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Interesting Social Media Dissertation Topics in 2023

19 Aug 2023 867 14 minutes
Social Media Dissertation Topics

According to recent studies, social media usage is increasing day by day. The world is changing so fast that it becomes difficult to keep up with it. With the change in times, social media dissertation topics are increasingly becoming popular choices among students.

Problems are increasing, but to score the best grades, you need that one topic that is trending, unique, and has an impact on society. Contradictory to that, students find it difficult to curate interesting social media dissertation topic ideas. It is a copy-pasting of existing research topics. To avoid it, read the information given in this blog to make it easier for you, and you will know how to choose a dissertation topic easily.

How to Choose Best Topic for Your Social Media Dissertation?

How to Choose Best Topic for Your Social Media Dissertation

The word social media itself is enlightening. So the topic ideas have to be good. But the question is how to choose the best topic to get scores. To choose the best topic for social media dissertation, you need to know the tips given below.

Choose Field of Interest

A topic must be selected based on your interest. Writing lengthy dissertation papers is a long process. If social media dissertation topics are not interesting, you will get bored while reading and writing. If you choose a good topic, it impacts the quality. Therefore, social media dissertation topics you choose should be relevant.

Gather Prior Information

Gather relatable information on respective fields, try to find the data, and work on it as if it were on politics dissertation topics also. Research more and then prepare a list of areas you want to give knowledge. 

Focus on One Aspect

 While collecting information, look for the areas that interest you the most. Specify your search and start focusing on a specific area. It is important to develop the thought process. It will get easier for you to search for trending social media dissertation topics.

Collect Relevant Materials

Examine the resources available to you, don't select topics that are not relevant. The skills, knowledge, research, should also be considered as part of the process. If you are searching for dissertation topics on social media, this tip will help you.

Now that you have learned how to choose topics for social media dissertations, it's time to see some latest social media dissertation topics to help you further.


100+ Amazing Social Media Dissertation Topic Ideas

To help you out, there is a list of dissertation topics on social media that will help you excel in your academic performance and assist in further processes.

World and Social Media

  1. How has social media created an impact on the world?
  2. How has social media changed communication levels?
  3. Is social media more harmful than good?
  4. How social media contributes to the betterment of society?
  5. Can social media impact political leanings?
  6. Describe the use of social media in the COVID-19 era? Awareness vs. Incorrect Information
  7. Has social media made the government accountable towards the citizens
  8. How beneficial was the role of social media in building consensus for Brexit?
  9. Role of social media in boosting gender equality

Mental Health and Social Media

  1. Impact of social media on the younger generation
  2. How does trending syndrome impacts self-esteem?
  3. Why is the usage of social media so important for the young generation?
  4. Does social media create a false narrative of fame?
  5. Why social media boosts suicidal thoughts?
  6. Social media reduces the stigma attached to depression.
  7. How did social media support mental support to people stuck alone during covid?
  8. How does cyberbullying impact the self-confidence of young people?
  9. Social media can influence an inferiority complex among people.

Marketing and Social Media

  1. How has social media made changes in branding techniques?
  2. Does brand fame on social media give real customers?
  3. Developing an engaging and effective social media marketing strategy
  4. How is a consumer transferred into a product by marketers?
  5. Social media - A plus point for young start-ups
  6. Traditional marketing vs. Modern marketing
  7. How is personal information used for targeted ads on social media platforms?
  8. Social media makes MNCs more responsible for customers.
  9. How can resources be used to boost trends?
  10. How are companies that don’t use social media marketing surviving in the modern era?

Traditional Media and Social Media

  1. How has the increased usage of news changed because of social media?
  2. Is print news becoming a disadvantage in the social media age?
  3. Radio on the brink of extinction - Age of Podcast
  4. Is television news going to survive the YouTube world?
  5. How do subscription-based media models get power lifted by social media?
  6. Social media has minimized the cost of news gathering.
  7. How is social media making people less knowledgeable and more opinionated?

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Young People and Social Media

  1. How do social media users transform the social lives of smart teenagers?
  2. Explain Online forums or communities describing social media and mental illness
  3. What are the impacts of social media addiction and is it for real?
  4. What can we infer about young people's politics from using social media?
  5. Young people's development of resilience: The unexpectedly protective function of social media
  6. What do you understand by connective journalism? Elaborate on the main issues with social media
  7. How social media may be constructively acknowledged in civic education.
  8. Youth education and the sharing of genuine tales on social media.

Education and Social Media

  1. Can social media act as a secondary option to traditional education?
  2. Can virtual classrooms provide complete education?
  3. Why should fact-checking be a permanent part of the curriculum?
  4. Are historical facts being altered or rewritten using social media?
  5. How is social media addiction minimizes the attention span of students?
  6. Social media affects the reading habit of children.
  7. Contribution of social media in the dissemination of information.

Society and Social Media

  1. How is social media helping NGOs in fundraising?
  2. Role of social media in raising awareness about environmental issues.
  3. Social media plays an essential role in crime reporting.
  4. Was Facebook justified in Cambridge Analytica Case?
  5. Is false news on social media disturbing the peace of our society?
  6. How does social media become the voice of the oppressed?
  7. Social media has forced people to live a dual life online and offline.
  8. How happy are you to be a part of social media numbers?

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Media Dissertation Topics on Social Media for Students

  1. The role of theatres and auditoriums in Advancing cinema
  2. Discuss the role of technology in the media on cinema
  3. How cinema is being used to inform and entertain audiences in modern times?
  4. The impact of coronavirus guidelines on cinema halls
  5. Should media institutions have cinema labs for research?
  6. How is cinema adapting in the age of online streaming platforms?
  7. Discuss the role between audio and video in preparing cinema halls
  8. Are some charges in cinema halls shutting the doors too many?
  9. Why should institutions have cinema halls combined with programs that advance the same?
  10. The implications of media studies on the development of cinema

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Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. The impact of the downfall circulation rates of newspapers on marketing
  2. Malpractices involved in social media marketing
  3. The role of short videos and animations in social media marketing
  4. Why it is recommended to use posters and text-based messages in social media advertising?
  5. What are the qualities of a social media marketer in modern times?
  6. Why should companies invest in social media marketing over other platforms?
  7. Discuss the performance of brands using social media Vs another marketing platform
  8. Compare and contrast sales made through social media marketing over mainstream advertising.
  9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing?
  10. Implications of over-emphasizing social media marketing over other media

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 Digital Media Dissertation Topics

  1. The importance of digital media platforms in political campaigns
  2. Discuss the number of people living in rural areas accessing cybercafes
  3. Why do most people living in urban areas access social media from public hotspots
  4. How the use of media has generated a lot of market and academic research?
  5. Discuss the acceptance, appropriation, and adoption of digital media sites?
  6. Analyze immediacy, hypermedia, and remediation of digital media
  7. What is the importance of digital photography?
  8. How virtual reality is transforming the medical sector?
  9. Discuss the use of mediated spaces in the technological era
  10. The role of the World Wide Web in digital media

Media and Cultural Studies Dissertation Ideas

  1. How media has been used to preserve culture and traditions
  2. The implication of media on eroding cultural norms
  3. Discuss the interrelationship between media and culture
  4. The rise of new media culture
  5. Discuss the convergence culture
  6. Evaluate the digital culture
  7. What new media draws from history
  8. Theories and practices of media culture
  9. A critical look at the effects of culture on media
  10. How culture inhibits media development?

Sociology Media Dissertation Topics

  1. Discuss the statement media impacted the middle village
  2. The implication of media on the interactions between people
  3. How media is a cause of conflicts among people
  4. The impact of media on how people view each other
  5. Areas of media sociology that need adequate research
  6. Why media can be a crucial pillar in peace-building processes
  7. How media improves social relations
  8. Trends in media sociology
  9. Media sociology and peace of journalists and reporters
  10. Discuss the contribution of cybersecurity to media sociology

The topics suggested above are a list that can be taken up for dissertation topics focused on social media. As the list mentioned above shows, the following topics will help you in the best way.

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How Can Global Assignment Help Experts Assist you in Choosing Social Media Dissertation Topics?

Talking about topic selection is one of the essential ways that it can help elevate academic performance. But choosing the right one is a tough choice. When you are writing on social media dissertation topics, you have a variety of options to choose from.

Our experts will help you in every aspect. The subject matter experts will ensure that you don't face any problems in the future. Thus, to your rescue, you can also get dissertation help from experts. The professionals will help you in the best manner. As you read the list of social media dissertation ideas above it will help in choosing the best of all.

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