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Inductive V/S Deductive Research- Pick the Right Choice by Knowing the Difference

06 Dec 2022 2715 9 minutes
Which Factors Differentiate Inductive and Deductive Research from Each Other?

Scholars have to work on various academic papers. Every aspect of writing a document is crucial, and research is one of them. A student cannot draft quality work until and unless the analysis is phenomenal. They must know every type(Inductive vs deductive research) in detail so they do not make any mistakes while framing the paper. Let's begin by examining both research types and how they differ from each other.

Detailed Study of Inductive Research with Relevant Examples

In inductive research, a researcher collects data that interests them. Once enough input is collected, they look for a pattern to develop a theory. Thus when they follow an inductive research approach, they observe a particular set of observations and draw a general conclusion. In other words, the inductive approach means framing a theory based on data. Let us dive deep into the topic:

For instance, how boys know about menstruation.

If the researchers use an inductive strategy, they will interview young guys to acquire data regarding how they learned about menses, what they thought of it the first time, and how they perceive it now.

The analyst notice a pattern and conclude that boys' sisters play a crucial role in educating them about menstruation. As they grow older, they adopt a more mature attitude towards the monthly cycle.

Inductive Research Approach

Inductive research is the best approach when there exists no or little information about a topic. There are three stages to performing inductive research that will help you write an informative research paper.


  • Cheap airline gets delayed
  • Dog A and Dog B have bugs
  • Elephants need water to stay alive

Observe Pattern

  • Another thirty cheap airlines got delayed
  • All observed dogs have bugs
  • Every noticed animal requires water for sustainability

Develop a theory

  • Cheap airlines always get delayed
  • All dogs have bugs
  • Every animal on this planet requires water to stay alive
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Detailed Study of Deductive Research with Relevant Examples

The steps of deductive research are the same but follow a reverse order. Research workers begin with a social theory and then find its authenticity with data. This approach moves from a general topic to a specific conclusion. The majority of this kind of inquiry is a part of scientific investigations. The researcher reads existing theories, reviews what others have done, and then tests a theory.

For the research approach example, a study on the impact of the classroom setting on students' mental health was conducted. According to a theory-based notion- lack of resources or heat might cause children's behavioural issues. The researchers had evidence to back up their premise that mental health should receive the same level of attention as academics.

Deductive Research Approach

You always begin with a theory while conducting deductive research. Deductive reasoning means testing existing theories. You cannot conduct deductive research if there exists no theory.

There are five stages to performing deductive research approach:

Begin with an Existing Theory

  • There is a problem of lateness in cheap airlines
  • All dogs need meat to stay alive
  • Every biological life requires water to sustain

Formulate a Hypothesis

  • If passengers fly on cheap airlines, they will always experience delays
  • All dogs in an apartment need meat to stay alive
  • All mammals require water to sustain

Test the Hypothesis

  • Collect data on cheap flights to discover delays
  • Make the dog eat something else
  • Study if mammals necessarily require water to stay alive

Analysis of the Data

  • 7 out of 100 flights did not get delay
  • 10 out of 20 dogs did not eat the meat
  • All mammals require water to sustain

Decide to Accept or Reject the Hypothesis

  • 7 out of 100 flights were not delayed = reject a hypothesis
  • 10 out of 20 dogs did not eat the meat= reject hypothesis
  • All mammals require water to sustain= accept hypothesis

Now that you are well aware of examples and definitions, it is easy to spot the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning.

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Inductive or Deductive Research? Have a Look at Strengths and Limitations

This table will guide you through the inductive v/s deductive approach.

Deductive Reasoning Inductive Reasoning
Deductive reasoning means to deduce information from related facts Inductive reasoning means arriving at a generalised conclusion by using specific facts or data
Deductive reasoning is a process that begins with a general statement and ends with a logical conclusion Inductive reasoning, on the other hand, starts from a specific observation and ends with a broader generalization
Deductive reasoning follows a top-down approach Inductive reasoning follows a bottom-up approach
Deductive reasoning begins with the premises Inductive reasoning begins with the conclusion
In deductive reasoning, conclusions can be true if premises are true In inductive reasoning, the truth of the assumption does not guarantee an appropriate conclusion
Applying deductive reasoning is challenging because you have to be specific and state valid information It is simple to use inductive reasoning since you only need to provide evidence-based on your personal experiences.
Theory- Hypothesis- Pattern- Conclusion Observation- Pattern-Hypothesis- Theory
In deductive reasoning, arguments are either valid or invalid In inductive reasoning, arguments are either weak or strong

A prevalent doubt among students is Inductive v/s deductive. But with this table as a reference, we hope all your doubts get clarified.

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Strengths and Limitations of Inductive Research

Every research type has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are confused about which study works best for your document, assignment writers clear your puzzled thoughts and guide you in the right direction.


  • One of the merits of inductive research is that it allows you to collect data from a range of probabilities, thus increasing your knowledge.
  • Inductive training begins with an observation and then moves forward toward exploration to make a decision or a judgement.


  • A drawback of inductive training is that inferences are from specific situations that may not hold any significance in the real world.
  • Your observation can be incorrect, which leads to false conclusions. To overcome such a situation, you can seek research paper help.

Strengths and Limitations of Deductive Research

Let us explore the weakness and strengths of deductive research:


  • You can back yourself up by explaining the logic and objectives if your decision does not produce the results.
  • It is reliable and genuine if all original premises are correct.


  • Deductive reasoning depends on initial premises. The final argument becomes invalid even if one presumption is incorrect.
  • A deductive method requires more samples to draw general conclusions.

The above approaches and examples help to differentiate between deductive v/s inductive reasoning. Examine the strengths and weaknesses in detail next time you start the drafting process.

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