machineries for providing most effectual services to the patients in an appropriate manner (Fisher, 2012). There are required sufficient funds for making several changes. This will support in increasing reputation or brand image in the market.

2.4 Propose appropriate services responses to recent changes

In this included various kinds of responses that proposed by the firm regarding adoption of change so that more appropriate environment can be created in the health and social care services. changes must be required in every industry as per the environmental aspects. According to report of the England, there are various kinds of problems related to Care of health so it is necessary to undertake various aspects and implement the Care Act 2014 for bringing effective changes in well manner. Healthcare centres are facing lots of problems as staff members are demanding higher for getting services and medical treatments so management have to take decision regarding appointing high skilled and experienced doctors, nurses and staff members who can provide better healthcare services to the old age people. London Councils must provide sufficient funds and tools or new technologies for improving the performance of organisation.

The organisation can get feedbacks from services users as how they are enjoying medical services and improving their health condition (Ginter, 2018). Local authorities have to take corrective actions regarding home care services to those people who not able to visit any hospital as well. This will support in bringing better changes and improve staff performances by motivating them in an effective manner.


3.1 Key principles of change management

Change management is a systematic concept for ensuring that guides, support and smoothly implemented for lasting benefits of modification. The focus has a wider impact of change by moving current situation to a new one. To be an effective, the change management process must be considered within an organization (Duncan, 2018). In this regard, there are various principles of change management identified that used by NHS with an aim to identified variation in a company. These are below as:

  • Involve every layer: Organizational change takes place at every level of a firm. This includes strategy, setting targets and implementation which affect different level of a company.
  • Training: In this aspect, a manager should provide training to employees for the changes meant by them into organization. Before starting to implement the changes it is necessary to provide training to their employees.
  • Motivation among employees: The change management is essential to keep the spark in their employees. It is one of the most important principle of change management to boost up the morale of team members (Swayne, 2018). As a result, they get directly encourage towards their certain goals or objectives.

Leavitt’s model of change:

The given model consist of four steps. These are describe in below as:

  • People: While using this approach, manager looks at their skills, knowledge and productivity.
  • Technology: Shifting to a new technology would require making changes to do the things (Grol, 2013). In some cases goals may needs changes to accomplish them.
  • Structure: It include implementing procedure for impactful changes.
  • Managerial tasks: Changes helps to manage a task of other workers which can improve the quality production of a firm.

Kotter's Model of Change:

The given model consists of varied types of steps. These are detailed as follows:

  • Create urgency: In this step of change management, manager of hospital has to efforts in creating the urgency among workers (Haas, 2012). It can be created by communicating the necessity of employees at the time of change occurred.
  • Form a coalition: This can be achieved by identifying effective leaders in an enterprise which includes stakeholders.
  • Developing a vision: Manager of NHS has to create a vision to introduce a change in an organization. It can provide by an effective services to customers.
  • Communicate the vision: Once a vision is created, it can be communicated by managers among their workers.
  • Empower other by removing barrier: While communicating the respective change can be many-sided barriers to be faced by the manager of NHS.
  • Consolidate and adjust: In this, workers will adjust themselves according to new changes adopted by a company.
  • Reinforce the changes: The changes can be a part of a business organization.

3.2 Explain how change in health and social care are planned

In this consider an appropriate plan for change system that can bring more effectiveness and efficiency within the firm. For this purpose, NHS has required to identify the needed of changes in the systems and their major impacts in future (Hibbard and Greene, 2013). Health and social care services should be provided in well manner so that patients can improve their health and relief from any diseases through effective treatments as well. Here are defines some major plan for NHS such as:

Effective communication procedures:

There should be required a proper information regarding making changes such as adoption new tools or techniques, emergency services for patients etc. so that employees will be ready to accept changes or challenges as well.

Training and Development programmes:

This is very important for adopting the changes as management have to conduct training or learning session to utilise new technologies. Local authorities should support to accept the challenges and provide financial support to them.

3.3 Assess how to monitor recent changes

Changes are inevitable in nature which is totally depend upon the particular situations such as; health care sector are facing a major problem of funds due to which selected firm needs to focus on each or every aspects. Thus, it is essential to monitor changes in suitable manner in order to minimize the probabilities of mistakes or errors. In fact, this process aids in identifying hidden obstacles which create problem for company while managing business activities (Hughes and Wearing, 2016). For instance; in given scenario various social sector associations are encountering major problems of capital because of which they are getting failed in offering best services to requisite customers. However, managers is liable for assessing process because overall services are designed by them only as well as responsible for motivating staff members towards certain objectives. One of the major benefit of this procedure is that; it aids in managing each or every aspects of modification in most suitable manner by considering necessary elements. Along with this, minimize the possibilities of conflicts, confusion and various problems which might raised because of implementing change at workplace. Top assignment helper in Malaysia with quality content.


From the above report it has been summarised that Changes must be considered in every kinds of organisation which is essential in taking up opportunities in the market and achieving desired objectives of the firm. For this purpose, many of people also can have to face some critical circumstances due to changing in policies or procedures. Organisations required more effective technologies and new equipments that also a biggest challenges for the staff members as to adopt such technologies. There must be required to manage the people with performing organisational function.


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