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Health and Safety - Winchester and Eastleigh NHS Trust

University: Regent College of London

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Question :

The objective of this report is to develop a risk assessment and report that can communicate health and safety procedures, responsibility, legislations, culture and so on that can assist in determining workplace experience of health care organisation.

  • Discuss how the health and safety legislations are implemented at the Winchester and Eastleigh NHS Trust.
  • Determine different ways in which requirements of health and safety can impact over customers and practitioners.
  • Evaluate the review and monitoring process of Winchester and Eastleigh NHS Trust.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Winchester and Eastleigh NHS Trust


Today, all enterprises are seek to expand its business in various locations in order to earn more profit. Therefore, due to large working organisation it is amendable for management to provide health facilities. This process has included a complex task for managers especially for health and social care institution. For this assistance, a report has been prepared for promoting the health and safety of people at HSC (Laugaland, Aase and Barach, 2012). This would provide help for all people at organisation to become able for recovering their health in less period of time. Winchester and Eastleigh NHS Trust has been taken as an example in this assignment which was established in the year 2012 in UK. It has near about 5000 workers in staff at three hospitals. In order to spread awareness in people and employers, this file has discussed about various health and safety act by dividing the report in three parts.


1.1 Systems, policies and procedures for communicate information in workplace of health and social care

Policies are formulated by management of an organisation in order to provide a basic guideline for employees so that they can work in a desired manner. While system of an association are made to overcome and coordinate with work and working policies. This would aid in determining the efficiencies and effectiveness of growth (Honeyford and et. al., 2013). Therefore, for this process management of a company are needed to describe the employees about their roles and responsibilities in a proper way so that they can understand in what manner work has to be done. In context with Winchester and Eastleigh NHS Trust, in its workplace there is so many chances of incidence occur like fire, slippery and other hazardous issues. At present scenario, after monitoring health and safety records, it has noticed that this firm has not provided effective housekeeping services. Due to this, various problems has been arise with slip and trip on wet floors of hospitals. Thus, In this aspect, associations are needed to make an effective communications with system, policies and procedure on health and safety:

  • Health and Safety Act at workplace: This act has enacted in 1974 by Government of UK in order to prevent people from hazardous issues at workplace. In health and social care, workers are bounded with duty to take care of patients and colleagues by cooperating with managers of the firm (Trimble and Hamilton, 2016). Through this process, employers of Winchester and Eastleigh NHS Trust can assign roles and responsibilities to employees in a better way.
  • Management of health and safety at work regulations: In 1992 this act has been passed through which management and owners of firm are liable for carrying out assessment of entire risk regarding with health and social issues along with taking steps to resolving the same (Gundepogu, Thumma and Bairi, 2016). They are also responsible for making proper arrangements of health and safety measures. This law has forced employers to provide effective training and development program to employees so that they can become able to protect themselves as well as handle situations properly in case of emergency.
  • First aid regulation act: This law has passed in 1981 which is most important act for all organisation including HSC. Through this act, it is necessary for management to provide basic training session to all. This would based on how to use of first aid in case of emergency.

1.2 Assess the responsibilities of health and safety for the management of health and safety in relation to organisational structure

In an organisation, it is necessary for management to provide a proper guidances to all individuals including employees, employers and customers through which they can understand their roles and responsibilities in a proper way (Akpınar, Küçükgüçlü and Yener, 2011). Through this process, business of such company can achieve its higher success in a short period of time. As per provision of health and social services, the following are some essential duties of individuals:-

  • Employer: The major duty of employer is to take under consideration that each and every person of workplace has understand their part of role. In context with Winchester and Eastleigh NHS Trust senior managers are required to assign work to employees as per abilities and skills of them. Along with this, they should provide a proper guidance to them also so that they can contribute efforts as per requirement in success of business.
  • Employee: All members of staff in NHS need to provide effective services to patients as well as perform duty in proper manner. In addition to this, at workplace individuals should behave properly and maintain effective relationship with members of other staff also.

1.3 Priorities appropriate for health and safety workplace

In UK, various organisation related with health and social care, provide effective services to patients. In addition to this, they incorporated their workplace with all legislations in order to provide health and safety to workers, patients and visitors (Borgelt, Buchman and Illes, 2012). As it has analysed that in Winchester and Eastleigh NHS Trust, there is no proper housekeeping services due to which many people has faced injuries. Therefore, management of this firm are needed to set priorities in this context in order to resolve this situation. Making proper arrangement of services related with slippery issues, help in preventing all people from harmful injuries. In addition to this, managers are also required to give priorities to some major points also. It incudes necessity of proper maintenance of electronic equipments, floor cleaning and more. This would comes on highest priority for employers. Another factor on which managers should be concerned as per case study is rules and regulations. There are many legislations established by government in order to resolve such factors. These regulations has assisted employers to provide essential training to staff in order to make them able to work properly. Some other priorities which used to settle down by employers at workplace are as following:

  • Safety aids: This is the major concerning point where a case has been determined related with fractures and other issues due to slippery at hospital (Cho and Shin, 2015). Thus, this type of issues are needed to be resolved before occurrence. It could be possible only when housekeepers can work properly.
  • Risk assessment: It is also an important priority for service provider of NHS. Management should access the risk which can be happened at workplace as well as use measures to control the same. As per concept of Health and Safety Act which was passed in 1974, it is amendable for management to assess all risks.


2.1 Analyse how information from risk assessments informs care planning for individuals and organisational decision-making

Risk assessment refers to provide proper services to patients by people at HSC through making them aware about their roles and responsibilities (Fanneran, Kingston and Bradley, 2013). In addition to this, one of the biggest feature of this process is that it provide proper measure in order to control risks. Further, in context with care planning, concerning on this factor enables managers to improve the health of a person in more effective way. Therefore, by appropriate planning in risk assessment, service providers will lead to gain better services. This process can be done by making suitable risk assessment in an appropriate way as well as formulating principles in care planning. Some principles of care planning can be defined as follows:

  • The first principle of care planning is to concern on need and thinking of patients at individual level and create a plan accordingly. It will aid in providing better and suitable services to all people in an effective way.
  • Another principle in this context is to ascertain and craft a plan of care for employees too. This would help in influencing them to deliver better service at workplace.
  • Further, employers of NHS should provide healthy, hygiene and nutrition food to patients as well as people associate with hospitals.

As present scenario, In UK mostly people are facing problems of obesity. Therefore, such type of patients needs extra care (Plescia and Emmanuel, 2014). As per statistical point of view, near about 40% to 70% of HSC don't have a bariatrics policy. Therefore, managers of Trusts are needed to introduce this policy which includes care planning, risk assessment, management, arrangement of necessary equipments related with safety and more. In context with risk assessment, it could be done effectively by making and developing a proper plan as shown below:-

Potential Hazard

Who is at risk

Control measures

Risk rating


Obese people

Staff people as well as care persons

Provide extra care and use appropriate equipment



Injuries reflected by patients

Patients and people near by them

Provide necessary training to staff and care takers of obese patients



2.2 Analyse the impact of one aspect of any health and safety policy

In HSC and Trusts, employers are needed to consider more on aspects of health and safety policies (Pino and et. al., 2014). In this process, they should provide training to all persons who are associated with organisations. According to Health and Safety Act 1974, it is amendable for employers to deliver appropriate training to every persons as per requirement at workplace in order to make become able to deliver effective services to patients as well as take appropriate measures in case of emergency. Therefore, such programs help employees in enhancing their skills and getting new experience of dealing with various problems. In addition to this, these training programs always proves beneficial for employers in getting high talent service providers in staff. Some other benefits of providing services for NHS are:-

  • Providing essential training to employees according to their needs help in maintaining the machineries and safety equipments in a proper way.
  • In case of bariatrics patients, by getting training, service provider can become able to handle these patients in much easier way which reduces chance of various type of injuries also.

In addition to this, incorporating business with legislations help in running business in a appropriate manner (Orwelius and et. al., 2011). Various laws including Health and Safety Act, First Aid act and more assists HSC and other firms to provide health and safety measures at workplace. In the same process, some other laws affect work of such sectors are:-

  • MHSWR-1999: This law support the members of HSC to analyse as well as minimise the risk factors as much as possible.
  • Workplace regulation-1992: This act also helps employers and employees in determining and reducing the risk at workplace.
  • COSHH- 2002: It analyse the risk of organisation which may occur due to hazardous situation.

2.3 Dilemmas encountered in relation to implementing systems and policies for health, safety and security

Dilemmas are referred to such process in which a condition of choice arises between two alternatives. Therefore, in order to implement system and policy in a systematic way, managers of HSC are required to consider the dilemmas properly. This type of dilemma can be determined through analysing the case study appropriately (HOW IS THE VERMONT HEALTH DEPARTMENT ORGANIZED?, 2017). Health and Social Care Institutes like NHS has faced various problems at workplace like slip and trip, handle obese patients and more. Various problems which are related with the implementation of such policies are related with the health and safety measures. Therefore, one of the main dilemma that could be used at workplace is way of communication in context with procedure and plans at different level of association. Along with this, they should concern on hygiene and nutrition level of food also. Providing healthy eatables help in recovering the injuries of patients as well.

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