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Analyse Information of Business Environment by Marks & Spenser

University: University of Warwick

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1743
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BM413
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Question :

Learning outcomes

  • LO1 Analyse information associated with an analysis of firm business environment
  • LO2 Make an assessment of the impact of government on structure and operations of business
  • LO3 Produce an understanding of the influence of change in business environment on business organisation and activity


You are required to address the task by making use of appropriate models and theories and make use of examples where ever possible

Task-1 500 words

Offer a summary with respect to emerging risks global social media firms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, face from proposed or actual government regulation and explain the possible impact this could have on the firm

Task-2 500 words

In what way does president of UK Trump approach to economic policy influence foreign economies such as UK or China or EU

Task-3 500 words

How the emerging economies are presenting opportunities for the business in the way of expanding globally. Also, in this reference explain how government uses monetary policies and fiscal policies stimulate economic activity and growth using trickledown

Answer :
Organization Selected : Marks & Spenser


The global business environment can be defined as the environment in the different sovereign countries. There are some factors from the global environment which can affect the profitability of the organizations. It can also influence on the decision-making of the company, resources and capability.

This report will summarise the risks at multinational social media firms such Facebook, twitter and Instagram, faced from the government rule and their impact on those organizations ( Doh, Luthans and Slocum., 2016). This report will also explain the Chaina president Trump's approaches to economic polices effect upon the India. In the end of this report will explain how rising economies are presenting new opportunities for the international business expansion. It will also conclude that how governments use both Monetary polices and fiscal polices to stimulate economic activities and rise on the international level using the trickle down.

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Emerging risk upon worldwide social media firms

There are some leading social media organizations such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram are facing problems in the global level because of governmental rules and their regulation. There are many counties where government have banned social media due to over use among youth. They are spending their most of the time on social media and in the result government of those countries are banning over use of social media. It is affecting on their profitability and business as well. Most of the counties ban those firms because or their negative use. Most of the treats were using social media for the fraud and cyberbullying. Social media is useful in many ways but people are using for wrong purpose (Barac and et.al., 2016). Social media is the place where people can rise their voice and educate others but now social media is mostly used for the abuse and many political parties are using this tool to run their propaganda. Most of the political parties are using social media to spread wrong new among the society which create conflicts between the people. Some of the famous platforms such as Facebook and twitter have huge following in worldwide but political factors of the some counties spoiling their images on the global level. It is impotent for the social media sites who have huge market in the worldwide should take strict actions and make their applications more secure and better for the people, so they can use it for the education and communication purpose. There are some places where social media firms cannot reach because of environmental conditions. Those places do not have internet so social media platforms are not able to reach to those places. Some of the governments ban internet because of conflicts in their county (Bedianashvili., 2016). It affect on the social media firms directly and it affect on the company's profitability, and they are not able to make profit on those counties. India is the place where most of the time government have shutdown internet and it affect on the social media firms. It is also an issue for the sociality as well because social media is the place where they can rise their voices through the social media and if government shutdown internet then people will not able to present their thoughts and express their feelings to their government.

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Economic approaches by US president and their impact on china

Us president trump has signed trade deal with china which is putting economic conflicts on pause. This was to bring the new cheater of a protracted and economically damaging the fight with one of the most the sizeable economies to a close (Chasdi., 2017). Instead of opening new companies in the china market, trump wants to increase energy exports and give faster security for the US technology and the trade secrets. Chine has also given commitment to but the more than 200 billion dollars worth goods from the America and the services by the 2021 and the expectable to remove several of their duty from the American products.

But according to the agreement configure the bulk of the duties and tariffs which American president has places more the 359 billion dollars Chinese goods , and it also holds over the punishments if china does not deal with them according to the deals have done between the china and America.

This deal has been done for the more than 2 years of tense discuss and negotiation the threats which at times appear to the fall the China and US into the economic parliamentary war. US president also run their companion in 2016 election where they promise to make good relationship with the china (Coe., 2018). Trump has paused their trade writer to rewrite the trade rules and regulations with the Chinese country. This agreement is the important turning factor for the US trade policy and the types of the free trade agreements which the United States typically supported. These deals allow both the counties to exchange good and services to meed the demands of their markets and their markets. This trade agreement by the America leaves the record level of the tariffs in the place and it also forces chain to buy goods from the US for more than 2 years of time period. When other President try to change in this agreement then trump leaned into it. This agreements ensure from the china that they will have to buy more than 200 billion dollar worth good from the America by 2021 (Kasemsap., 2018). This agreement and approach by the American president trump many times pay off politically. Trump will head into a re-election campaign with a commitment from China to modify its intelligence-property protections, make the large buy of American products and pursue other economic modification that will benefit American business.

This is great deals by the dependent trump for the America because it will help to improve their market stability, and they can improve their economy as well. This deal will also increase the jobs for the US people, and they can get better sealers in their job.

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Global expansion opportunities in developing market

There are some market such as India and Russia which can be best options for the organizations to expand their business and make huge profitability in those market. It is important for the firms for those opportunities and expand their business in those counties. India can be the best option amongst the all developing counties because of population. This county has 2nd highest population in the world. It means organization can attract many customers in their stores and increase their growth in the global market. Indian government encouraging companies to come into their country and start their business. It is profitable and better deal for the both because most of the people in India are unemployed (Tallman, Luo and Buckley., 2018). If companies ill come from the other counties than it will helps to create job opportunities for the Indian people. Government take low taxes from the countries which is plus point for the companies who come from the other counties. There are some of the most popular brands who have stabilized their store is the India and increasing growth in the market. People in India are ready to work in the low salaries and wages. It will be beneficial for them because they will get labour in low prices, and they will not need to recruit employees from the other counties. People who belong to the middle class families also like to buy their clothes from the big brands or new stores. Companies who are looking to expand their business in India will defiantly get advantage from this.

Courancy rates of this country is also low so companies who will come from the market like UK and US can get benefits from this, and they can increase their growth in this market. It is important for the companies who want to expand their business on global level. They should focus n the Indian counties, and they can defiantly successful to expand their business in this country.

Marks & Spencer is best example because they are successful to expand their business in India, and they are make high profitability in the market. M&S is able to show their presence in this market, and they are having huge existence in Indian market. This market has appeared as the second biggest market after the United kingdom for the Marks and spacers company and the British retailer company is looking at a double growth in terms increasing their stores this fiscal, said by the superiors of this company (Tallman, Luo and Buckley., 2018). M&S has established more store each in Chennai and Hyderabad and other locations As part of business expansion, Marks & Spenser is now looking for the fast rising tier II & III cities and also plans to expand the products reach with more local relevance. It is necessary for the other companies who want to expand their business on the international level should look for this market. They can gain opportunities in this market and show their global presence.

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