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Health Promotion and Public Healthcare System in Uk - National Health Services

University: University of West London

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1169
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: BAA753
  • Downloads: 787

Table of Content

  2. TASK
Question :

This unit is based on the Health care system of the UK and they are working on providing medical service to people across the globe.

  • Design a poster related to vital aspects of UK healthcare and discuss various components related to NHS.
  • Access the main stakeholders of the UK health care system.
  • Provide NHS framework of national policy & regulation that are influencing health care delivery.
Answer :
Organization Selected : National Health Services


Well-being in the United Kingdom is a devolved matter, with England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales each having their own systems of widely funded healthcare. It receives funds by different governing bodies and hence is accountable to each accordingly which is also inclusive of private bodies (Drummond and et. al., 2015). NHS provide health care services in different countries of UK which further makes the comparison possible. In order to ensure the proper functioning of this body rules and regulations are formulated which helps in maintaining proper working of each factor working under this sector. The following report will talk about the relevant national policies and legislation which influence healthcare delivery. Children’s Act, Community Healthcare Act, Data Protection Act are the different Acts that are designed to ensure proper function of NHS.


Legislations are important tools which helps in ensuring proper execution of different departments. These are the guidelines which needs to be followed while carrying out the operations as only than it can operate freely and no legal actions is taken against the same. Each act and policy has their direct and indirect impact on healthcare delivery such for instance the influence of Children’s Act (Boulware and et. al., 2016). According to this act it is important for the legal bodies to protect the rights of children and do not harm them in any manner. Interest of small kids has to be maintained so that their state of heath is maintained to a good level. The NHS working gets influenced as the officials of same needs to encourage the ideas which are for the benefit of every child and hence may lead to change on daily basis (Betancourt and et. al., 2016). It increases the total pressure on health care officials as they have to be very careful while planning a treatment for children. In case of any unclear matter same has to be communicated with higher authority be it a House of Parliament. Close monitoring is kept over the execution of children act in this department which raise the standards of all those who fall under the category of a child.

After this another law which also has its direct impact over the healthcare delivery is Data protection act. There are different patients who are suffering from such disease which they do not like to disclose in society. It is due to the fact that few medical issues are not much welcomed by people and person suffering from same is treated differently like in case of AIDS. In 1998 an act was passed in order to provide assistance to service user that his/her information will not be disclosed to any third party without consent of user. Range of principles are followed so that secrecy can be maintained and therefore a good connection is developed between the care takers and receivers. With the help of this act the medical officials are made obligated to use the personal details of patients only for the purpose of giving them medical treatment and nothing else. They cannot share it with other individuals if in any way it effects the privacy of a patient. Apart from this proper updating of technology should be made so that the data related to patients can be kept updated and is utilised as and when required (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, 2012). This way the officials who are part of health care department has to take care that they do not misuse the information stored with them as in case of guilty strict actions can be taken against the same (Purnell, 2012).

Every law which is made in the context of health care department is completed with a view of establishing a better and transparent system. This will help in raising the present scale of society in long run. Care Standards Act is an important act which was passed in 2000 which aims to reform services of health department of England and Wales. It focuses on making guidelines for the present staff, service users, management etc. It makes the minimum criteria for social care inspection and ensure that these minimum criteria are met while carrying out health activities. Maintenance of standards is crucial to ensure that no compromise is made with the quality standards for which continuous review is also made. Through this law safety of different service users is also maintained which further raise the overall level of wellbeing in a particular country.

Government plays an important role in maintaining the different legislations and ensures strict implementation of same so that no harm is made to society. The secretary of state for health perform major role who ensures equality in health sector. It is checked that no discrimination is made on any basis so that everyone is provided with equal opportunities to grow. NHS England also work towards maintaining the budget of health care services as it is very crucial to ensure that the objectives of this department are met within the provided limit. It is found that discrimination is prevailing in society as people are treated differently on the grounds of caste, creed, nation, origin etc. It creates a need of encouraging the health care officials to treat everyone equally (Akinbami and et. al., 2012). No individual can be kept deprived of medical facility just because he/she belongs to a particular category and therefore to avoid such situations an act of Race relations act was passed according to which people dealing in the field of health and care has to treat everyone equally. It is observed that minorities are sometimes refused to be given equal treatments by doctors which is very unethical. People who are disabled are provided protection so that they can also get the chance to develop in long run and can manage to get equal chances. Apart from the service user’s equality is also maintained among the providers of health amenity too. It is given care that employees are treated equally like same benefit are given to both males and females and no difference among them is done on the basis of their gender (Berwick and Hackbarth, 2012). As society is a male domination one it is found that many time men are given more privileges like higher pay scale, more responsible duties, high authorities etc. It is important that women are also given equal job security so that they can manage to grow at a similar field. Equal wages should be given to all be it a male or female if they are performing the same duty. This promotes the status of females in society and motivates them to be more participative.

Disability discrimination act is an another act which has been implemented by British Parliament in 1995 in order to spread equality in health and social care centres. It is based upon unlawful discriminations in respects of disabilities in relation of education, care homes, provisions of goods and services etc. Along

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