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Contemporary Issues in Travel and Tourism | Whitbread Company

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Organization Selected : White Bread Company


In the era of globalization, Travel industries are developing admirable in United Kingdom. Travel industries are the one of the most profitable industries in UK. Travel and tourism industries are one of the world’s largest economic sectors. The well-known visitors of UK are London. In this report Whitbread Company has chosen for the assessment which is the public limited company. It was founded in 1742 and the headquarter are in London and in England. The operating income of Whitbread is £3.106 billion in 2017. The study will focus on the inbound and the outbound tourism market. The report will also come to understand the issues and their impact on tourism sector and the Current trends which are influencing alteration and modification in the travel and tourism sector. The assessment wills also analysis the development and growth strategies for the company. The study will also evaluate the trends and issues driving changes in the tourism sector. Training and development programmer for the employees of Whitbread is also came to understand in this report.

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1.1. Issues and their impact on tourism industry

Tourism gives colossal benefits to the economy of United Kingdom as it generate high revenues from trading outside the world. As per the inside esteem, travel and tourism industries are contributing admirable in the advancement of finance of UK. Travel and tourism sector has created nearly about ten trillions US dollar in 2015. UK is generating high income from travel and tourism sectors as because of high application of tourism. Tourism sectors aid in boosting the transportation of UK as transportation is generation about 2.2 trillion in 2013 (Mandal, Roy and Raju, 2017). But there are some issues and problems which are driving alteration and modification in the travel and tourism business are as follows-

Technological Advancement:Technological advancement is one of the complicated issues that have altered the dimensions of the travel and tourism sector. The service quality of company will surely enhance and improved if the organization will move forward with the advancement of the technology. Whitbread should facilitate their customers with advanced internet booking and it can only be possible if company adopt technological advancement. Moreover, the hotel industry is also able improve their services to create healthy and positive image on the mind of customers (Nosrati and Eslami, 2017). Online system and social media is contributing immensely to the travel and tourism sector as now people take their decision of travel from social media before visiting the destination.

Increased Environmental affairs:It is another critical factor which is operating alteration and modification in travel and tourism sector. It is very important to promote green tourism and developed health and safety and protection of the environment. It is very important for travel and tourism sector and also to the people or tourist both to always take care of environment as environmental awareness should be spread.

Increasing the cost of fuel- travel and tourism sector is facing high problems by regularly hike in the price of fuel. As the cost of fuel increases, transportation sector increases their cost which result is increases the cost of travel. This chain of increment influences the state of mind traveller (Calhoun, 2017). You can use essay typer tools to save your time, which helps you to give this sample a thorough read.

1.2 Several issues in movement and tourism area

In the above question the issues of tourism sector is discussed. Now there are number of issues which are affiliated with area:

Medical problems:In United kingdom medical issues are the major issues which are affecting largely to the travel and tourism sector. Sometimes there are many diseases spread in the area of tourism such as swine flu, chicken pox and various other flu which directly affect the travel and tourism industries as people feel afraid and scare to travel. It is duty of government to take effective measures and keep the city hygienic and clean.

Protection and wellbeing:Protection and security is the foremost issues which influence the mind of the people and affect the travel and tourism sector in large. There are number of objectives and targets where so many tourist workplaces and authorities of host are available. Still, they don't have many alliances with neighborhood police and assurance administration. People don't visit those places where they are not safe and secure. It is the prime duty of the government to make proper arrangement of security at destination points so that people feel safe and secure (Hsu, 2017).

Enactment and political disorder:It is another additional issues which influence the decision of traveller to travel and also affect the travel and tourism sectors. Political disorder leads to decrease in the tourist in large. Government has made so many rules and strategies for travelling in the world like visa apply is also takes too long time which change the state of mind of the people. The reduction in tourist not only affects the income or revenue of the industry but also affect the monetary state of United Kingdom (Tan and, 2017).


2.1 Current trends influencing change in the tourism and travel sector

There are various current trends which determine the change in the tourism and travel sector. There are several reasons from which traveller head out one place to another place.

Price Strategies:price strategies highly influence the change in the travel and tourism as people come from different places depends on the hotels. About 550 billion dollars has contributed by hotel industries in 2016. Thus price of accommodation plays a critical role in the boosting travel and tourism sector as reasonable prices attract many people.

Niche Market:the main intention of Niche market is to attract many people as possible as and generate huge amount of profit. People are far from the destination points, when they visit they are entirely dependent on the accommodations of hotel. In UK the hotel industries are contributing about 34 dollars in 2017. Sometimes the prices of hotel are expensive. These type of market assist in penetrating the market. These markets also assist tourist to people and make available them a best lodging facility as they want.

Inbound Tourism and Outbound Tourism:Inbound tourism are those places where people go inside possess country. And outbound tourism are those place where people go and visit for attaining goal to meet several culture and atmosphere successfully (Mahrous and Hassan,2017).

2.2 Current pattern utilizing suitable systems and assets

There are diverse techniques and resources available to evaluate current example in tourism division. To do that, quantitative and subjective the two techniques are profitable to choose current example growing tourism in a particular nation effectively. The taste and slants of travelers changes according to the example. Subjective data will separate sufficiency of that present example enhancing tourism zone. London in United Kingdom should be the key choice of organization remembering the true objective to broaden business and tourism fragment. There are various exercises in London, the lifestyle and people are astoundingly fiery and nice to others. London prominent national timepiece Big Ben, London Eye, Tower of London and River Thames are remarkable contrasted with different spots to watch and visit (Xiang, Magnini and Fesenmaier, 2015). The growing number of tourism in London is a phenomenal sign for business with a particular true objective to stretch out business activities and organizations to achieve benefit. London tourism accomplished a record of 31.5 million overnight excursions in 2015 which is 2.7 million or more from 2014. A total whole of 15 billion is made through tourists spending in London.

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The creating number of visitors and vacationers in London shows that the business can broaden promote remembering the true objective to redesign operational activities and efficiency. The compensation from voyagers is moreover growing which is a conventional sign for UK government towards productive and family unit advancement. The business should make systems and courses of action with a particular ultimate objective to work in London also.


3.1 Influence of trends and issues driving change in the tourism and travel sector

There are different developing patterns and issues which ponder the activity of movement and tourism area brings the negative effect too few of the patterns are impacting comparably way in which that help featuring a provoking the system and task. The effect can be depicting, for example, takes after:

Employment: This is the most essential viewpoint for the movement and tourism segment to grow and create on a substantial scale. So it will be useful for the gathering of people which are critical and pull in a mass number of work also increment the occupations with their activity. As trailfinder Ltd. Is extending their business in various territories (Walker and Walker, 2016). For that it required gigantic labor and number of specialist are enrolling by the association will prompt chief all the method bring for tasks.

Technology: This can likewise be considered as a basic factor that tosses a noteworthy effect on the movement and tourism industry. Trailfinders Ltd can guarantee to make contribution of the mechanical factors with the goal that it can help them in amplifying the general profitability rate. Contribution of mechanical measures in Trailfinders Ltd can guarantee an expansion in the speed and rate of the tasks occurring.

3.2 Likely consequences of businesses failing to respond to market changes

Climatic changes: Climatic changes are considered as the progressions that one can't anticipate. In spite of the fact that with the assistance of climate figures, it is presently very simple to break down the expectations about the atmosphere of various zones, so it can be controlled after this however to a degree. It is on account of the expectations are estimated values yet may shift with the real one. Thus, in such cases, Trailfinders Ltd may appear not sufficiently capable to fulfill the clients in light of the fact that in such conditions, the sightseers won't not appear to be occupied with heading out to these spots (Moutinho and Vargas-Sanchez, 2018). Likewise, the climatic change is overwhelming breezes, storms, substantial rain and so on. In this way, it is sufficiently evident that no vacationer needs to put their life in chance. Likewise, at such circumstances, the Trailfinders Ltd can likewise not ready to roll out any further improvements.

Economic changes: It is an changes through which Trailfinders Ltd can experience is that if in the event that the organization has gotten countless, however amid the time, the firm has some significant loss of cash and so forth that can go about as a kind of obstruction in keeping up the procedures and tasks to give square with reliabilities to the clients. Absence of money related status around then may bring about the absence of course of action, workers and so forth and this can disillusion the clients to an immense degree. In any case, this is likewise considered as a change that can be less and likely be controlled. In this way, pre measures ought to be taken with a specific end goal to keep away from such intricacies.


From the above report travel and tourism it can be easily concluded that industry is performing effective growth and development in the market. UK is generating high income from travel and tourism sectors as because of high application of tourism. Hence, the most important aspect for the travel and tourism sector to expand and develop on a large scale. So it will be helpful for the audience which are important and attract a mass number of employment as well increase the jobs with their operation. . Sometimes the prices of hotel are expensive. These type of market assist in penetrating the market. These markets also assist tourist to people and make available them a best lodging facility as they want. As trail finder Ltd. Is expanding their business in different areas. Increasing the cost of fuel- travel and tourism sector is facing high problems by regularly hike in the price of fuel. . Sometimes the prices of hotel are expensive. These type of market assist in penetrating the market. These markets also assist tourist to people and make available them a best lodging facility as they want.


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