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How to Motivate Team Members to Attain Business Goals - AM Holdings

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1670
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/0498
  • Downloads: 853

Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
  3. TASK 2
Question :

The objective of this report is to evaluate the behaviour of an organisation while setting up new goals and objectives. In this regard, it is required for a firm to evaluate its internal capabilities as well as the requirement of team development.

  • Determine the impact of politics, power and culture over the business of AM holdings.
  • Analyze how to motivate individuals and team to attain business targets and goals.
  • Evaluate how to cooperate effectively with others in AM holdings.
  • Identify the concept and philosophies of organizational behaviour.
Answer :
Organization Selected : AM Holdings


Organisation behaviour is a study of the way which are used to interact with all individual at work place, it help to create efficient enterprise that are able to achieve goals and objectives in limited period of time appropriately. Management of the company has develop plan in order to implemented organisation behaviour theories at work place thus help to manage business structure effectively. In this report select AM holdings in order to analysis organisation behavioural on its performance as well as productivity in long run. It is a produces and supplies polyester film and confectionery based packaging goods (Alejandra Gonzalez-perez and Leonard, 2013). Their main clients are related to confectionery, pharmaceutical, dairy, multi media packaging and many more. In this report cover firm politics, power, cultural has create impact on their performance and process theories of motivation and motivational techniques has effect achievement of goals. It includes development of effect team and concept of organisation behavioural.


P1 Firm cultural, power and politics has influence team as well as individual behaviour

Organisation behavioural has develop by their culture, politics and power which are create impact on employees performance. With in firm several different type of individual has work together in order to achieve common goals and objectives in limited period of time appropriately. So that, they are work into team and develop cultural, power etc. Here are explain all these factor impact on team performance as well as behaviour:

Handy cultural typology: This Model has introduced by Charles Handy. They identify some element in their research like power, task, role, person thus effect achievement of enterprise goals and objectives effectively (Alfes and et. al., 2013). There point are explain as follows:

Power Culture: With in organisation, according to hierarchy power of taking decision has distributed so that each one individual completing their work accordingly. Power is held in some individual whose has ability to influence spreads in all overall work place. In this situation employees performance should be identify by outcomes rather the efforts that they implemented during work. A consequences has arise when staff take quick decision resulted it create negative impact on organisation in long period of time.

Task Culture: Task culture effect team work. Company those has implemented task cultural at work place has focus on specific problem and progress through which whole group work together in order to achieve particular common goals and objectives in limited period of time. Task is very important, power has distributed according to task complicity so that it create positive impact on firm to achieve goals and objectives in given time.

Person Culture:In company with people cultural has shows individual has see themselves as higher position, unique and superior so that they are able to achieve their own place with in work place (Bergeron and et. al., 2013). This kind of business has highly depend on employees so that management has develop strategies in order to increase staff members satisfaction through this, firm are able to achieve goals and objectives in limited period of time appropriately.

Role Culture: It is based on rule and regulation, through this management highly controlled on everythings that happen with in firm. HR manager make HR policies and each one staff members want to follow these all in order to play their responsibilities effectively. Role cultural has create organisation structure which are not flat and it is tall in nature that support enterprise to run their business activities in an appropriate manner. Through this, risk factor at work place are reduce and develop bureaucratic environment.

AM holdings is provide packaging facilitate to their clients and management of the company has used task cultural with in work place through this they are assigning task to each one team and provide deadline to complete it effectively. Company has continuously grow because they are providing training to employees and enhance their performance. Through this, enterprise are capable to run entire business activities effectively.

Power, culture and policies has influenced individual employees or team behaviour toward organisation as well as job. AM holdings is a medium enterprise which are run their business activities at national level. They are highly depend on their workers due to task cultural environment of their firm. With in an organisation several element has effect staff members behavioural like power, cultural and politics etc. (Bushra, Ahmad and Naveed, 2011). It create positive as well as negative impact on enterprise performance in long period of time. Here are explain three factors power, cultural, politics and its impact on individual and team behavioural are as follows:

Power: With in an organisation, management should be divided into level and each one level has different power to influenced lower level employees. Management has develop policies in which each one person whatever they are in lower or upper level can not used their power for own profits (Chiang and Hsieh, 2012). But is a only rule, no one at work place follow it because they thinking if they have power then they also have higher risk, workload etc. and superior person has earn this position after many efforts and using power for their own prepose is a outcome of their work. But this, kind of organisation behavioural has reduce others employees satisfaction, motivation toward their job.

Culture: It is a human resources management responsibilities to create healthy and safe working environment at work place in order to enhance workers satisfaction about their job role and responsibilities. Positive cultural has motivate individuals to achieve their target in limited period of time appropriately. Some factor of cultural are lifestyle, living standard, ethics, moral and many others which effect individual behaviour in long run. AM holdings has implemented task culture at work place that help to produce higher quality product and services. Through this, they are able to get higher customer's satisfaction and profitability.

Politics: No one firm has entertain politics at work place but it should be run effectively and effect their performance as well as productivity in long run. AM holdings management has continuously taking feedback from their employees about working environment and take appropriate action in order to solve any issues. They also take step to reduce politics in which they are identify individual those are in power and use it negatively, after this they are action against them resulted reduce power (Gold, J. and et. al., 2013). So that, politics has negatively affected team behavioural because in that situational one person has beneficial positive and take advantage of it.

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P2 Content and process of motivational theories

Motivation is a one of the most important thing for each one organisation thus help to run business activities effectively. Management of the company has develop strategies related to motivation through which they enhance staff members satisfaction about their job and firm so that they are able to achieve their target in limited period of time. Some important motivation theories are explain as follows:

Maslow's hierarchy of needs: - This theory introduced by Abraham Maslow, he is a psychologist of human behaviour and make lot of theories. Need hierarchy, has contain five different kinds of need which are divide accordingly to individual personalities traits. That are explain as follows:

  • Psychological needs:- It is a primary need of person in which covers food, house, clothes, shelter etc. It is a necessary for an organisation to provide some minimum amount of money to their staff members so that they all easily full fill their requirement in an effect manner. AM holdings has develop plan in which full fill all psychological need to employees resulted get satisfaction as well as motivation.
  • Safety needs:- Life safety and security has secondary requirement of individual. In this, AM holdings has take life policies to each one employees by this action they are provide safety to their workers, that help them to motivate all staff members effectively.
  • Social needs:- After achieving psychological as well as safety need, person needed friends, family etc. in order to get satisfaction (Gulliford and Morgan, 2013). So that, AM holdings has develop healthy working environment by which strong positive relationship should be develop it help organisation to run whole business activities appropriately. It help to maintaining emotions and reduce stress of anxiety.
  • Esteem:- After these all, people wants self esteem it shows individual have talents, quality etc. that please by all person around them. So that they wants enhance their image at work place. In this, employees has gain self confidence resulted achieve target in limited period of time appropriately.
  • Self actualisation:- It is a last stage in which person has get all things in their life like psychological, social, safety, esteem. In the end, they want to explore themselves by innovative, creative and taking higher risk to get high satisfaction rather then moiety benefits. AM holdings has give award to this kind of personality in order to provide motivation.
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