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If you are stuck at findings section of a dissertation, then don’t feel confused. Presenting findings and analysis is one of the most important activities you encounter while writing a dissertation. There is always a hiccup in the mind of the writer about how to write dissertation findings as some consider writing just a paragraph, while others rely more on figures and diagrams. A perfect example of findings of dissertation is one that has fair mix of text and diagrams and provides clear understanding about the motive of the thesis.

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Tips on Writing Findings Chapter of Dissertation

Simply collecting and recording the data does not comprise research, one has to be clear on how to write findings from the data pool in question. Also, analysis of the data also becomes easier if you have got the writing of dissertation findings part right. There are a variety of ways to present the dissertation findings; however, some points are worth remembering while presenting the discussion of findings:

  • Prepare what you want to include in the research paper findings chapter
  • Outline the pattern arising from findings in a rough draft
  • Simply stuffing the chapter with 200 odd graphs is not the correct way of writing the findings section of a dissertation
  • Compile data in one place and according to the emerging pattern, choose from graphs, diagrams or tables, etc. to present the data understandably.
  • While writing findings chapter in dissertation, include both positive and negative results.
  • Make judgment about what to push to appendice if the findings chapter is overstuffed with pictures and graphs
  • Determine the data that should come in the form of images and separate it from that to b presented textually.
  • Key findings form the topic or starting portion of the chapter but you try just to present the findings. if you give in to the temptation of discussing findings, then you may find it difficult to write the discussion findings page.
  • Mention what are key findings and these may be presented in the form of research question, a hypothesis or a discussion statement.
  • Try to keep the results section short and crisp to make sure that the reader is interested in moving to the discussion session too.
  • It is better to present the difference or magnitude of response in place of exact responses as recorded.

If you need example of dissertation findings, you can contact our experts anytime and get the real stuff to include in this chapter of your dissertation. Our experts can write the inferences and analysis chapter for you if you are falling short of time.

The Process of Writing the Dissertation Findings as Followed by our Experts

Many universities combine the findings chapter of dissertation to avoid its undue stretching; while some may require their students to keep the two separate. Our writers can write the findings in research paper exactly as per the guidelines provided to you. There are some key steps included in the process of writing dissertation results:

  1. A brief introduction is written at the start of presenting the results
  2. Key findings are mentioned first
  3. Less important findings are then categorized later
  4. Focus is more on just presenting the data in an easily navigable manner
  5. Brief analysis may also be included but instead of writing researcher’s own viewpoint, he leaves the option to the reader to make an opinion.
  6. Data should be presented chronologically as done by our findings writers.

Writing the dissertation results and analysis section of thesis is very easy but a bit tactful activity. You can seek dissertation help for making this section tastefully presentable. Sometimes, student is just lost in the heap of data and presenting it in the form of a chapter comes as a challenge.

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Ways to Present Findings in Research Paper

Whether you include discussion of findings or not in the results section, is determined by university guidelines. However, what you want to include in the dissertation findings to do the analysis later goes something like this:

  • Supporting graphs
  • Relevant charts
  • Pie-charts, bar graphs, line diagrams
  • Tables, double data set table,

While writing the results, it is also important to ensure that the data does contribute to the overall explanation of the hypothesis proposed at the start of the dissertation. There has to be an intelligent sequence in process right from selecting the hypothesis to collecting the data and presenting it in readable format.

How We Help You in Writing the Findings of Dissertation

Global Assignment Help is committed to solve all your problems related to writing dissertation. Thus, we provide you examples of dissertation findings and analysis so that you can have readymade help available for doing this section of dissertation nicely. We have plethora of examples of findings to include in dissertation and analysis; also, we analyze the results also to give you clear inference that you can draw. Once you are done with tabulating the findings, we can analyse the results for you as well and can help you to write discussion of findings as per your requirement.

So, count us for example, sample or discussion of findings and we will save lot of your time in tabulating and crunching the data. Contact us today and get that required edge in findings of the dissertation which you find hard to achieve.

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