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Efficient Market & Return - Marks & Spencer

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 8 / Words 1888
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: D/508/5447
  • Downloads: 616

Table of Content

Question :

This unit is based on efficient market Hypothesis for outlining market efficiency and discuss argument in relation to stakeholders.

  • Explain EMH and exploration in the financial market of Marks and Spencer
  • Carry out discussion on how abnormal return exist in market area
  • Present data with the help of charts for calculating monthly return of Marks and Spencer.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marks and Spencer


The efficiency of capital market is quite necessary to be determined by the professionals as to make adequate changes into operations. Moreover, there can be huge variation in the market index as per the economic changes a well as the operational performance of the firm which are listed in it. In the present report there will be discussion based on analysing the efficient market hypothesis which ascertain the efficiency of FTSE in UK that will be helpful as to manage the business operations. Moreover, there will be determination based on financial performance of Marks and Spencer plc over the respective period.

Efficient market Hypothesis

In accordance with thus theory which comprises with the action that it will always be impossible to beet the market because of the existence of market shares will be effective and incorporated as to have relevant business information. It comprises with the method that the market needed to be operated and the share will be traded on their fair value. Therefore, it brings the ability to investors in purchasing the securities as on undervalued. Similarly, they will become to make sale of the goods and services on their inflated prices. In addition, it becomes impossible for investors to deal the securities in terms of purchasing it on undervalue prices as well as sell them off on inflated costs (Efficient Markets Hypothesis, 2017). Therefore, there will be no manipulation of the share prices of entity as there will be fruitful increment in the growth and profitability of the organisation. It also states that the out performing the share is quiet impermissible only in special case as the investors wanted to take risks on purchasing the riskier marketable securities (Hamid and, 2017). Moreover, to obtain the profitable gains from the market there will be need of having the adequate implication of various revenue and operations.

Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE)

This is the financial stock market index which contains all the information relevant with the market prices of various shares and their market returns in the firm. Therefore, with the influences of such techniques it will be assistive and helpful as to manage the financial environment in business. It comprises with market value of all shares of all the growing and market giants in the capital market. It helps in s facilitating and communicating the share value and market prices of all the firms which are listed in the indexes as to have adequate revenue generation (Bariviera and, 2017). The importance of such information is that it will benefit organisation in generating the large numbers of consumers as well as large numbers of fingernail gains will be gathered by them (Wang and, 2018). The bull and bare in the share prices and market values will be indicative as it helps in generating the profits as well as making investment decisions. Moreover, the efficiency of this equity index in the UK market is that there has been various progressive industries are being listed and facilitating the appropriate trade practices among the investors and the firms. Therefore, it will be provoking in terms of having the adequate revenue gains as well as making the adequate changes into operations of the entity.

Similarly, in relation with making effective analysis over the market efficiencies buy considering the exchanges in the market value and efficiency of Marks and Spencer plc this is the market giant which is best known for its sales and operations in the business activities. However, these will be beneficial as the market efficiency of this organisation will be analyse as based on the each periodical financial disclosures (DreÃ…¼ewski, Dziuban and PajÄ"¦k, 2018). The disclosure of the financial data bring the accurate information regrading the ability of firm in making dividend payments which bring the accurate comparability to investors as the will make fruitful comparison between the profitability of various industries in the organisation. This the best medium of conveying information regrading the economic environment of a firm. Stakeholders mainly operates the financial accounts as to see the profitability of firm in recent times (Sen, Singh and Mazumder, 2017). They make analysis over the facts that there will be a fruitful rise and increment in the revenue of firm. In relation with the same firm has to make appropriate changes in operational activities such as better costing and operational management. On the other side, FTSE will be a fruitful platform that emphasises on increasing the market value, share price, number of investors as well as liquid efficiency of business in the capital markets.

Efficiency of Marks and Spencer plc

To analyse the market compatibility of Marks and Spencer there will be analysis based on data derived from various operations and of the various period. Moreover, there can be fruitful increment in the revenue and capital collection of the firm which in turn have the profitable gains to the business (Wallison, 2018). The dividend payable by the firm in respective years will be on favourable level as the investors found the firm is more capable of making appropriate payment of returns of their investments.













Days Sales Outstanding






Days inventory






payable period






inventory turnover






Fixed asset turnover






Asset turnover








Total equity











By considering the efficiency of Marks and Spencer in the recent times it can be said that there has been huge variation in the operational activities of the business. Therefore, it can be said that there are huge variations in the revenue and equity collection of organisation. In the year 2013, total equity collection of Marks and Spencer Plc was 2505, in 2014 it was 2707, in 2015 it was 3200, in 2016 it was 3445 and in 2017 it was 3156. Therefore, it can be said that firm is quite efficiency as well as have the positive responses from the market as to have appropriate capital generation (Jancenelle, Storrud-Barnes and Javalgi, 2017). Therefore, after analysing the operational gains of the business there can be effective changes into operations of entity (Marks & Spencer Group PLC, 2018). The investors in the market are finding the firm is most profitable as to make investment as well as they will offer the effective returns which will be helpful to make appropriate development of operations. Moreover, it can be said that there are various operations which in turn will be effective and helpful as to make appropriate capital gains through market. Therefore, in comparison with the financial performance of entity in year 2013, 2017 has the appropriate gains and reflected the profitability of the firm. Similarly, it requires appropriate planning and operational development of the policies which will be effective and helpful in attracting more consumers in business

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