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Brief Guidebook on Different Types of Research Paper

03 Nov 2022 804 13 minutes
A-Z Guidebook on Research Paper

Catherine was engrossed in the new sociology chapter. She found some interesting facts about the latest topics in her curriculum, and began to have some interesting questions while reading the most recent study on the status of the LGBT community. The more she read in-depth about them, the more research questions came to her mind. But she thought to herself. "I lack time and knowledge to write a paper on my own". After brooding over it overnight, she wished she could express her ideas to someone and publish a paper. If you have a similar wish to her, you can make it come true with Research Paper help.

What Is a Research Paper?

A Research Paper is a critical academic piece of write-up that involves an in-depth analysis of a particular topic. Majorly it includes the evaluation and interpretation of a selected area of study. The purpose of a Research Paper is to showcase original thoughts, opinions, and results about a specific field. It may also involve the statements of other authors and their reflections. But the emphasis should highlight your independent thinking. 

Significance of Research Paper in Educational World

There are various goals behind writing a research paper. Below you can read about some purposes in brief.

  • It makes your opinion about a particular topic valuable and authentic.
  • It helps in educating a large number of people of different age groups.
  • It restores a new meaning to an area of interest.
  • It helps in increasing your knowledge of a field.
  • It brings out uniqueness and adds something new to the world of research.

Different Types of Research Paper

There are several types of Research Papers that are written for numerous purposes. Read about them briefly in the following section.

Analytical Research Paper

An analytical Research Paper critically examines a particular area of study. It poses a question to the target audience and pushes them to think about it. The researcher attempts to define the answer step by step in their research paper, but they make sure to leave an open-ended thought throughout their research. The data for this kind of Research Paper is collected from already published studies. This step makes the writing more intriguing. In general, a neutral opinion is maintained in this type of research paper.

Persuasive Research Paper

This type of Research Paper aims to persuade the audience. The central goal involves making them agree with the opinion presented in the academic document. In this type of write-up, you aspire to make the reader agree with your viewpoint. Persuasive research papers involve emotional aspects in comparison to other research papers. Logical evidence and authentic figures play a crucial role in this research paper. It helps to support the argument. In this type of research paper, the scholar needs to be either in favor of or against the opposite view. But a definite side needs to be taken.

Casual Research Paper

Cause and effect research papers are assigned to students who have just entered the world of research. It is specifically assigned in the beginning to make them understand the importance of good research. The focus of this type of write-up is to make pupils aware of the cause and effect and the importance of why factors of research. It is allocated mainly at the beginner's level.

Experimental Research Paper

This type of Research Paper describes the results of a conducted experiment. It includes a description of the practical evidence derived from the study. It is usually found in subjects like biology, sociology, chemistry, and psychology. Additionally, it also makes efficient use of collected data. A lot of figures are incorporated in this academic document to prove the point.

Survey Research Paper

In this type of research paper, the survey method is used for the data collection. For that purpose questionnaire method is usually adopted. The results are examined, evaluated, analyzed, and interpreted based on the information available in hand. 

These were various types of research paper. Other than them there are some more kinds of research documents. For your information, you should be aware that you can easily get paper help from the best academic experts online. But before that, get acquainted with the major sections of the resources of the paper mentioned below.

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Major Sections of the Research Paper 

Though the structure of the Research Paper depends on the academic requirements, there are some important sections that should be mandatorily present in this academic document. For now, get a brief idea with the information mentioned below. Below you can understand the important parts of the Research Paper.

Research Abstract

Before starting the research paper, you need to submit this write-up. It defines the purpose of your research and summarizes the main pointers highlighted in the study. It is written in a precise manner.

Main Introduction

This section describes the problem statement and briefly informs about the research question and the main topic. It also summarises the conclusion in a short time. 

Review of Literature

This part of the Research Paper highlights the valuable opinions of other authors and previously published studies. It carefully lists various interrelated studies with relevant topics. The main goal is to enrich the academic documentation.

Research Methodology

In this research, diverse methods are used for data collection. it can vary depending upon the type of research, available resources, and the means of communication. This section also includes a description of the complete research design and techniques used throughout the document.

Limitations of Research

Every research has its own set of certain unavoidable limitations. Any factor can be counted in it. Many a time, it could be the unavailability of the target audience or unintentional personal biasedness of the researcher or the audience, or it can be limited resources. There is always a scope for further discussion in every research report.

Conclusion in Research  

The final summary of the is included in this part of the research. It is as important as the introduction. The conclusion defines the ultimate motive, opinion, and thoughts of the researcher.

References Section 

This area of Research Paper lists the information referencing all the cited material. Any information you may have referred to for your academic document, the source of it should be listed here.

Quick Tip 

Check every section of the Research Paper with multiple plagiarism checkers. Cross-check all the information manually as well.

If you think you are not well-versed with or you are doubtful about them, avail of Research Paper help in the best way, and can easily guide you about the important parts of this write-up. Other than important parts of the research paper there are also some essential elements that are present in it.

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Mandatory Elements of a Research Paper 

A Research Paper is a little different from an article; it varies in many ways. From the length of the academic write-up to its objective to the purpose of the research, it differs in various ways. The major distinction comes in the procedure of research. In paper, the goal is to highlight the primary sources of information and original research. On the other hand, article make more use of secondary resources for showcasing information.

Other than these mandatory elements, there are also different types of Research Paper formats. But for now, read some common suggestions to write any Research Paper.

Common Suggestions to Approach Any Research Paper

Each Research Paper is distinct in itself; the academic requirements can vary. It depends on many factors, but there are a few common suggestions and tips you can follow.

  • Express the main idea of your Research Paper in your own original words.
  • Before starting the main academic document, read a lot of available information to get a clear idea about your topic.
  • Use proper punctuation to highlight the details or information you cannot skip.
  • Use a grammar checker to meticulously correct grammatical errors. Also, use a plagiarism checker to avoid copyright issues. 
  • Prepare a rough research outline before directly jumping into your research.
  • Cite your references, keeping in mind the guidelines given to you.
  • Use both online and offline sources of information in your studies.
  • Include a lot of data and figures in a visual form to connect more with your audience.
  • Create an impressive title. But make sure it is in an easy language.

If you have just stepped into the world of research and still feel a little unprepared to write a document by yourself, you can avail of Research Paper help. Academic experts can provide you with advice on any research paper. In just a day, you can get a well-researched and well-written write-up. You can also hire an academician to complete your document from scratch. Not just for this academic document, you can also get thesis help. Any Research Paper published under your name will add value to your academic profile. So what are you waiting for? Get the paper published right now.

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