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Individual and Team Performance Analysis - 4Com Plc

University: University of Birmingham

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 12 / Words 2999
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: MGT517
  • Downloads: 776
Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Analyse the influence of culture, politics and power on the behaviour of others in a context of 4Com plc.
  • 4Com plc is a technology limited company. Evaluate how to motivate individuals and teams to achieve a goal are achieved
  • Generate an understanding of how to cooperate effectively with others
  • Implements conceptsand philosophies of organisational behaviour with respect to given business.
Answer :
Organization Selected : 4Com plc


Organisational behavior is an important concept and theory to be discussed for the achievement of organisational goals or targets. Culture and power has influence over the performance and workability of the company. The current scenario in organizational behavior is a wide and broad concept, This report will be carried on 4Com plc which is a telecommunication service provider throughout the entire United kingdom. This report will be discussed the use of culture and power in the organisation. It will put light on the scenario of motivation and its related theory in the context of the organisation. It will tell about the different theories of motivation. It will tell about the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of an organisation for the purpose to achieve the long-term goals of the company.

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P1 Analysis of the organisation’s culture, politics and power on an individual and team behaviour and performance

Culture: Organisation culture is considered as an important concept or knowledge which need to be take into consideration while implementing and formulating various strategies and methods for the purpose of achieving an organisational goals or objectives. Culture is an overall environment within the both internal as well as external behaviour, norms and regulation of an organisation. In context with 4Com Plc, culture is an organisational aspects which need to be discussed for the development of an organisation. Positive culture is required to be formulated for an achievement of both individuals as well as entities goals or targets. For the mentioned company, Handy's model of organisation culture is comprises of four types of cultures:

Power culture: In this type of culture, power is resourced with few common individuals whose influence is spread in an organisation. There are very few rules and regulation in this culture. Employees are judged and evaluated on the basis of what they have achieved throughout rather than focusing on how they do it. It is a strong culture, but strong culture can be convert into toxic.

Role culture: Business organisation with role culture is based on defined rules and regulation. These culture can highly controlled with exact knowledge and information what actually are the roles and responsibilities of an organisation. In context with role culture, power is identified by person's position in an organisational structure.

Task culture: These type of culture generally formed when teams are formed with purpose of addressing specific problem or tasks. If it is required to prove tasks culture effective, team needs to be effective. With the use of right skills, leadership traits and personalities, working in team could be effective and purposeful.

Person culture: In this type of culture, individuals are seen themselves as most unique and relevant to an organisation. This culture is just as the collection of an individuals who wants to work with same or different organisation.

In context with 4Com Plc, company has decided to give more preference to the role culture, different role and responsibilities leads to the effectiveness in the goals or target achievements.

Power: It is an ability to influence other's behaviour as well as personality. It is defined as the capacity to influence behaviour of the subordinates with the control on resources such as raw materials, manpower and other intangible etc. In context with 4Com plc, it is necessary and pre-requisites to understand the sources and outcomes of power in an organisation. According to the French & Raven model of power and leadership, there are five forms of power in various organisations which are as follow:

Coercive power: This type of power is based on an idea of coercion. This means that someone is being forced to do anything against of his/her will and interest. This form of power would lead to various problems such as loss of job, physical threat etc. It can also leads to unhealthy behaviour and dissatisfaction from the work. The leadership who use this power depends on threatening other's to make things happened.

Reward power: This type of power involve ability and capacity of an individuals to delegate them what they like to do and rewarding them when they achieved the actual results. It is an individual right of an employee to get rewarded for some fruitful purpose and results. This form of power is based on things as we do to gain some return or reward. Simply, in organisational context, employee is always hired for the major task to perform his/her duty and get rewarded by them.

Legitimate power: This power gives an employee ability to link certain feelings or emotion with the purpose of management. In this power, rewarding and punishment to an employee are seen as major part of the leadership culture. Usually, legitimate power is based on certain rules and regulations. It can be used to convince and enhance other people.

Referent power: This power is based on personal approval or acceptance by an employee to the management for performing particular tasks or duties. The leader in this power is seen as role model for other colleagues. Leader who have referent power has good appreciation of company's environment and it tends to have lots of influence.

Expert power: This type of power is based on deep information, knowledge or any expertise. These leader are highly intelligent and smart for achieving goals or targets of an organisation. Such abilities are enough to convert expertise in the right mode. This expertise is really appreciable and form effective base of the leadership.

From such discussion, it is advisable that 4Com plc should use expert power in their organisation. This would result in enhancing the capacity and ability of an employee to perform effective and efficient in an organisation. This will also lead to increase in the knowledge, information and skills of an individual as well as team work.

Politics: When an employee don't have any will or interest to work, they only depends on the nasty politics to make their position or status superior in an organisation. In an organisation, employees play politics to affect the working of other employee, simply with the aim to rise in the limelight and achieve useless attentions and appreciations from their seniors. In context with 4Com plc, politics refers to irrational behaviour of an individuals at the place of work to gain advantage beyond companies expectations and control. It is advisable that no one has gained anything out of such nasty politics, on other hand, it will create negative impact to the workplace.

In context with 4Com Plc, it would affect both organisation and employee in several ways such as decrease in overall productivity, affect the employee motivation and performance, wrong generation of an information etc.


P2 How content and process theories of motivation and motivational techniques enable effective achievement of goals.

Motivation is refers to the kind of process where a particular person has to learn several things in order to get enhanced and motivated for the purpose of achieving well organised goals or targets. Motivation is an ongoing process with the real life experience to learn and adopt various knowledge for the self development as well as organisational change. Motivation come from various sources such as training and development, self-enhanceeemnt, inspirational sources from various person such as teachers, parents, colleagues, friends etc. In context with 4Com Plc, there are various


P3 Explain what makes an effective team as opposed to an ineffective team

Team: It is regarded as group of an individuals, who work together as a collaboration for the common purpose of an organisation. Here, an individuals means one who passionately, dedicatedly work towards the common goals, task and targets of an organisation. Individual who is not competent and comfortable with other individual can never form any team. In context with 4Com Plc, It is required to understand and analyse the concept of team for the purpose of achieving organisational goals or objectives. After the discussion regarding the team, next is to know about different types of teams in context with 4Com plc:

Problem solving team: This type of team is temporary and specific in nature. It varies from department to department. The duty of such team is fast and permanent solution of the specific problems or issues is the main priority behind the formulation of such team. The team member should possess different roles, skills and specific interests etc.

Work group team: Different people or individuals who have same process can form the work group. Such kind of team is formed for some specific purpose or goals. Work team are considered as the permanent team for some specific or common period of time, till the achievement of desired goals or targets. Generally, such team broke themselves after the achievable of the common goals or targets.

Quality team: They are considered as permanent team, might be till tenure of the company. The main purpose of this team is to prefer approach to identifying and resolving the flow of work, which can create the negative impact on an organisation efficiency and productivity. The best thing about the quality team is, they bring a unique perspective to overlooked at the management.

Virtual team: This type of team allows the involvement of technology such as virtual machine, conference meeting system, video calling etc. Such kind of team communicate through online via conferencing, video sharing or using the social media namely Facebook etc. This allows group or team to talk or meet face-to-face using electronic mediums. For this, every individual of team should have perfect and accurate communication skills, better facial expressions and body language.

In context with 4Com Plc, company can use either one or two types of team in their organisation. They can prefer to go for quality and virtual team to judge and notice any kind of error and mistakes in the performance of an individual as well as team group.

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Effective and ineffective both are opposite of each other. Same also applies in case of team and group of an individuals. The difference between both effective and ineffective are as follow:





Team which is full of well-developed skills, knowledge and scope is termed as effective team.

Team which has no scope for the chance of getting developed and suffering with the issues of clashes and issues in the teams is termed as ineffective team.


Clarity of thoughts and idea is important to be an effective team and group. Thought process is important to be the effective and established team.

If there is no clarity of ideas and thought process in the team, it would be difficult to achieve organisational goals or targets.


Good interpersonal skills such as communication skills, interaction abilities, people management are generally found in an effective team.

Ineffectiveness is generally found in such kind of team. In this team group, people are lacking behind various skills such as the interpersonal skills, body language, talking skills, customer management etc. It is necessary and important to overcome such shortcoming and weakness to get possible outcomes.

Scope of improvements

In case of effective team, scope of improvement is not big, but it is to be noted that learning is an ongoing process and improvement through learning is most efficient ways to improve more skills and knowledge.

In context with 4Com Plc, there is huge scope of improvements in such teams. In this, senior executives are required to take necessary steps to improve the effectiveness of the teams.

It is concluded that effectiveness of team is important for the achievement of common goals or targets. In context with 4Com Plc, this is necessary to implement the most effective team and group for the purpose to achieve the set business goals or targets. Effectiveness depends on the level of skills, up-gradation of knowledge etc. There are two different theories of motivation: Context theory and process theory:

Content theory: This theory will tells about needs hierarchy which involves physiological needs, self esteem needs, social needs, self-actualisation needs etc.


P4 Concepts and philosophies of organisational behaviour within an organisational context

Organisation behaviour is based on few important concepts which is helpful in resolving the nature of an organisation. In every field, whether management, social science, science etc. philosophical foundation is important for the development of any organisation. This can be best explained with the help of Path goal theory and its components.

Path Goal theory: This theory is based on specifying and discussing leader's style or behaviour which fits bet to an employee and work environment in order to achieve organisational goals. The main purpose is to increase an employee motivation, empowerment and satisfaction so as to become effective member of an organisation. This theory is based on Vroom expectancy model. In this, individual would act in the certain ways based on the expectation from an employee as well as individuals.

In context with 4Com Plc, it is necessary and important to understand the different types of leadership styles which are as follows:

Directive: Leader needs to inform their followers that what is expected from them. It is required to be open with the subordinate for the completion of work. It is most effective when people are not sure their task, it will be difficult to direct uncertainties in an organisation.

Supportive: The leader needs to be more friendly and approachable to make work more pleasant by showing her concern. It is most useful and effective in various situation when task and relationships are combined challenging. In context with 4Com Plc, it is crucial for the manager to support each and every employee in their specified tasks or works.

Participative: In this leadership style, leaders needs to consult their subordinates before making the decisions on how to complete and proceed to the particular task and goals. In context with 4Com Plc. Leaders and employee both needs to be participative and workaholic in order to achieve the desired goals of an organisation

Achievements: In this leadership style, leader sets challenging goals or targets for their employee or individuals to achieved during the particular period of time. In context with 4Com Plc, leader needs to provide effective training and motivation to their employee to achieve tough targets or goals. It is most effective, to work in professional environment such as various technical, scientific and achievable environments etc.

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Individual differences: Every organisation suffers with the issue of individual differences from each other. Individual differences such as arguments, unnecessary arguments, comparison in context with colour, size, caste, religion, creeds etc. Such individual differences is responsible for the creating clashes and misunderstanding among various personal of the company. For overcome such issues, it is required to create good relationship among different employee's for the purpose of achieving goals or targets. It is fundamental concept of organisational behaviour.

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From the above report, it is concluded that organisation culture, power and politics have major influence over the accountability and performance of an organisation. Whereas power and culture determines the purpose and internal behaviour of an organisation for the purpose of achieving well-defined goals or objectives. It is also concluded that motivation is the major source for enhancing the performance and accountability of an employee. Motivation is helpful in locating the goal or target of the company in accordance with the individual characteristics, skills or traits of an employee. It is also required to understand the effectiveness of the well-decided goals or targets. It is characterised that if skills, traits and knowledge is appropriate, it would be difficult to attain company goals or objectives. Lastly, it is concluded that leadership in an organisation will help in the achievement of the organisational goals or targets.


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