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Best 110+ Criminology Dissertation Ideas with Writing Tips

16 Feb 2024 1562 15 minutes
Criminology Dissertation Ideas

Criminology has become one of the most famous disciplines among students. It is because of the rise in crime in the past few decades. So, those students who pursue their career and get a degree in criminology have to write multiple academic papers, and one of them is a dissertation. Also, they are often stuck on trying to find impressive criminology dissertation ideas. Thus, we have come up with this blog where you will check out some excellent criminology topics and writing tips for your dissertations. 

So, let's start with understanding the steps for dissertation writing in criminology.

How to Find Impressive Criminology Dissertation Topics? 

Criminology is a subject that provides a broader scope to scholars, and there is a lot to search for. So, when searching for criminology topics for dissertation, they get stuck. Also, some of the pupils are unaware of the right ways to find it. Therefore, here, you will read about some easy steps you can follow to pick the right criminology dissertation topics. So, let's begin

Search Around Your Interest

Writing a dissertation is not something easy, as it is a lengthy document. Therefore, getting bored and feeling distracted happens with every other writer. So, when looking for topics for a criminology paper, search around your interest area. When you choose a topic of your interest, you can write it without getting bored. 

Do Research Thoroughly

Research is essential for writing any paper. So, when searching for topics, always thoroughly examine other sources. Through this, you will find out various criminology dissertation examples from where you can see topics used by the writers. It will provide you options from where you can grab some ideas for your topics. 

Choose Something Unique

Search for something unique while searching for your dissertation topics. By doing this, you will understand something new about your subject and can provide new information in your dissertation. Criminology is a subject that provides you with more comprehensive options to do in-depth research. So, always search for a different topic. 

These are some effective and easy ways in which you can try to select an amazing criminology topic. If you still want dissertation help, then we are here. You can contact our experts to provide you with great assistance. 

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List of 110+ Criminology Dissertation Topics

Searching for criminology dissertation titles & topics is a big and tedious task for every student. It becomes more challenging when the subject is criminology because scholars have much to discover here. So, if you are someone who is looking for dissertation ideas in criminology, then you will find not one or two but 110+ topics here. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's start with the below sections. 

Simple Criminology Dissertation Ideas

  1. How can one contribute to making society crime-free?
  2. Explain the ways to minimize crime in society
  3. How is abortion a crime?
  4. What are the ways to prevent bullies in schools?
  5. Does childhood trauma lead to criminal behaviour?
  6. Can parental separation lead to criminal behaviour?
  7. Why has the crime rate among women increased?
  8. What are the patterns of criminal thinking?
  9. How does our culture shape the society?
  10. Is it legal to use guns for common people?

If you are a beginner and find writing a criminology dissertation challenging, then you can pick any of the topics. These are easy to write and you can deliver an impressive dissertation easily.

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Top Notch Criminology Dissertation Ideas

  1. Why do adults commit more crimes?
  2. How to detect domestic violence?
  3. Are criminal laws implemented well?
  4. Why serial crimes are hard to investigate?
  5. Explain the role of special police in preventing crime
  6. How can we make a society crime-free?
  7. What can the government do to prevent crime?
  8. How do the surroundings motivate criminal behaviour?
  9. Why do college students commit more crimes nowadays?
  10. How can parents prevent crime?

These are some of the top-notch topics from which you can get dissertation ideas in criminology. If you want to know more, you can also read the blog on dissertation topics

Interesting Criminology Dissertation Ideas

  1. How to deal with elder abuse?
  2. Explain the laws that protect domestic violence
  3. What is the legal perspective of cybercrime?
  4. Discuss the different drugs and their impact on users
  5. Juvenile delinquency cases in the UK
  6. How to prevent shoplifting?
  7. What are parental abduction laws?
  8. Explain the recent innovation the government made to stop crimes
  9. How are crime and corruption interrelated to each other?

If you want to select a topic that does not bore you, these are the best choices. You can opt for the above and get interesting criminology dissertation topics and ideas. 

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Trending Dissertation Ideas for Criminology

  1. What are the core principles of crime prevention?
  2. How can people protect themselves from false accusations?
  3. Explain the gun control law and its mitigation
  4. How does eye witness help in investigating an event?
  5. What are the benefits of extradition law?
  6. Does bad parenting lead to crime among kids?
  7. Discuss the pros and cons of marijuana legalization
  8. Which is more beneficial, Reform or Punishment?
  9. What are criminal thinking errors?
  10. Does social class and crime are interrelated?

Everyone wants to choose trending dissertation topics for criminology, so they can impress their professors. Thus, this a list of trending topics for your criminology dissertation.

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Unique Criminology Dissertation Topics

  1. How does the UK government deal with criminals?
  2. What is forensic psychology, and how is it related to crime?
  3. Explain the criminal justice system in the UK
  4. What is Juvenile delinquency?
  5. What is white-collar crime?
  6. How does the brain of a criminal work?
  7. Is antisocial behaviour related to illegal activities?
  8. Analysis of past illegal activity in Britain
  9. Is The court system working perfectly towards crime?
  10. Does Facebook increase the crime rate?
  11. Is social insecurity brutal?

These are some of the unique criminology topics for dissertation which you can choose. These will definitely help you to get good scores. 

Criminology Epq Ideas for Dissertation

  1. Analyze the right to protest
  2. How are promissory notes and bills of exchange similar?
  3. Explain the crime of passion
  4. How does a state can prevent continuous crime against a woman?
  5. Explain what is sedition law?
  6. What is a crime of passion?
  7. Is lifetime imprisonment true?
  8. Explain the difference between fatal and non-fatal offences
  9. Discuss the relationship between substance abuse and poor schooling
  10. What is the reason behind cannabis addiction among adults?

You all know EPQ is extended project qualification, where you need to pick a specific topic that you want to investigate. So, these are some of the criminal law questions you can pick to write your dissertation. 

Excellent Criminology Dissertation Ideas

  1. Is the death penalty effective in reducing the crime rate?
  2. Provide review on crime alleviates poverty
  3. Explain the nature of the treatment of serial killers
  4. Explain the relevance of women in supporting crime
  5. Compare and contrast juvenile crime rates in the UK with other countries
  6. How is domestic violence interrelated to criminal behaviour?
  7. What is predictive policing?
  8. Discuss the role of selective incapacitation in reducing crime
  9. Explain the role of UK immigration policy and crime management
  10. Is the crime rate impacted by the geography of a region?

Writing a perfect dissertation is possible when you choose an excellent dissertation topic. So, here is a list of some topics from which you can grab criminology dissertation ideas. 

Engaging Criminology Dissertation Ideas

  1. What are the roles of criminal psychologists?
  2. Difference between forensic and therapeutic evaluation
  3. Give an analysis of criminal behaviour
  4. How can forensic psychologists find a future danger?
  5. Write about eyewitness identification psychology
  6. What challenges do cops face in interviewing children as eyewitnesses?
  7. How does forensic psychology impact legal systems?
  8. Explain the different types of forensic psychological evaluations
  9. How a movie or game can impact a person's mind for being a criminal?
  10. How does socioeconomic status affect a person's behaviour?
  11. Can addictive products lead to criminal thinking?
  12. Explain the role of trauma that can increase crime mentality

If you want to impress your professors and are facing difficulties in criminology dissertation topic selection, then read the above examples.

Psychology Criminology Dissertation Ideas

  1. Explain the way drugs impact a person's behaviour
  2. Why are people with past criminal cases not allowed work in some countries?
  3. What are the present trends in crime related to psychology?
  4. How to find deviant behavior among people?
  5. Psychological disorders can result in a criminal mentality. Explain
  6. How does parenting style affect critical behaviour among kids?
  7. Explain how domestic violence impacts children's behaviour
  8. Compare and contrast child abuse from past to present
  9. What are the strategies cops can apply for criminal investigation?

Searching for a criminology dissertation ideas is challenging for any psychology student. So, here we have provided some examples from which you can grab some ideas. Not only dissertation, but we can provide you criminology assignment help, if you are facing issues with topic selection.

Forensic Psychology Dissertation Ideas

  1. What approaches can forensic psychology adopt in criminology?
  2. Do genes affect forensic psychology?
  3. An analysis of different psychological traits
  4. What is conduct disorder?
  5. Do we have the right amount of forensic psychologists?
  6. What are the factors that affect eyewitness identifications?
  7. Does race affect psychotherapeutic performance?
  8. How do we identify the personality traits of criminals?
  9. Explain the process of investigating a crime
  10. What is forensic psychology?

Forensic psychology is a tough subject, and finding topics around this is even more complex. So these are some of the topics for students. 

Ph.D. Criminology Dissertation Ideas

  1. How has the pandemic shaped crime in recent times?
  2. Brief analysis of racist stereotyping and crime
  3. What are the reasons behind females joining ISIS?
  4. What is the role of women in aiding crime?
  5. How does the UK government respond to crime threats?
  6. Describe the role of technology in increasing crime
  7. Why do alcohol and drugs increase crime?
  8. Analyze how racist stereotypes and crime are related to each other
  9. How do rehabs help in decreasing crime rates?
  10. What steps can a country take to stop crimes?

For any PhD student writing a dissertation is one of the essential parts of their academic journey.

Thus, these are some ideas for PhD criminology dissertation ideas for scholars. 

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