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Top 100 Interesting Criminology Dissertation Ideas for You to Consider!

11 Dec 2021 971 11 minutes
A Collection of Criminology Dissertation Ideas!

Top 100 Interesting Criminology Dissertation Ideas for You to Consider!

Creating high-quality criminology dissertation ideas is an important aspect, not for the high grades but also for showing your research powers. Yet, everyone knows that this task is not at all simple. It requires so much time to get a perfect topic for the assignment.

Moreover, criminology is a vast field. So, it becomes challenging to choose the subject under which the students have to write the assignment. For them, ideas are put together in a list to not waste the time. So, here is the list of some of the greatest criminology ideas to write the dissertation.

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100 Great Ideas for Your Dissertation in Criminology!

When a student is assigned an assignment, the hardest part is to choose the topic. Moreover, the students waste their time searching for the criminology dissertation topics here and there. But now they can stop their search and get the best ideas from the below-written list.

  1. State the policing strategies within the war against drugs: Write a comparative analysis.
  2. Write a case study of sexual violence as a weapon in armed conflict.
  3. How do marginalization and discrimination because of religion causes crime? State the reason.
  4. Describe the impact of genocidal acts in community cohesiveness.
  5. How corruption affects the political, social, economic, and security of a country?
  6. What is the role and motivation of women joining ISIS?
  7. A critical analysis of how the US government responds to terrorist threats.
  8. What is the relationship between racist stereotyping and crime?
  9. Can religious ideologies be the cause of terrorism?
  10. Is crime worse than natural disasters or diseases?
  11. Is domestic violence only against women or men to suffer?
  12. Is immigration the cause of the increased crime rate?
  13. What are the contributing factors for serial killers?
  14. Is it possible to have a crime-free society?
  15. Is the education system lagging in its role of shaping good morals and character?
  16. Are political tensions to blame for the internal militia uprisings?
  17. Imposing the death penalty to lessen or halt heinous crimes and any other crime-related cases.
  18. The rates and causes of arsons in universities.
  19. Police visibility as a fundamental plan of action to reduce, discourage, and all feasible crimes.
  20. The significant impact of domestic violence on a woman's mental health.
  21. An analysis promulgating reclusion Perpetua on medical malpractice and other linked cases.
  22. What are the ways and approaches to detect the rapidly growing number of cybercrimes?
  23. Discuss the role of social support in the discovery as well as recovery process of victims of rape .
  24. Why immigration leads to an increased crime rate?
  25. Serial killers and their contributing factors.
  26. Social insecurity is mere brutality.
  27. Sexual exploitation is the only role of human trafficking.
  28. How to regulate prostitution and minimize crime? Describe in detail.
  29. How imitation causes corruption?
  30. How do prisons truly rectify criminal behavior?
  31. Permission for the police to carry guns in the public.
  32. Facebook is a platform for criminal activities and not socialization.
  33. How is abortion a crime? State the reasons.
  34. Why dominant criminal theories don't include women- feminist criminology?
  35. How is criminality a product of culture criminology?
  36. Discuss the concept of natural legal crime.
  37. Analyze the social construction of crime- Crime demonstrating social reactions.
  38. Wildlife harming and exploitation- Discuss the environmental crime.
  39. Discuss how prejudice motivates violence- Environmental crime.
  40. What drives one person to kill another person- Homicide?
  41. Evaluate the impact of systematic bias on criminal justice.
  42. When unwarranted arrests are accepted?
  43. Discuss human trafficking in the modern world.
  44. Relevance of technology in modern forensic.
  45. Describe the different types of offenders and their classification.
  46. Homicide, murder, and manslaughter- A comparative analysis.
  47. Causes of victimization and ways to prevent it.
  48. Issues of poor living conditions in the prisons.
  49. Discuss the rights of the rape victims.
  50. The three-strike role and mandatory sentencing.
  51. How do the drug courts function?
  52. Concealed weapons- Discuss the criminal codes of various states.
  53. How restrictive housing helps to decongest prisons?
  54. How do social class and crime relate to each other?
  55. Why is eyewitness testimony helpful in an investigation?
  56. Explain the extradition law and its fairness.
  57. The United States and Marijuana legalization.
  58. Jack the Ripper - Elaborate on it.
  59. Pornography is a type of sexual violence.
  60. Describe the juvenile justice system and its elimination.
  61. Gun Control Law and its mitigation.
  62. Community policemen, and their efficient role in preventing and solving crimes
  63. The influence of domestic violence on the mental health of women. Make a comparative study about the situation in Western and Asian countries.
  64. How the modern Internet technologies are inducing the frequency of suicides?
  65. Police brutality and tortures in the developing countries and their present and future ramifications.
  66. Cybercrimes in the modern world: Effective ways to detect and the approaches to deal with them.
  67. Is police empowerment the only way to curtail the crime rates in developing nations: Comment.
  68. What are the measures taken to ensure the safety of minority communities in a country? Assess in terms of criminology literature.
  69. Elaborate on how marriage deters crime. Analyze the current literature.
  70. Criminology and women- An investigative analysis.
  71. Behavioral genetic studies in criminology.
  72. Research methods in criminology.
  73. Crime incidents in the UK- Critical analysis.
  74. State the difference between criminology study and forensic psychology.
  75. Analysis of mental health of sex offenders- A global approach.
  76. Describe how neighborhood topography motivates crime?
  77. Crimes are specific to each gender- Critical review.
  78. Who is responsible for the street crime?
  79. A systematic review of criminology of place.
  80. Evaluate the strategy for the Youth offenders.
  81. Eyewitness testimony and its evaluation.
  82. Discuss effective programs against home-grown crimes.
  83. How is zero tolerance the best policy for crime reduction?
  84. Why is the death penalty effective in crime deterrence?
  85. Discuss the efficiency of predictive policing.
  86. Examining the juveniles for conduct disorder or psychopathy.
  87. Role of selective incapacitation in reducing crime.
  88. Relevance of women in supporting crime.
  89. Does abortion fall under the category of crime?
  90. Is the patriarchal society responsible for the rise in crime numbers?
  91. How parental separation results in future violence?
  92. Were the Black Lives Matter campaign marred with violence rather than seeking justice?
  93. The unseen world of male rape in society today.
  94. How music contributes to the crime through videos?
  95. How the social media has been a major crime scene in the technological era?
  96. Is it acceptable to acquaint rape perpetrators on bail terms?
  97. Are Islamic charities a source of terrorist financing?
  98. Should the police carry guns in public?
  99. How corruption is a result of imitation? Describe in detail
  100. Are Islamic charities a source of terrorist financing?

So, these are the top ideas for your dissertation. Apart from these topics, you can also get some criminology dissertation examples. So, choose the topic carefully and impress your professor easily.

Still, Confused with Ideas? Know Tips to Choose the Best Criminology Topic!

After going through all the ideas, if you are still confused with the subject, here are some tips to select the best criminology dissertation topic to leave a lasting impression.

  1. Select a topic that you find interesting
  2. Choose something different
  3. Write precise words
  4. Remember the word limit
  5. Do in-depth research
  6. Be objective
  7. Ask the expert

These are the ways following which you can choose the forensic psychology dissertation ideas with the criminology paper. So, make sure you get the best topic for your document without any hassle.

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