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60+ Latest & Informative Construction Dissertation Topics [2021 Edition]

21 Jun 2021 962 14 minutes
60+ Construction Dissertation Topics

60+ Latest & Informative Construction Dissertation Topics [2021 Edition]

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." -Abraham Lincoln.

This quote by Abraham Lincoln inspires many people to work hard and create their future. Taking inspiration from the quote, engineers have created amazing buildings that were not even predictable before. Many students attracts towards this course, because they also dream to make amazing buildings. According to a report, students who said they would like to opt for engineering as their best career option were 54.7% in 2019 in the UK. In engineering, there are many study areas, but construction is one of the famous ones. If you are pursuing civil engineering, then you have to find impressive construction dissertation topics because, at the end of the final year, you have to submit a dissertation.

Even if you are planning to pursue this course, then also you must know about the ideas, and generate interest for the subject. Let's read about construction engineering below.

A Concise Overview of the Construction Engineering Course

Construction engineering is one of the lucrative professional disciplines. While pursuing it, you have to study infrastructure, commercial and business housing, bridge, airport, water-waste management, and highway construction.

You must have excellent mathematical skills to pursue this course; this is because the entire subject revolves around measurements and estimations. You can become a Construction Engineering Manager by completing this course. But to complete it, you have to submit an amazing dissertation in the final year.

And undoubtedly,dissertation writing is not easy at all. You have to face many hurdles in a series. The first and the most important hurdle is selecting a perfect topic for the paper. The topic should be unique but not off-beat. It should have enough scope for research as well. You don't need to worry about the dissertation topic because, in the section below, you will come to know 60+ best topic ideas.

So, let's move ahead and read.

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60+ Best Construction Dissertation Topics for 2021

  1. Investigate how solar water systems in Malaysian homes prove successful.
  2. Explain how local-based construction is different from urban-based construction, give suitable examples.
  3. Examine the damage caused to the construction projects due to the lack or inadequacy of workers.
  4. What are the site operating procedures? Provide some examples from real-life construction projects.
  5. Explain the impact of climate change and land usages while constructing a building.
  6. Analyse the stone-built structures and reasons for their sustainability.
  7. Investigate how the evolution of bridge construction changes with time, specify the modern constructions.
  8. Evaluate the future of the construction industry and the problems that can be faced by it is.
  9. Examine why identifying a location for the construction is the main issue in today's time engineers.
  10. Explain the engineering philosophy behind the modern solar cooling system.
  11. Analyse how the construction industry is now focusing on waste management more than before.
  12. Describe the importance of ethical dilemmas for the safety rules in the construction location.
  13. Evaluate the reliability and sustainability of timber frame construction.
  14. Describe how the budget of the construction project affects the eco-friendly considerations.
  15. Analyse the modular construction and explain how the context of sustainability matters a lot for the same.
  16. Provide detailed analysis of timber frame and masonry construction.
  17. A comparative study on the construction issues from 1956-1989 and 1990-2010.
  18. Describe the technological evolution in construction engineering and its pros and cons.
  19. Explain the impacts of energy efficiency compliance in modern urban building construction.
  20. Investigate how procurement policies provide limitations and affect construction projects.
  21. Examine the precautionary elements of construction in the US and UK during nature-caused problems.
  22. Describe the Pre-Fabrication technology used in the UK housing construction industries.
  23. Analyse the lean manufacturing system that how it is applicable in construction projects.
  24. Describe the labor shortage in the UK construction industry and its impact on the new projects.
  25. Examine how gender diversity changed in construction engineering in 10 years.
  26. Evaluate the impacts of COVID-19 on the profession of civil engineering and how they are working from home.
  27. Provide a comparative study on the usage of renewable and non-renewable energy resources in construction.
  28. Explain the significance of business information modeling in construction engineering and the procedure to deal with it.
  29. Analyse how zero-carbon structures are the new trends in construction engineering, give some examples of buildings.
  30. Evaluate the importance of designing for effective ventilation in high-risk buildings.
  31. Analyse adjudication measures to be avoided for the construction contractors.
  32. Describe the housing crisis in the UK and the role of construction engineering in the same.
  33. Examine the implications of robotics and construction automation in modern projects.
  34. Investigate the construction site-related accidents and their concerned laws.
  35. Analyse the requirements of products and materials to make strong bridges in hilly areas.
  36. Examine how residential space problems can be solved with the help of construction engineering.
  37. Evaluate the reason behind the firmness of skyscrapers in all types of natural calamities while two or three-story buildings crumble down.
  38. Investigate that what made the unique buildings in the world are engineering marvels.
  39. Explain the housing crisis in Australia and the engineering scope for exploring forward-thinking solutions to make the land sustainably useful.
  40. Review the innovative solutions and trends of 2019-2021 for the construction of houses.
  41. Analyse the driving factors for the construction of roads and highways in the country like Uganda, Africa, and India.
  42. Examine the construction and maintenance of mud houses in the regions of Nigeria.
  43. Describe the solution for future designs using the technique of vernacular architecture in developing nations.
  44. Examine paradigms of sustainable construction become a hurdle in making extraordinary designs.
  45. Provide a comparative analysis of modern constructions ideas and machines in the developed countries.
  46. Describe the factors leading to construction delays and their impact on the overall labor enthusiasm.
  47. Analyse how construction project management takes its role in the government-run programs for construction.
  48. Describe the virtual information modeling acceptance and study the project management areas in the UK.
  49. Evaluate the cost management importance in construction projects.
  50. Analyse how to review simulating uncertainties while constructing in busy areas.
  51. Explain the new measures of circular economy thinking in different construction buildings.
  52. Describe the green tunnel construction technology its applications in the rural areas of Africa.
  53. Examine how technology has changed the face of construction engineering and opened scopes for more creativity.
  54. Analyse the roof steel structure for the developing countries.
  55. Investigate whether taking international projects for construction is riskier or more lucrative.
  56. Evaluate the modern construction details for better designing opportunities.
  57. Describe the IT technology convergence impact on the construction of skyscrapers buildings.
  58. Analyse the construction of bridges in the last 10 years and the sustainability of the buildings.
  59. Provide critical analysis of modular homes and their impact on the lifestyle of the people.
  60. Analyse the political and economic risk in international construction projects from some countries.
  61. Evaluate the use of solar cooling in modern buildings.
  62. Examine the measures that ensure the scope of construction in the different places.
  63. Evaluate the role of investment funds in the construction of buildings in expensive areas.
  64. Analyse the success of a project with effective client relations for future projects.
  65. Do private finance provide value to all types of construction? If not, then find the reasons.

This is the list of 65 construction dissertation topics.You can easily decide which one is the best for you and which topic can provide more scope for writing and research. But while selecting, you may get confused; however, if you follow the below-given steps, then you can come with the right topic easily.

Have a look at the steps below.

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6 Steps to Choose a Perfect Dissertation Topic

  1. Read the University Guidelines: Your first step should be to read the university guidelines. You should not dare to ignore the guidelines for writing a construction dissertation because the professor sets dissertation checking criteria from the guidelines.
  1. Research for Some Ideas: Once you have read the guidelines, now research for some ideas. You can take the help of various platforms online or offline for research of the topic. Note down the ideas in a separate copy.
  1. Discuss with the Professor: To find reliable construction dissertation topics,you must discuss the topic ideas with the professor. This approach will save you from misguidance and save you time.
  1. Have a Glance of Old Dissertations: Now, read the previous year's dissertation papers. By doing so, you can understand what type of topics were used by the students. This will clear your remaining doubts.
  1. Understand the Need: Once you have chosen the topic, try to find why you have selected this one. This is very important to find because you have to mention it in your dissertation paper as well.

These are the 6 steps to choose a perfect topic. The list of 60+ topics is also well-researched, so you can pick a topic from it and discuss it with your professor.

Topic selection is not only the issue in dissertation writing; you have to face many others. Read the below piece of information if you need help in writing.

Who Can Help in Writing Construction Engineering Dissertation?

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