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The Ultimate List of Biology Research Topics & Guide to Pick Best One!

18 Dec 2021 1110 8 minutes
Best Biology Research Paper Topics 

The Ultimate List of Biology Research Topics & Guide to Pick Best One!

Are you having a hard time choosing the best biology research topics? You are not the only one who is struggling with this situation. Many students are there just like you who are facing this problem. Moreover, the students find the topic but are unable to describe it in the paper. Due to this, they lose their marks.

To solve this problem, here are the best ways to pick one of the best research paper ideas in one go. So, what are you waiting for? Go, and grab the best opportunity to choose an interesting biology topic and impress the professor.

How to Choose an Interesting Biology Research Topic? (7 Ways)

Most of the students can not create a biology topic for their research paper. If you are also facing the same problem, here are the 7 ways to choose a research topic on a biology subject.

Limit Down the Subject

Everyone knows that biology covers a lot of subjects under it. Before finalizing the biology research topic, you need to know which topic interests you the most.

Read the Previous Written Research Paper

It would be good if you read the previously written research paper. Because of it, you would know what has been covered till now and what is not. The ideas you might see that haven't been covered till now, you can pick as your topic.

Focus on Single Area

For instance, if you have chosen animal biology or related to ecology, you have a vast scope for the topics to cover. You have to brainstorm and choose which one would suit the best biology topics for presentation and focus on that subject matter.

Conduct a Preliminary Research

Before finalizing the topic, you must conduct preliminary research on the idea. You need to check whether there are enough materials on the topic you have chosen for your assignment. If you do not find much information, you should go with another topic.

Make a List of Keywords

To do proper research for your biology research topics first, make a list of the keywords related to the subject matter. With the help of the keywords, you would be able to conduct the research exactly as you wanted for your paper.

Check the Trendiness

There is nothing worse than choosing the topic which has already been taken. So, before finalizing the idea, you have to know how unique it is and how much it is in trends in academic life.

Check Relevant Example

Although, it is important to find the samples of a previously written document. So, if you find it, you would know the structure of your paper and get many interesting biology research topics.

50+ Excellent Biology Research Topics for College Students!

  1. What are vaccination and their benefits?
  2. State the difference between autoimmunity and tolerance.
  3. How do apply immunotherapy to the human body?
  4. What is the impact on stress of immunity?
  5. State the relationship between plant evolution and genetics.
  6. What is photosynthesis? State the aspects and functions.
  7. What is the role of modern technology and plant disease management in biology?
  8. Microbial ecology and evolution- a literature review.
  9. How cloning transforms medicines? Describe in detail.
  10. State the reason behind beating age through DNA change.
  11. What are the genetic grounds of obesity?
  12. Human cloning as a moral issue- Review the statement.
  13. What is the impact of cloning on health medicine?
  14. What is the influence of biological genes on depression?
  15. Explain Ebola as a biological weapon.
  16. Abortion controversies in the US.
  17. Explain the origin of human cloning.
  18. What is cell tissue engineering?
  19. The improvement of abortion law in the USA.
  20. Explain the ethical aspects of experiments with stem cells.
  21. How do the biological perceptions of abortion works?
  22. Genetic disorders and related treatment.
  23. DNA's structure: Infographics and explanation.
  24. Modern technology of DNA analysis.
  25. Human cloning science perspectives - Explain in brief.
  26. The way human cloning can change medicine.
  27. What are the ways to conduct molecular biology research?
  28. The behavioral epigenetics phenomenon.
  29. The molecular evidence of human's origin.
  30. The personal genome in modern medicine.
  31. What is the role of stem cell treatment in medicine?
  32. The use of genetics for lifetime prolongation.
  33. Danger experiments on human DNA.
  34. How do white blood cells fight diseases?
  35. How are plant cells different from animal cells?
  36. What if animals could photosynthesize just like plants?
  37. How do single-celled organisms work?
  38. What is cell division, and how does it work?
  39. Bacteria and how they invade the body.
  40. Is it possible to improve reaction speed?
  41. Organic Farming Neurobiology Research.
  42. What is Alzheimer's Disease? What are its symptoms?
  43. Why do we feel happy or sad?
  44. How do headaches occur? Explained by Neurobiology.
  45. Neurobiological degeneration due to old age.
  46. Are human cloning and transplantation ethical?
  47. Is it ethical to have a "˜perfect child' through gene therapy on a fetus?
  48. Should we remove undesirable traits using gene therapy on a fetus? State the reason.
  49. State the advantages and disadvantages of gene therapy.
  50. Can gene therapy help to beat cancer?
  51. How can gene therapy eliminate diabetes? Explain in brief.
  52. Why gene editing is done by using CRISPR?

These are the main biology research topics for college students. So, make sure you pick the best idea for your assignment.

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