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Unfold the Mystery of How to choose a Dissertation Topic | An Ultimate Guide

10 Mar 2023 567 18 minutes
How to Choose a Dissertation Topic

Uncover the Secret of Choosing a Dissertation Topic

Are you one of those who are struggling to select the perfect topic for the dissertation? Does your brain have numerous ideas, and you are confused with a perfect one? Do not worry! You are not the only one confused about the first step toward an appropriate dissertation. There are several students like you who cannot select a suitable topic and think about how to choose a dissertation topic. No worries!  This blog is curated to resolve your confusion about the topic selection process. Have a look:

What Is a Dissertation? [An Overview]

A dissertation is a long-written piece in academics based on original research that has to be conducted by the student himself. To complete your postgraduate degree or Ph.D., you need to complete it as it is the final step toward the degree you are studying. It might be the longest document you have worked on in your academic life. This is why pupil look for how to write dissertation proposal. 

Working on this document requires the knowledge you have gained throughout the degree program you are enrolled in. As such, it is a combination of research, analytical, writing, and other skills. You must know all these to create a perfect dissertation.

It is a professional document on which you will either pass or fail your entire degree course. Therefore, you need to follow the guidelines defined by your professor and construct them only that way. There is a pre-defined format within which you have to develop your piece. It includes a topic, a proposal, a result, and more sections. Since this blog is created to focus on the topic section, where you might get confused and think about how to choose a dissertation topic? Let us have a look at why the right one is so crucial:

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Why Choosing the Right Dissertation Topic Is Important?

You must have heard that choosing a dissertation topic that is effective is crucial. But have you ever wondered why it is so? If not, read ahead to learn:

Clarifies the Research Goal

Choosing a good topic is the first and foremost step to creating a perfect dissertation. If this is not up to the mark, then how will your document be? A topic will tell your readers about your goals and what you must achieve from creating the document. In short, the subject informs the audience about the motive behind the construction of the entire piece. Along with topic, concluding paragraph is equally crucial for which you can learn- how to write a solid dissertation conclusion.

To Expand Your Knowledge of the Topic

You have to prepare a dissertation for yourself and not for others. It means that, when you are working on it, you will gain a wide range of knowledge about a particular topic or area. It is so because creating this document has so many steps to consider, and when you do so, you automatically learn to do them.

Beneficial to Society

It also helps society, as it is created while considering a specific problem of society. It is possible to remove or reduce that particular issue from the community. It can only happen when you are focused while constructing the piece. If you are focusing on this, you can seek dissertation help from experts to eliminate this social evil from society.

A Good Topic Provides Focus

As you are aware, a dissertation is a long writing piece and requires ample time to complete. Therefore, you need to choose a topic of your interest; otherwise, it will be easy to get diverted. If this happens, you cannot create an effective piece, as you cannot concentrate without passion.

So, now you know that selecting the right topic for your dissertation is crucial. Move ahead to learn how you can do it:

How to Choose a Dissertation Topic? | [Uncover the Secret]

How to Choose a Dissertation Topic

Check the Requirements

Checking the requirements and understanding them beforehand is the first and foremost thing you need to focus on while searching for how to choose a dissertation topic. You have to follow this step, as without knowing what your professors need, you cannot select the perfect subject to justify those needs. To do this, you must check the pointers as follows:

  • The scope of the research
  • The deadline allotted by your professor
  • The maximum word count instructed
  • The methodological conditions, if any
  • The specifications of the source types

Knowing all this before the topic selection process will guide you toward a specific path you must follow. It will also ensure that the document you create does not get rejected or reworded because you did not follow the guidelines. In addition, this will ease the path of the research process.

Choose a Broad Field of Research

Sometimes, students make the mistake of not focusing on the broadness of the research topic they are finalizing for the dissertation. This step is necessary because, at times, you choose an area that is too broad or too vague. If this happens, it makes your work more challenging. There selecting a topic only means a title, but it includes the whole theme. Although it is a tricky part, you can struggle with this. But seeking dissertation and thesis help can resolve this issue in no time.

Look for Books and Articles

This step helps you get a more practical sense of the current situation of the research on the topic you are using. To do this, you must skim through the recent issues published on that subject. Go through the articles that have been popular in recent times. You can also check journals, articles, databases, and more to gain this knowledge. Moreover you can also seek Assignment Help from experts to get this information This step does not only end with the reading part, but it also includes noting down the crucial points. Doing this will help you have an outline for the research, and you will be sure about the topic you have selected.

Determine the Relevance

Your topic must be of your interest, but it should also be relevant academically, socially, or practically to the field in which you work. To understand this, learn the definitions mentioned below:

  • Academic Relevance:It means that research can fill the knowledge gap or contribute to the debate in the field.
  • Social Relevancy:It means that the research can help advance the understanding of society and inform social change.
  • Practical Relevancy:It means that the research can be applied to solve any concrete problem or improve real-life processes.

The easiest and most basic way to check the topic's relevance is to connect it to the current issue, either in the academic discipline or in society.

Get an Understanding of the Research Process

Many students forget that research has to be done in a proper format. They make the mistake of jumping directly to the search engine and starting the research. But this is not the right way to conduct it. If you want to effectively perform it, you need to know the process and follow it till the end. In addition, there are various research methodologies that you must know while working. Without knowing them, you cannot have information or data for your document. It can be a more challenging process than choosing a dissertation topic. So, ensure you know how to conduct research before jumping in.

Narrow Down the Research Topic 

It is a fact that you have so many topics to work on, but you cannot use all of them. Therefore, you must shortlist some of them and then finalize the appropriate one. It is where you need to learn how to pick a dissertation topic. To do this, clear your mind by leaving this process, and then come back after some time with a fresh mind. It will help you think from different perspectives and help you select the perfect topic. To choose from the list you have shortlisted, you can define certain parameters and check each topic against them. Then choose a topic that is up to date and has most of the parameters checked. These parameters can be:

  • Originality
  • Feasibility
  • Importance
  • Literature
  • Research Questions
  • Personal Interest

You should check these pointers before finalizing a topic to work on.

Make the Decision and Stick to It

This step might not look so crucial to follow, but skipping it is not a good option. In this, you have to be confident about the topic you have chosen for the dissertation. Most students tend to shift from one decision to another influenced by their fellow students. It is the biggest mistake they make, as it wastes a lot of time as they have to follow the entire process again for the second time.

Bonus: What to Consider Before Finalizing the Topic?

Most of the time, students forget to consider certain factors before choosing a dissertation topic. There are some simple things they must acknowledge before the topic selection process to have a clear mind and focus well. So, have a look at these pointers:

What Are Your Interests?

It is a fact that writing a dissertation is a lengthy process, and you have to stay focused throughout. But, it is not possible when the topic or subject is not in your interest. So, before conducting the research process, you need to take a minute and think about what interests you and what does not. It will help you narrow down the topics.

What Current Theories Are Being Explored?

You must consider the current research that is taking place on or around the topic on which you are planning to work. It will help you discover something new, and you can avoid repeating what is already there. Sometimes, students skip this and end up writing a dissertation about a subject already being covered. To avoid this, you can also use the plagiarism checker tool available to ensure you are not copying someone else’s work.

What Does Google Say?

It is the best guide for searching for all the things about which you have even a minor doubt. When all the other things fail, it comes to the rescue. If you cannot find a topic in any of the sources, you can search for it on Google, and there will be numerous topics from which to choose. Even if you do not want to go for the exact idea, you can take the reference and either include or exclude something from it.

What Have Other Dissertations Recommended?

Every dissertation has a compulsory section for recommendations for the future. So, you can look for this and get a reference from there. It will guide you on how to pick a dissertation topic for yourself. It can give you a direction to think in and act as a road map. So, these were the points that you need to consider while selecting a topic for your piece. Now learn how we can guide you in the right direction:

How We Help You Choose a Topic?

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