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Know All About Research Methodology from Expert

18 Jul 2023 711 15 minutes
Guidebook for Research Methodology

Complete Guidebook on Research Methodology by Experts

Students pursuing Ph.D. degrees are often assigned a research paper to write. It requires extensive groundwork for data collection, analysis, and representation. The ample information is compiled in a document to address the initially identified research problems. Moreover, students must divide the paper into several parts, and one of them is the research methodology. It is the most vital section of the research, without it the document stays incomplete. Also, it requires extensive perfection, and a single mistake in experimenting, researching, drafting, or editing can ruin the whole work. Thus, to save students from this critical situation, this blog will offer complete information on research methodology.

What Is Research Methodology?

Let’s see a simple definition of research methodology: It is a systematic plan inclusive of practical and lab-based experiments. It helps the writer address the problem discussed in the thesis statement. Every paper includes a methodology section that discusses the tools, approaches, methods, and experiments used to achieve specific results. The writer performs these observations as part of his groundwork and later offers a step-by-step explanation to his readers.

The methodology of the research highlights the following questions:

Writing this section is a complex task for students, as sometimes they offer irrelevant information that misleads the readers. Thus, they often seek research paper help from experts as these professionals can resolve doubts and guide them in drafting. The research methodologies are one of the easiest sections in the paper. It focuses on answering primarily two question:

  • How did the researcher collect the data?
  • How did the researcher analyse the data?

Now that you understand the meaning of research methodology, let’s read further and discuss its importance.

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Research Methodology?

No research can be successful without the use of accurate methodologies. The slightest mistake or one wrong method can create vast differences in results. Apart from this, it helps the researcher design a proper plan and ease the whole process. Choosing the appropriate methodology will bring fewer challenges for the researcher and deliver quick results. Therefore, while selecting the methods of research, be 100% sure and conduct each step with the utmost care.

Advantages of Choosing the Right Methodologies

Let’s discuss some advantages to get a clear overview of the importance of methodologies.

  • It minimises the difficulties of the research.
  • Students can derive 100% accurate results.
  • It boosts efficiency and content quality.
  • Guide a researcher throughout the process.
  • Saves ample time for other parts of research.
  • It’s easy to analyse and examine the data.

The methodology is the core of every research project, as results solely rely on experiments and observations. Hence, get research paper help online from experts and discuss your topic with them. These professionals will assist you in choosing an easy and accurate methodology for the paper. Also, after learning the purpose of research methodology, you may be curious about its types. So without wasting any time, let’s get a detailed explanation of the same; in the section given below.

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What Are the Different Types of Research Methodologies?

Students are often confused by the multiple types of research methods and don’t know what best suits their topic. But don’t worry because this blog will resolve all queries by offering an easy explanation. So, there are three types of research methodologies: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. Read further to understand each one of them:

Qualitative Research Methodology

A student chooses qualitative methods of research when he aims to collect non-numerical data.

Thus, it examines written, textual, and visual forms of data to develop a practical approach. The primary focus of this method is to evaluate people’s perspectives, behaviours, and attitudes.

Examples of Qualitative Research Methods:

  • Survey
  • Case Study
  • Interviews
  • Ethnography
  • Observation

Quantitative Research Methodology

According to experts offering research paper help UK, quantitative methods focus highly on statistical data. It helps the researcher develop a scientific and logical approach. Also, it examines graphs, pie charts, facts, and figures to gather data. Unlike qualitative methods, quantitative techniques aim to identify patterns and relationships in the research problem.

Examples of Quantitative Research Methods:

  • Data Analysis
  • Experimental Research
  • Sampling Probability
  • Correlational Research
  • Quasi-Experimental Research

Mixed Methodology

Mixed methods combine the elements of both: qualitative and quantitative techniques and help a researcher unfold a complete picture. Thus, using this method, you can derive scientific results while offering people’s perspectives and judgements on the topic. Take advantage of online research paper help before selecting mixed methods. It is because these professionals will give a list of tools and experiments to meet your needs.

Examples of Mixed Research Methods:

  • Convergent parallel
  • Explanatory Sequential
  • Exploratory Sequential
  • Concurrent Embedded Design
  • Concurrent Triangulation Design

In the above section, we have discussed the types of research methods. But, if you still have doubts, you can reach out to research paper experts for more queries. Until then, let’s move further and discuss what factors affect the evaluation and selection process of research methods.

What Are the Factors Affecting the Selection of a Research Methodology?

Researchers are classified into two categories: Positivists and Interpretivists. The former believes that research should exclude personal feelings and rely on scientific data. The latter focuses on human phenomena and appreciates people’s perspectives. After knowing what a Positivist and an interpretivist are, you can easily understand the factors that affect the evaluation and selection process of a methodology. While keeping in mind these two categories you can choose the best methods of research. So read further and keep taking notes!

Research Methodology Fectors

Theoretical Factors

The theoretical perspective of a researcher affects the choice of research methods. For instance, Positivists think that quantitative data is more vital, while interpretivists opt for qualitative data.

Theoretical Factors Are Sub-Classified Into:

  • Validity:While selecting the research methods, make sure that the outcome of these experiments is valid and offers a complete picture.
  • Reliability: The methods used in the research should be 100% reliable. So, if a reader conducts the experiments again, they should achieve the same results.
  • Representativeness: It says that the methods should directly target the research subject or representative. For instance, if the paper is based on the evolution of cheetahs, then the methods and observations must completely depend on it.

Practical Factors

While choosing the methods, students should consider the realistic aspects of the research paper. For instance, they must never choose experiments and tools that exceed their budget and deadline. These factors are equally important to positivists and Interpretivist.

Practical Factors Are Sub-Classified Into:

  • Time: Conducting research takes time, and if you are using complex methodologies, it will affect the deadline. So, choose easy methods that bring in fewer challenges.
  • Money: Research Methods must be cost-effective, so don’t go for expensive tools and materials. Instead, select affordable options and save money for other aspects.
  • Funding: Sometimes researchers can invest very little in experimentation, which hampers their results. Therefore, try acquiring funds from a college or university.
  • Participant: It is tough for researchers to find respondents for their interviews and observations. So, the selected methods, which require human participation, become worthless.
  • Personal Situation: Apart from research work, students have other responsibilities towards their family and friends. So, plan out the methods in such a way that it does not hamper the results if you are away for a day or two.

Ethical Factors

The best Research paper help platforms suggest that students must consider ethical factors and the well-being of society. The sole purpose of the paper is to offer answers and solve trending issues for the target audience. So, even the selection of the research methods is affected by various social factors.

  • Confidentiality: If you are conducting an interview and the interviewee asks to keep the information confidential, then you cannot use this data. So sometimes, students may have to choose another methodology.
  • Legality: The methods of data collection must be 100% legal. The research should never break any rules or regulations.
  • Consent: A researcher should never force respondents to take part in the research. If they are unwilling to participate, then opt for other methods.
  • Social-Benefits: The primary motive for every student is to resolve problems through their paper. Thus, components of the research, including methodologies, should not harm society in any way. 

It is easy for students to choose the methods by learning the affecting factors. Moreover, get help with research paper to ease the selection process.

The last section of this blog will discuss how to present your methodologies in the document. So, without wasting much time, let’s jump further.

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How to Write Research Methodologies in the Paper?

Research paper writing services always say that drafting the methodologies appropriately in the document is just as important as selecting them. Why? It’s because even if one single instruction is missed, it can hamper reliability. Thus, be 100% clear and concise, and exclude irrelevant information. The main purpose of the writer should be to present this section in such a way that its audience is successful in repeating the experiments and getting actual results. Note down the important points given below before you begin drafting the document.

  • Introducing the Research Methods: 

    First, offer a gist to the audience by introducing the tools, experiments, and types of methods that you used to finish the groundwork. Maintain a straightforward and clear narration.
  • Justify a Valid Reason for Selection: 

    The second step is to state the reasons for adopting these methodologies. Include answers to questions like why you think that these experiments will offer accurate results. Also, justify if there were any budget, time and ethical constraints. Lastly, take help from an affordable research paper writing serviceto exclude all errors.
  • Introduce the Instruments: 

    Every experiment will require a different set of materials and tools. Thus, in the third step, create a list of all the instruments that you used for the research.
  • Describe Each Experiment: 

    Lastly, students should offer a step-by-step explanation for each method. As per research paper experts UK, divide each experiment into two parts. The first part describes the techniques used to gather information, and the second segment explains the process of data analysis.

Students should exclude irrelevant details and never discuss the outcomes of experiments in the methodology section. Follow the steps given above and draft an ultimate segment. Also, do not forget to proofread the section. But if you don’t have much time, then take assistance from research paper writing services for editing.


The set of experiments and techniques used to gather and analyse data is known as research methodology. The results of the paper solely rely on this section, and it’s extremely important to choose the right modes and mediums. Take into account the types and factors affecting research methods while choosing one for the paper. Lastly, while writing and documenting this section, take the utmost care and resolve all possible errors.

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