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Service Management of Marriott Hotel

University: Centerbury Christ Church University

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 13 / Words 3159
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: L/616/1805
  • Downloads: 975
Question :

This unit requires students to present theories related to service management which can be used by organisations who are running for the benefit of the service users and business organisation

  • Explain different ways by which service can be delivered, marketed and designed
  • Determine and evaluate the role of employee in service management and their implication for human resource management
  • Analyse the benefits of service quality.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marriott Hotel


Service management is an all-encompassing management system meant to bring together all aspect of organization management as Planning, Strategies, Policies, Objectives, Documentation and Processes. It is the manufacturing context is integrated into supply chain management as the intersection between the actual sales and the customer point of view. The purpose of service management is to reduce high costs by integrating products and services and keep inventory levels smaller. A company to establish or optimize its service management are high service cost can be reduced by the integrating the service and products supply chain.

Benefits of the company increasing service revenue. A study of report Marriott Hotel the way of marketing and services an they improved if at all. The report include marketing strategic of Marriott Hotel the way of market and they strategies to improved that organization. The roles of the employees in the services. Manning staff of the Marriott Hotel in the terms of training, service delivery, customer satisfaction and loyalty. In order for business to win market share and stay relevant they need to consider many types of marketing strategies. At overall value to their customer market strategies.


Marriott Hotel use of marketing way can use to bring new customers and grow the businesses. It can also communicate an overall value to their customer. This use of relationship marketing is focus on building relationship with their customers instead of always exclusive trying to service them something. Customer who loved the hotel more will also spend more money. Seasonal marketing use this hotel they seasonal event offers a great way to meet new customer.

Sometimes these events can be actual changes of weather or national holidays. The turning into the various season that are important the customer can be more relevant in their lives. Online marketing as commerce has propagated to the internet a new form of marketing has emerged (Grönroos, 2007). For online banners to those annoying pop ups, online marketers have attempted to get their customers attention any way they can. Online marketing is set of powerful tools and methodologies used Marriott Hotel for promoting products and services through the internet. They including wide range of marketing due to the extra channels and marketing mechanisms available on the internet. Benefits of online marketing growth in potential, expenses reduced, improved customer service etc.

The methods and techniques used for online marketing include email, social media, display advertising, search engine optimization and more. That using online channels for marketing a business or product is the ability to measure the impact of any given channel, as well as visitors acquired through different channels interact with a website or landing page experience.

Ranking the Google my business listing is one of the most powerful things can do Marriott Hotel. The most powerful strategy available to them. Its time to get known and use a variety of social media (Silvainand Pluche, 2007). Twitter is pick of all the social media out there because its so quick and easy to use. Twitter exclusively to promote the products but to find and converse with like minded people may be interested.

Marriott Hotel the most powerful methods use to market just about anything these days are Facebook ads. With Facebook, reach a very specif audience and its very easily. Its target by interest, age, relationship status, geographic location and so much more. Promoting Facebook page and other social media accounts in store is just another great way to let customers know that on Facebook.

Internet has become such as integral part of our daily lives, Marriott Hotel marketing strategies have primarily moved online. While print and television marketing require a sizable financial investment for a short marketing cycle, online hotel marketing strategies are much less expensive to create and other the returns are far longer lasting. The large online travel agencies have turned hotel marketing into a highly competitive arena.

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets makes a mobile marketing an essential part of Marriott Hotel marketing strategies. Travel tech strategies can create a dynamic responsive hotel web design that will turn the website into a versatile marketing tool that automatically adjust to whatever device the guest use to access the internet (Baker, 2014). The website will effortlessly accommodate all the smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC desktops currently on the marketing as well as the ones that haven't even been invited yet so they won't face the expense of updating the website every time a new internet capable device appears on the market.

A responsive hotel website design in a good start, but the research shows that smartphone users now spend 89% of their online time using apps. Mobile marketing needs to figure into the hotel PPC strategies as well, since travelers are increasingly using their mobile devices during their trip planning process.

The marketing department plays a vital role in promoting the business and mission of an organization. It serves as the face of the company, coordinating and producing all materials representing the business.

It is marketing department's job to reach out to prospects, customers, investors and community create an overreaching image that represents the company in a positive light that is the brand (Bowie,Buttle,Brookesand Mariussen,2016). A employee is responsible for maximizing a hotel revenue by developing programs to increase occupancy and make profitable use of its accommodation, meeting and leisure facilities. A employees must maintain awareness of the factors that influence and gain a deep understanding of the needs and attitudes of a hotel customer. It will be responsible for coordinating marketing and promoting activities to meet customer needs, working closely with other hotel staff to ensure customer are satisfied with the facilities and their time there.

Customer may choose Marriott Hotel the employees must identify the factors that shape the hotel appeal to customer. Monitor customer reviews on the own website or on hotel booking sites to identify the strengths and weakness of the hotel. Speak to guest in person or in followup calls. Customer relationship the benefits of the hotels. A build a stable revenue base and ensure high level of repeat business, they need to develop strong customer relationship (Kandampully,Zhang,and Bilgihan,2015). A customer loyalty program that rewards customers who book regularly will benefits the hotel and customers. Target the program at individual guests or at corporate customers who require regular meeting facilities or accommodation for large number of traveling staff or visiting customers.

The importance of employee training and development in hospitality can't be overstated because every job ultimately aims for guest satisfaction. Employees in every facet of hospitality for dishwasher to managers and owners affect the guest experience. Without proper training employee guest encounters can go off track affecting the bottom line. Training can be expensive but the the benefits can outweigh the costs involved. Its important to begin training the new recruits soon after hire, instructing them on the standard operating procedures and the specifics of their jobs. Job training for new hires should go well beyond the initial orientation which typically focus on the company policies and employee benefits consistent training can contribute considerably to the advancement of the organization. New employees learn from well trained workers optimum ways to advance customer satisfaction. The role of the employees customer satisfaction is important. The employees who work face to face with these customers are the ones who determine their level of satisfaction. Employee engagement level impact the satisfaction of services they provide to their customers. Marriott Hotel is doing something right if both their employees and customer are happy. Employees play a pivotal role in building atmosphere of trust, confidence and loyalty among the customer. Every member of the team has an opportunity to contribute to creating a compelling customer experience. Few would argue that staff on the front line greatly influence the customer experience but the reality is all employees play a role in reinforcing the company commitment to the customer. To ensure employees are continuously focused on improving the customer experience. Set clear exceptions and hold employees accountable to a high standard of service.

When it comes to assessing the satisfaction level of customers there are many platforms available such as visual media, print media and the online platform as well. A lot of effort in enhancing customer loyalty and forget one vital aspect employee loyalty. The role of employee loyalty is important. Know that before the customer satisfaction employee must have given their all. The satisfaction that the customer talk about is largely a result of the value they get from the business. A loyal employees contribute extensively to the productivity of the business. They are able to create the value required to put the business on the path of success. Customer are always on the lookout for value and nothing else. So then find value in what the offer, then the assure repeat visits. A large chunk of the company image originates from the products or services they offer. The employees are the ones who produce the products and deliver services on behalf. This mean they carry the image squarely on their shoulders. To improve this image without spending a lot, try building loyalty in the employees. One of the most critical components of the business success is customer satisfaction. The desire to experience value again always draws the customer back to the premises. Only loyal employees can provide exceptional value. Employees should know they have someone who can make right decision, even in the tightest situation. Once they have faith, winning their trust and loyalty is easy. Loyalty as an employer entails committing the efforts to the success of the company. Develop the same attitude in the top managers so that they recognize the importance of being role models.

It is an obvious fact that the customers want the company to always deliver them an efficient and standard quality of service. Also, it should not be meant for before purchase only. Rather, it should be meant for after purchases as well. it is because if in case the customer faces any issue with the product, then the company can provide proper support to the customer. In Marriot hotel, the employees play a major and important role. As there is a huge competition in the hospitality industry, so the Marriot hotel should ensure that to manage the competitiveness of the factors in the market, it is important that they provide an efficient quality of service to the customers. Also, they can keep their major focus on the employee motivation because customers are considered as the important part of an organization (Kandampully, Zhang and Bilgihan,2015). The involvement of employees matters a lot in such activities. They can keep their focus on involving various ways that can help in motivating and encouraging their clients to stay interested in the operations of the organization. So, the employees of the Marriot hotel can ensure that the deliveries are on time, which means the products or services they have to deliver to the customer, they are completed and achieved before the deadline. It will help as by such means, the customers stay satisfied with the hotel because late and delayed deliveries always lead to the disappointment of the customers. So, it is better if the firm ensures proper delivery.

Like in case of Marriot hotel, they can ensure to provide the best and rich experience of living as well as of dining to the customers because when customers visit some place to spend a holiday, it is obvious that they want an efficient experience . So, for maintaining that comfort of the customers, the employees at Marriot hotel can ensure that their customers get every possible service, whether it about the beddings or the cleanliness of the washroom etc. This can help in providing them an appropriate service delivery because of which they can also stay satisfied with the hotel. Providing training and orientation is equally important(Kauraurga Prasad,and Sharma2015)

The Marriot hotel should ensure to provide proper training and development to the employees who are new to the organization. It is because as they are new, so they are not clearly aware of their roles and responsibilities. So, it is the responsibility of the hotel to make sure that they guide them about their job roles. Also, providing them an efficient amount of training is equally important. It will help them to go through all their responsibilities, so they can be more focused towards achieving the goals and targets of the hotel. Along with these, there can be various factors considered that can be involved by the Marriot hotel in order to manage all the staff and operations that are going in the hotel. Some very well known and common examples of this can be considered as the maintenance of all the operations in a way that it can prove satisfied enough for the customers. Ensuring these factors such as customer satisfaction, loyalty etc. can help the Marriot hotel to achieve the popularity as well as the productivity at higher rates.


It can be concluded from the report that the Marriot hotel makes use of various types of effective methods for marketing their products and services. Also, there are various ways and methods that can be involved as well by the hotel in order to achieve a higher rate of popularity as well as productivity. Employees play a major and important role in the process of marketing of the operations under the Marriot hotel. Whether it is in terms of providing customer satisfaction or the better experience of service deliveries, the Marriot hotel ensures to involve various ways that can help them in an effective rate of processing. But some other methods and ways can be involved in order to make some improvisation in the system so that it can help the hotel to gain a more number of satisfied customers along with a higher rate of productivity as well.

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There are various factors that can be involved by the Marriot hotel in order to make some modifications and improvements in the systems that still lack in providing an efficient rate of outputs. Some of the factors are discussed as under :

  • The Marriot hotel can ensure to involve the use of social media marketing. It is because this can be considered as a very effective method that can be used in order to promote their services etc. They can either make their pages in social media networking websites etc. in order to promote their processes. It can prove effective because more than half of the population uses these social media websites (Öztamur and Karakadılar,, 2014). So, this can be considered as an effective platform to promote their services etc. Thus, it can prove as an effective way that can help the Marriot hotel to gain a higher rate of popularity and productivity.
    • Having a better rate of interaction with the team members is equally important because if it is done on regular basis, it can help in making a better bond between the employees and team. This will help them to discuss their own ideas along with the issues if they have some. So, the issues can be resolved effectively with the help of the team members. Also, they can also present their own ideas that can be involved for a better marketing rate. So, it can be involved in order to make clear their goals and objectives so that everyone can stay focused enough for achieving their targets.
    • There is nothing bad if the Marriot hotel investigates that what are the marketing strategies that are being used by their competitors. Analyzing the methods and techniques they are using in order to know that what are the basic factors that are keeping them on a higher position in the market. It is because from this, they can also learn some factors which they can include in their plan and strategy which can help them in achieving their goals and targets at a much faster rate.
    • Focusing on a better online marketing strategy such as developing application of their hotel website so that the people can use it as handy. Also, they can in between offer some sort of discounts and offers. By means of mobile applications, customers can get pop ups or notifications about the discounts etc. So, this can be considered as one of the efficient methods that can keep the interest of customers maintained in the Marriot hotel. Mobile applications of the hotel can seem a handy option to the customers.
    • Also, the Marriot hotel should ensure that they provide the standard and quality services to their customers whether it is in terms of rooms, beddings, wash rooms and the products because providing them a rich experience can attract them to a huge extent. Also, it is a better way that their customers recommend the same to any of their friends etc. after experiencing a rich and fine time there.


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