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100+ Trending Research Paper Topics to Create an Impression

11 Nov 2023 501 18 minutes
Global Assignmnent Help Australia

Drafting a research paper is already a complicated task, and selecting ideal research paper topics adds to the struggles. This is so because there is an ocean of themes to select from. Thus, in this blog, we have hand-picked some effective topics you can use to draft your paper on. Moreover, before that, you need to know the features that combine together to frame an ideal theme. So, the following segment will help you to explore the same.

What Are the Elements of Ideal Research Paper Topics?

Selecting topics for a research proposal is indeed a tedious task that might make you struggle. Thus, in this write-up, you will be exploring the research topic examples to ease the process. But before that, you must know what an ideal topic is. So, here are the elements that make any theme the ideal research question ideas.


Ideal ideas for research projects must be short and crisp. This means they must be clear and focused on a single perspective. It is so because concise topics ensure you do not go off track while research paper writing.


Importance means that the research paper ideas you are considering must have some purpose to solve for a particular field. It is so because if there is no goal, then you cannot get a clear vision for the document.


Relevancy must also be considered while looking for research topic examples. It is so because, if the idea does not fit with the subject, then you will not be able to impress your professor.


The latest topics are the ones that can grab the attention of the readers instantly. Thus, you must try to choose such research proposal topics that can catch the reader’s eyes without much ado.


If the topic is original, it will also help you to attract readers. It is so because uniqueness is the key to a successful research paper. Thus, you must brainstorm several ideas to finalise one. 

These are the elements that must be there in the research topic examples you are considering working on. So, after getting along with the features of the ideal theme, it is time to explore the topics. Read ahead to discover 100+ research paper topics listed by the experts. 

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List of Research Paper Topics to Leave a Strong Impression

There is an ocean to dive into when selecting research topics ideas. But, it is a baffling process that scares students. But, with our research paper help, this process can be cut short as we have a team of experts who have combined the most trending and effective ones in this blog. So, begin exploring them and draft the document on it to grab the reader’s attention.

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Trending Research Paper Topics

Here are some trending topics for research paper writing:

  1. Why should multicultural education concepts be implemented deeply?
  2. Define the benefits and limitations of playing video games at work.
  3. How is the information about infectious diseases distributed through online platforms?
  4. Explain the role of AI in social media and other networking sites.
  5. Do you believe life-sustaining therapies are needed when they are futile?
  6. How Does beauty determine how a person will be successful in life?
  7. A comparative study for smartphones increases or decreases workplace productivity.
  8. Explain How to deal with a huge number of immigrants.
  9. What is the role of grandparents in the lives of the new generation’s children?

Biology Research Paper Topics

Here are some biology research topics:

  1. How do gut microbial communities impact the absorption of nutrients?
  2. What is the Current science on oxytocin and serotonin?
  3. Explain the best practices for engaging urban communities in biodiversity conservation efforts
  4. How Does Immunotherapy Influence the Human Body?
  5. Explain Inhibitors of Bacterial DNA and Resistance Mechanisms
  6. conduct research on Biotechnology in the study of marine life
  7. How can Using nanotechnology in the diagnosis of cancer be effective?
  8. What neural mechanisms underlie empathy in both humans and animals?
  9. How is the Environmental Change involved in the Diversity of Species?
  10. Comparative study on The Natural and Forced Evolutionary Processes as Natural Selection implements
  11. Explain the Human speech patterns in Asian elephants

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Impressive Research Paper Topics

Here are some interesting research topics:

  1. Mention the evident reasons for anxiety, a major problem among young people.
  2. Discuss the impact of the No Child Left Behind Act.
  3. How Can music therapy help in the treatment of mental disorders?
  4. Explain how sustainability can help prevent climate change.
  5. What is more important: to follow social norms or religion?
  6. How do immigration laws of several countries differ?
  7. What is the role of vaccination in eliminating diseases?
  8. What is more effective: rehabilitation centres or prisons?
  9. how did a specific invention impact history? Explain 
  10. How can stem cell treatment help us live longer and healthier?

Biochemistry Research Paper Topics

Here are some biochemistry research topics:

  1. What are the optimum conditions for ethanol and aqueous extracts?
  2. What is the use of Nanotechnology in the system of targeted drug delivery?
  3. Study cancer pathology and its relation to biology.
  4. Understanding chemical reactions in the body using hormones.
  5. What do you think about linking microbiota and brain function as per the Gut-brain axis?
  6. What is the effect of modern contamination on public health?
  7. What are the requirements for iron homeostasis regulation?
  8. Explore the procedure of Enzymatic browning in fruits and vegetables.
  9. How can you explain protein quantification in the organism?
  10. What is the thing that regulates the population of cells?

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Health Related Research Paper Topics

Here are some health related research paper topics:

  1. Understand the key types of depression in adults.
  2. What is the efficacy of using probiotics for gut health for pregnant women?
  3. Why are some health systems more effective than others?
  4. Perform an analysis of Obesity and pregnant women
  5. What are the Health risks of pregnancy termination?
  6. Explore the impact of smoking on oral health, according to dentists.
  7. How can public transport systems improve access to healthcare services?
  8. What are the principles of healthy housing in the UK?
  9. What is the impact of genetics on animal health?
  10. Explain The role of public parks in promoting community health.

Physics Research Paper Topics

Here are some physics research topics:

  1. Discovering Exoplanets: Physics Beyond Our Solar System.
  2. Evaluate the properties of liquids and the concept of buoyancy.
  3. Understanding the principles of astrophysics along with applications.
  4. Replicate an oil spill and explore the best way to clean it up.
  5. Atomic physics examines the structure and behaviour of atoms.
  6. Magnetism: Quantum Spin to Industrial Applications.
  7. Equipartition: What are the systems it does not hold?
  8. What are The properties of solids and the concept of elasticity?
  9. Photography: explain what happens when you modify the aperture.
  10. Analysing the energy output of different types of batteries

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Unique Research Paper Topics

Here are some unique research topics:

  1. Explain the mental aspect of being a Vegetarian.
  2. How Does Lack of Sleep Can Affect Mental Health?
  3. Why should social media bloggers be involved in politics?
  4. Explore the reasons why democracy is the best approach.
  5. perform a study on Insomnia and its Effects on Humans.
  6. Why should there be more than 12 jurors present in courts?
  7. Explain How and why divorce rates have changed over time.
  8. Do you agree that animals should be considered as individuals?
  9. How can you use remote sensing to prevent damage?
  10. Is eight hours a normal sleep for every student?

Chemistry Research Paper Topics

Here are some chemistry research topics:

  1. Analyse the human hair and evaluate its nutrient content.
  2. Explain the Heterogeneous catalytic conversion of CO2 to CH3OH
  3. Define the Relationship between quantum mechanics and atomic orbitals.
  4. How is chemistry used in medicine or medical technology?
  5. Examine amino acids using protein hydrolysis.
  6. Evaluate different mixture separation techniques.
  7. What a human Eat and Drink daily. Explain through the Chemist’s Perspective
  8. Is it possible to get electricity from chemical reactions? An explanation
  9. Elaborate the Molecule composition and appearance.
  10. Stereoisomers- Evaluate the possible relations that exist between them.

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Latest Research Paper Topics

Here are some latest topics for your research paper:

  1. Should multicultural education concepts be implemented deeply?
  2. Why Should education be cheaper in all the countries?
  3. What should contribute to poor mental and physical health?
  4. What are some techniques to fund a trip around the world?
  5. Why Are carbon credits effective for offsetting emissions?
  6. How Do beauty contests set the non-achievable beauty standards?
  7. Ways to enhance communication between parents and kids.
  8. How can AI compose music in an easy way?
  9. Do immigrants have a good impact on a country’s economy?
  10. Understanding the effect of psychology skills in journalism

Easy Research Paper Topics

Here are some easy research paper topics:

  1. What were the aftereffects of women's suffrage movements?
  2. List The negative influence of social media.
  3. Study of Power in Empires From Assyria to Byzantium
  4. Why should AI technology be under control?
  5. What are the Common impacts of different cultures?
  6. How Can We Determine the Old Age of the Universe?
  7. What do you Learn From Julius Caesar’s Memoirs?
  8. What is the reason why the Black Lives Matter movement became so popular?
  9. What is The role of parental involvement in school work?
  10. What are The Religious Beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses?
  11. What is an appropriate amount of exercise per week for an adult?

These are the topics that you can use to create you research paper on and impress your professor. Moving ahead, if you are confused with some theme, you need to perceive the process to finalise the appropriate theme.

Baffled with Research Paper Topics? Remove your confusion about an ideal research paper topic with us.

How to Choose an Effective Research Paper Topic? The Ideal Procedure

You can follow any approach to finalise your research paper topics, but it is not necessary that you are doing it the correct way. Yes, you read it right. It is so because using hit-and-trial research methods to select an idea can turn the tables upside down. So, in this section, you will explore the correct way to find examples of research topics. 

Begin with Your Interests

It is the first thing you must do while looking for research paper examples. This is so because drafting a paper is a lengthy task that needs you to concentrate for a long time. Thus, if you are interested in the theme, you will focus more and engage your readers as well. 

Study Available Resources

Studying the available resources for the topic you are considering is essential as without this, you will not have adequate information needed. Thus, conducting in-depth research is crucial before you finalise the topic for research paper writing. Through this, you will have effective supporting elements. 

<H3>Narrow Down the Theme

After conducting thorough research, you will be having a lot of information to include. Thus, it becomes necessary to narrow it down. It is so because, without this, you might not be able to focus on the actual perspective to outline in your research paper.

Look for the Key Elements

You have already read about the key elements in the above section of this blog. Thus, to consider the best research paper topics, you must look for the essential features of the theme you will be evaluating. Moreover, to ease the work, you can create a checklist of these elements.

Draft a Strong Thesis Statement

It is the last thing you must do while selecting a topic. Thus, as per the research project example by the experts, you can figure out that the thesis is the critical part as it includes the gist of the theme to give an overview to the readers. 

These are the steps that you need to follow for selecting ideal research paper topics. Moreover, if you are still struggling to finalise the theme by yourself, seeking professional help is the best option. 

How Our Experts Can Help to Find the Best Topic for Research Paper?

Even after going through the entire blog, if you are still baffled by numerous research paper topics, then we are here. We at Global Assignment Help can guide you to finalise an ideal theme to build your paper on. It is possible due to the experience and expertise of the writers we have hand-picked in our team. They will move the mountains to assist you and ease the process so you do not struggle. 

Other than the topic selection thing, we can even help you in drafting the paper as well. To trust us more, you can read our research paper introduction example available on the platform. It is all possible because of the finest team, including researchers, writers and proofreaders. With the combined efforts of each of them, we are one of the leading service providers in the industry. So, what are you still thinking? Hire us to reduce the load from your fragile shoulders. 

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