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How to Write a Research Paper? | [Get Expert Tips]

19 Aug 2022 1104 16 minutes
Prodigious Way to Write a Research Paper

A Guide to Introduce Research Paper [Types + Writing Tips]

Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought’. The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. And the complete essence of a research paper is to know the turning process. Yes, we are talking about one of the descriptive academic documents. This paper analyses the insight of the whole topic and answers the questions based on what, why, and how. It showcases your interpretation and evaluation of a specific topic in depth.

What Is a Research Paper and Know the Purpose?

Academics is a vast terminology and has many evaluation processes. One of a kind is the research paper. The writing depends entirely on your understanding of the topic and the research you conduct. 

The intention of writing a research paper is to compile various viewpoints, evidence, facts, and data about a topic from different sources and interpret your own personal style and outlook. Books, magazines, websites, surveys, and other areas play a part in the findings.

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What Are the Types of Research Paper?

As you got the basic idea of what exactly is a research paper and the purpose it solves, you must now know the different types of research papers you can curate for your upcoming project. Scroll down to know more!

Type 1: Argumentative Research Paper 

As the name goes, the argumentative research paper is about the debatable viewpoints of two sides. For drafting it, you must describe the narrative of two opposing areas, analyze the pros and cons of both and then conclude by supporting one viewpoint. You must adhere to the logical facts and data while writing an argumentative research paper.

Type 2: Analytical Research Paper

It is one of the types of research papers, that concludes the neutral side of the topic. While you draft it, you must conduct surveys or ask questions, gather all the collected data and then analyze it. The findings and the sources are closely examined along with the concluded viewpoints before deciding on the final perspective.

Type 3: Cause and Effect Research Paper

The paper comprises a detailed research study on a specific topic. In this research paper, you must first describe the problem then, narrate the cause and effect and finally conclude the whole in a small para. It helps to know the number of outcomes to be drafted from a particular situation.

Type 4: Experimental Research Paper

The article must provide pertinent data learned through experiments. You must carry out the whole experiment, encapsulate the entire idea, and present the required results and conclusions gathered from the investigation. The entire experiment process must be thoroughly described in the research article.

Type 5: Report Research Paper

In the report, you must collect all the information on the topic and, highlight the prime and key findings of the theme. Do not forget to provide all the necessary facts and data in your paper. Every detail is crucial and relevant to the research paper. 

Type 6: Survey Research Paper

As the name suggests, the paper is about public opinions on a specific topic or situation. To draft this paper, you must conduct surveys via polls, questionnaires or in-depth research, interpret the data, and then analyze the findings based on the requirements of the research paper.

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Know the Format to Follow to Write a Research Paper

As you know, every document is well-curated with specific guidelines and a proper structure. A research paper is a part of academic writing that requires skills and a format to follow.

Look down to know :

Intro That Stands Out

“You never get a second chance to make a great impression”. As you begin to write, grab the reader's attention and bind it till the end. Have you ever thought about- ‘How to write an introduction for a research paper?’ To achieve that, start with some catchy quotes or factual data or a hook sentence. It will enhance the look of your content and leave an impressive mark on the reader.

Abstract That Narrates

It is a summary of your paper. But do you know how to write an abstract for your research paper? The strategy, to begin with, is to keep it precise and to the point. An abstract shall describe your paper, stating the key issues and clarity of the topic. ‘It is better to create than learn. Creating is the essence of a research paper. 

Mark a Conclusion

As Janna Levin says, ‘The simpler the insight, the more profound the conclusion’. It is one of the crucial segments of a research paper. It lets you narrate your perspective and conclude the whole essence of the document. If you are thinking - How to write a conclusion for a research paper? Think no more and pen down your words in a crisp and concise form. 

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Whooping Points to Ace Your Research Paper

Now that you are well-equipped with the types and format of a research paper, you must know the pointers that will amp up your writing and help you draft an impressive paper.

Point 1: Understand the Purpose

In this fast-moving world, it is tough to keep track of every detail and understand each point and aspect. However, you must understand the chosen topic and the formatting requirements to produce a quality paper. Know the key points before you begin, like the paper length, deadline to meet, the actual essence of the theme, referencing style, and any other details required to craft a well descriptive research paper. Ask questions as many times as you want but do not compromise with the understanding of the whole document.

Point 2: An Apt Choice 

Have you figured out what the paper is about? Now you must decide on an apt topic or theme for your research. Make the right choice while you select a theme or question. Your paper shall speak for itself and should not deviate a reader's attention. Before you begin to write, take approval from the professor and ask if the topic is appropriate! Know the key points and the essence of the theme. If you are going with a question, then make sure to keep it specific, as the answer to your question would be your thesis statement.

 Point 3: Insure the Research

Now that you have figured out the pathway to follow, it is time to give it a proper look, by conducting in-depth research. Stick to the theme, put out the questions, and dig out the relevant pointers. There are many ways to conduct research, i.e., books, magazines, newspapers, journals, the internet, and surveys, and many, could be added to the list depending on the topic. Be authentic and apt with your findings and focus on fetching the information only via reliable sources. Invest a good time in research and make notes and bookmark your sources 

Point 4: Curate an Outline

Once you are satisfied with all your research, open the page and start to create a frame for your research paper. Segregate the relevant data from all the sources, put together all the notes and match them to the topic to fit in. When you start to curate an outline, follow all the required guidelines and the format suggested by your professor. Each paragraph you draft should have consistency and necessary information. Organize your thoughts and the gathered data to write an impressive research paper.

Point 5: Begin Your Draft 

Have you organized your thoughts? If yes, then it’s time you start with your first draft. The best part about this is that you can be yourself while you write the sample paper. You need not be worried much about the typos, errors or missing out on the details. But don’t be too casual and try as much as possible to not make any such mistake. Frame every sentence with complete dedication and organized information. Put out your voice, thoughts and elements, and do not put the internet browsed content as it is. 

Point 6: Conclude the Paper

Do not miss out on the conclusion and express it in your way. This part consists of what you have gathered and understood from the chosen topic and the research you conducted. You should add your input to conclude the research paper. A conclusion should be, a summary of your thoughts on the paper, and what could have been done to make the essence of the theme better. Don’t add any new information but make the reader understand your perspective or interpretation.

 Point 7: Citation Is a Safety

Did you collect the information? Have you cited the sources? If not, then you must do it right away. It is mandatory, to cite the areas you have gathered the data for your paper. It validates your content and links your data to a better approach. Citation allows you to give credit to the sources of your inspiration and the relevant websites or journals or papers. It also saves you from committing plagiarism. There are several referencing styles and you must follow that religiously as per the requirements.

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How to Capture the Essence When in Doubt?

Have you had a thorough read of the blog? Are you through the proper understanding of the whole concept of the research paper? The blog has been drafted to turn you into a master of research paper writing so that you do not shake up your confidence and deliver the result without compromising the quality factor.

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Lecture slides by Experts

You can refer to this slide to understand the topic more and learn how to write a research paper.

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