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Unit 47 Employability Skills Level 5

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  • Course Code: BUSS5300
  • Course Title: Unit 47 Employability Skills Level 5
  • University: Coventry University
  • Country: UK

Purpose Of This Assignment

The aim of the unit is to provide learners with a range of skills and knowledge which will enable them to be effective in seeking and achieving effective employment. This will be achieved by studying the recruitment environment from the aspect of a prospective employer.


This assignment is about assessing learners' preparation for employment. By carrying out this assignment learners are required to demonstrate that they have a good grasp of the skills that are needed to successfully perform in the work environment. It consists of the skills required for general employment, such as interpersonal and transferable skills, and the ability to work with others in teams or groups, including leadership and communication skills. Moreover, it also meant to assess the understanding of the day to day issues and therefore being able to solve problems. In order to carry out this assignment, you should ideally consider an organisation you have worked or currently working and provide a brief profile of the organisation with your course (one page either in the appendix or as a preamble).The tasks in this coursework assignment are all based on your own personal scenario, but your discussion should be supported by relevant theories and concepts.

Total recommended word limit is 3,000, including the one-page summary of the organisation chosen.

Task -1

You are been advised by your line manager to prepare a self assessment report identifying your SWOT. Addressing the LO 1 and assessment criterias as specified below, prepare a report approx of 1000 which helps you to determine your own responsibilities and performance. You will start with your job title, continue with your role emphasising your duties and responsibilities and develop a set of own, evaluate the effectiveness, considering recommendations for improvement to your current situation and review and recommend how motivational techniques can be used to improve the quality of performance. The key objective is to help towards organisational goal and mission.

LO 1 Be able to determine own responsibilities and performance

  • Develop a set of own responsibilities and performance objectives.

  • Evaluate own effectiveness against defined objectives.

  • Make recommendations for improvement.

  • Review how motivational techniques can be used to improve quality of performance.

Task – 2

In the role of an HR manager in business operation, write a briefing document for your team to help them in the recruitment, selection and training of the new staff you need to employ for the opening of a new flagship store.

This will require you to write job descriptions and person specifications for two roles, one at management level and one at staff level. You will also be required to design a training programme for junior managers which will help them to understand your organisational needs and help them to develop the skills they will need to be successful. Your report must be prepared, as a written report, for the senior management board.

LO 2 Be able to develop interpersonal and transferable skills

  • Develop solutions to work based problems.

  • Communicate in a variety of styles and appropriate manner at various levels.

  • Identify effective time-management strategies.

LO 3: Understand the dynamics of working with others

  • Explain the roles people play in a team and how they can work together to achieve shared goals.

  • Analyse team dynamics.

  • Suggest alternative ways to complete tasks and achieve team goals.

Task 3

With regard to your selected organization business, identify tools and methods which can be used by them in the selection process for new members of staff. Evaluate the tools and methods selected, in terms of their effectiveness in meeting organizational requirements for new staff.

You must also develop a recruitment strategy which will help your chosen organization to meet their future recruitment needs for staff in their on-line business.

LO 4: Be able to develop strategies for problem-solving

  • Evaluate tools and methods for developing solutions to problems.

  • Develop an appropriate strategy for resolving a particular problem.

  • Evaluate the potential impact on the business of implementing the strategy.


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