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  • PEV202 Events Operations Management Spring 2017 GSM-LONDON
    • Course Code: PEV202
    • Course Title: PEV202 Events Operations Management Spring 2017 GSM-LONDON
    • University: GSM-LONDON
    • Country: UK

    Assessment Task All learning outcomes will be covered.You are an Events Operations manager working for Classic Entertainment Productions. You have been hired by a client to find a suitable location and advise on the operational requirements for a one off film festival aimed at raising money for a...ReadMore

    3000 Referencing Style : APA
  • Role of Strategic Management for Competitive Advantage
    • Course Code: HRM502
    • Course Title: Role of Strategic Management for Competitive Advantage
    • University: Deakin Uiversity
    • Country: UK

    Assessment Information and Marking Criteria Assessment criteria are descriptive statements that provide learners and instructors with information about the qualities, characteristics, and aspects of a given learning task. Assessment criteria make it clear to learners what they are expected to do...ReadMore

    1000 Referencing Style : APA
  • Learn Management and Operations
    • Course Code: MGMT 601
    • Course Title: Learn Management and Operations
    • University: University of Canada West
    • Country: UK

    The aim of this assessment is for students to understand and explain the difference between the function of a manager and the role of a leader. You must be able to explain the characteristics, behaviors, and traits which support effective management and leadership. In addition, you must describe...ReadMore

    2 Referencing Style :
  • Supporting Change Within Organization
    • Course Code: BMGT7006
    • Course Title: Supporting Change Within Organization
    • University: Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology
    • Country: UK

    For this project, you need to choose an organization that has undergone some significant change. This could be an organisation that you work for, or it could be an organisation that you have read about When you have chosen this organization you are required to write a report answering the...ReadMore

    1 Referencing Style :
    Tag :
  • Brand Management
    • Course Code: BSBWRK520
    • Course Title: Brand Management
    • University: Walden University
    • Country: UK

    Individual Consultancy Work You have been hired as marketing consultant by a UK-based organisation of your choice that is currently thinking of strengthening its brands to increase its market share. Due to your long experience of consulting on branding for global organisations, they would like you...ReadMore

    1 Referencing Style :
  • Get to Know About Importance of Performance Appraisal in an Organization

    A Human Resource manager plays a vital role in retaining good employees. And, the best way to do so is by performance appraisal. Reviewing the performance of the workers regularly makes them feel valued and motivated. The above context has been extracted from a business magazine. Highlighting the...ReadMore

    1 Referencing Style : APA
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