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Every Ph.D. and master's scholar has to perform extensive data collection and analysis to write a research paper. But this process is not easy; Instead, it is much more complicated. It takes up a lot of time, and students encounter several challenges. Thus, many of them prefer the assistance of an expert researcher who can provide step-by-step guidance in completing data collection and analysis. And, if you are also searching for such professional assistance, then we can be your best choice. It is because we have partnered with experts who are well-versed in every research method. Thus, our team will not only resolve your queries but also help you achieve your list of requirements. So, the first step in this journey is knowing: What are research methods? Let us move ahead and learn from experts.

What Are Research Methods? Know from Our Experts

Every research paper focuses on resolving particular issues or answering a trending question. To achieve this motive, scholars need to conduct extensive groundwork. It helps them collect ample information, including facts, which in turn serve as evidence for the initial question. Definition of methodology in research is the techniques, instruments, and procedures used to collect and evaluate data.

These research methods enable a better understanding of the topic. It also helps students curate their opinions and analyse the facts. Apart from this, using data collection and analysis instruments, a researcher can cross-check the relevancy of existing theories.

Now, you know that a research method serves the purpose of gathering valid information on a topic. But this is not it; these techniques are classified into various forms according to their motive. For a better explanation, our experts have explained the types of research methods in the section below.

Learn the Various Type of Research Methods from Our Experts

The research methodologies comprise of three parts, and each aids in collecting a specific type of data. Students should learn about them and choose a method that best fits their requirements. So, read each section and contact our research paper help experts if you have further queries.

Quantitative Method

Quantitative research methods focus on gathering logical information. Thus, it collects and analyses statistical data and curates a scientific approach. It also helps students identify recurring patterns and relationships, which in turn aids in deriving the conclusion. Quantitative research includes examining graphs, pie charts, and figures.

Qualitative Methods

Qualitative research methods help the students to collect non-numerical data. Students analyse texts, visuals, audio, and words to gather information to understand ethical and social phenomena. Thus, this methodology aids in building a practical approach using data interpretation. It includes conducting observation, performing interviews, and understanding people’s perspectives, behaviours, and minds.

Mixed Methods 

Some research subjects require both qualitative and quantitative analysis. In such cases, the student implements a mixture of the above two methods. It helps in gaining a broader perspective as it focuses on building logical as well as practical approaches.

Now that you know the methodology types, we will discuss the data collection techniques in the next section of the blog. For a detailed explanation, our experts have also provided explanation to research methods & examples that are widely used by professionals. So, let us jump ahead and learn more!

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What Data Collection Methods Do Our Researchers Use?

Every task includes research requirements. To fulfill these conditions experts need to collect ample data. But, this information should be credible and accurate. Thus, our experts use specific methods to gather data as per the given requirements. Let’s check out the list!


In an experiment, a researcher performs a comparative analysis of several variables. They are observed under laboratory-restricted conditions to frame good conclusions for specific questions. This research method offers 100% accurate answers but can be time-consuming and problematic. So, before the experiment, they plan the task down to every minute detail.


The survey is one of the most widely used types of research methodology. Here, researchers ask questions to a group of individuals to collect data. The evidence is curated for the initial argument using the response of the participants. This research method helps them to interact with and gather information from a large population. However, they always consider the ethical factors before performing a survey.


The interview research method is highly beneficial for one-on-one interactions. Moreover, this technique is mostly used to collect information on a particular individual rather than a subjective topic. However, researchers should never force the interviewees to seek answers for their papers. Also, if the participant requests confidentiality, the information can never be used.


Observations are types of research techniques where the researchers do not interact with the individual. Instead, they keep a watch on their subject and identify behavioral patterns and relationships. Researchers can also observe the individual's reaction towards specific conditions. Moreover, the observation is mostly performed in natural settings, especially where the subject feels free to do anything.

Literature Review

Whenever our experts ask students, "What are research methods?" the first answer from every scholar is a literature review. It is one of the simplest and most convenient techniques of data collection. Researchers read existing theories and books to gather data. It also helps them understand the limitations of previous research and which fields require future advancements.

Case Study

A case study focuses on performing thorough research on a person, place, or community. It provides the researcher with in-depth information on all aspects of the topic. Moreover, these methods of research offer logical data like statistics and practical approaches like the behaviour pattern of the subject. Sometimes, a case study gives sufficient information, and there is no need to implement another method.

Students now know how experts collect data for their research papers. But this is just the first step, as every piece of information needs to be thoroughly examined before being used as evidence. To do this, our professionals use data analysis techniques that offer them accurate answers. Such research examples are described below for you!

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Know How to Perform Data Analysis Using Research Methods!

The second step in using research methods is performing data analysis. Students should examine every piece of information and check its relevancy, accuracy, and whether it fulfils the given requirements. This step also includes several tools and techniques. Why? It is because every topic requires different instruments. For instance, methods of market research vary depending on the psychology of data collection. For more information, continue reading.

Statistical Analysis

This method of analysis is used to examine the numerical data. So, if students need to evaluate facts, figures, pie charts, and bar graphs, they must use this research method. It will help them sort out all the accurate information and exclude traces of irrelevancy. But make sure to plan the process in detail to avoid the unpredictable challenges.

Meta Analysis

Another popular research method for data analysis is using meta-methods. Here, the researcher evaluates information from two or more sources, and the accurate answers are derived after comparing them. The technique is highly beneficial for achieving precision and helps in justifying complex questions. It is a quantitative research method that is effective with qualitative information.

Thematic Analysis

The best technique for qualitative analysis is thematic. It is a process for analysing data to identify patterns. Using these, students can read through a bulk of information and find recurring and similar themes. The best advantage of this analysis is that it helps in understanding people’s views, opinions, thoughts, and personal experiences.

Content Analysis

As the name suggests, content analysis focuses on the words and phrases used in qualitative data to understand their presence and motive. This technique also assists students in understanding the themes and how certain words can deliver a different meaning. Using this technique, researchers can understand people’s opinions and points of view.

Regression Analysis

The regression data analysis technique helps in examining two or more variables against each other and identify their relationships. Moreover, it is represented using a graph and offers accurate information to students. Moreover, if they want to examine independent and dependent variables, choose this as there is no technique more effective than regression analysis.

Cluster Analysis

This technique examines data in its most natural setting. There is no need to divide the data into specific group settings. Rather, you can examine information from every field and section altogether to conclude. Using this technique can be a complicated task, so students should plan each step or work with professional assistance.

Using the above techniques, students can simply complete data analysis. Still, it is possible to encounter some challenges. So, prepare yourselves, as we will discuss these problems in the next segment.

What Challenges Do Students Face While Using Research Methods?

Until now, we have discussed the types of research methods. By reading, you may find them very easy and hassle-free to use. However, many people wonder why it is challenging for some students and why they cannot complete their work. Well, we have unravelled this curiosity in the sub-sections below.

Acquiring Funds

Every research project requires funds, especially to conduct the groundwork. Why? It is because students need several instruments, tools, and participants for analysis and data collection. Yet, many universities and colleges do not provide students with sufficient funds. Due to this, students either opt for cheaper and less accurate mediums or end up with incomplete research.

Building Team

Research is not a simple process; instead, it is tedious and tiring. On top of this, data collection and analysis on certain topics require the participation of two or more individuals. However it is difficult for a student to build this team, and all the burden lies on a single person. All this leads to more stress and work for scholars who already deal with a hectic schedule.

Lack of Knowledge

There are different types of research methods, and each consists of a set of instructions and procedures. Moreover, the selection of these techniques depends on the topic and the professor’s requirements. Due to a lack of sufficient knowledge, it is confusing for students to decide what research methods examples to use and how to implement them.

Zero Guidance

Every student uses research methods for the first time in his master's and Ph.D. degrees. Thus, they do not know how to implement these techniques. Yet, when they face challenges and reach out to their mentors, they get no guidance. Thus, students are stuck with their problems and don’t know how to complete their research on time while fulfilling instructions.

Unpredictable Process

Yes, you heard it right! Research methods are an unpredictable, as sometimes they can make a task be as smooth as a cake and as complicated as a hurricane. Moreover, even after deciding on accurate techniques, there is a possibility students will never get the desired results. Due to this, many students prefer assistance from our online research paper writing services, as experts here always guide them.

Time Consuming

Completing research using a tedious method on a complex topic is no less than a war. It takes up to 6 months to 2 years for students to collect and analyse the entire data. Still, sometimes they have insufficient information and need to start the entire process all over again. All this becomes a tremendous challenge and leads to academic burnout in young minds.

Apart from this, students face many other academic challenges. For instance, they have multiple tasks, which makes it impossible to complete their research. We understand that no scholar wishes to risk their grades. Thus, we offer assistance to these young minds, and our team works day and night to resolve the issues. So, if students need help, they can contact us, but before that, get an overview in the section below.

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How Can Our Experts Assist Students with Research Methods?

In the section above, we have discussed the challenges you face with various research methods. We know that you must be wondering how to resolve these problems. Well, do not worry, as our experts can aid you in resolving all these challenges. Want to know more? Read below!

Help in Data Collection

As discussed earlier, data collection has been a complicated task for students. But, not anymore! Our experts can guide students through different types of research. All they need to do is visit our website, list all their requirements in detail, and our team will start working on the project right away. Within a few days, students will get ample data, including statistics, facts, and figures.

Aids in Data Analysis

Students will be delighted to know that our experts can help them perform data analysis. Our team has premium access to all4 types of research methods. So, they can examine the raw information in both natural and controlled settings. After a thorough analysis, we can also help you draw strong evidence that can impress your teachers by proving the argument.

Provides Expert Researchers

On our website, students will only find a team of professional researchers who have over 15 years of experience in academic fields. Apart from this, these experts have PhD degrees and know thoroughly how to use research methods to analyse and collect data. So, if you are stuck on a topic or have endless queries, do not hesitate to get help from us.

Offers 24*7 Guidance

Many students can concentrate better when they study late at night. These scholars believe they are more productive at odd hours compared to the day. But when they work with various methodologies, they encounter several doubts. On top of this, getting assistance at this time seems possible. But don’t worry, as our experts are available 24 hours a day, and you can contact them anytime.

Access to Premium Resources

Students have access to limited resources because of a lack of funds. But this is not the case with our experts. We have provided our researchers with the best facilities and resources so that they can assist students. This is why they offer 100% accurate solutions to students and save them from every problematic situation. So seek help and take advantage of premium resources at affordable prices.

Assist in Drafting Methodology

The definition of methodology in a research paper is a section that offers a step-by-step explanation of all the data collection and analysis techniques. If students miss out on any single instruction, their professor can reject their documents. However, online research papers help scholars draft a crisp and excellent methodology section on time.

We always suggest students seek assistance with their tasks instead of struggling. It is because experts can help them save time and fulfil every requirement. All this not only reduces their stress but also provides them with an A+ from their professor.

Using research methods to collect information is a complicated task yet an essential step. But as it brings several challenges, the process becomes impossible for students. Well, they will be delighted to know that our experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist them, and that too at cheap prices. All they need to do is describe their requirements to us and wait for a few days. Later, they will not only receive ample information from us but the highest marks from the teacher too!

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Frequently Asked Questions: Get Your Solutions Here!

  • What Are the Types of Research Methods?

    There are many types of research methods that can be used. However, here is the list of the common types of methods used:
    Experiments / Focus Groups
    Qualitative Research  
    Quantitative Research
    Secondary Data Analysis 
    Mixed Methods (combination of the above).
  • What Are the Research Methods for Business Students?

    There are different types of research methods used by business students, such as interviews, correlational research, surveys, focus groups, ethnographic research, case study research and other quantitative research methods.
  • What Are the Data Collection Methods in Qualitative Research?

    There is a variety of data collection methods used in qualitative research. Some are observations, transcripts from books or videos, and interviews. These are one of the commonly used data collection methods.
  • What Are Research Methods?

    Research methods are the techniques used for collecting and analysing data to disclose new information or implement new plans.
  • What Are the Examples of Quantitative Research Methods?

    Students and researchers use several quantitative research methods. Some of them are:
    Data analysis / Questionnaire
    Scientific Method 
    Survey Research
    Sampling Probability
    Survey Methodology
    Cross-Sectional Study.
  • What Are the Benefits of Mixed Research Methods?

    You may have read various benefits of mixed research methods. A few are mentioned below:
    It helps get multiple different approaches or perspectives for a research question. 
    This method is flexible and makes it easy to collect and collaborate on data. 
    It helps get detailed or in-depth information from qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • What Are the Examples of Qualitative Research Methods?

    There are many examples of qualitative research methods examples. A few of them are:
    Focus Groups
    Record Keeping 
    Grounded theory / Secondary Research
    One-on-one Interview  
    Ethnographic Research.
  • How Can I Get Help with Research Methods to Complete My Paper?

    If you want to get help with research methods or to get help with completing your paper, you can seek help from experts at Global Assignment Help. They have excellent research and writing skills that can help you draft a perfect document with high scores.
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