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Project Management High Tech Skills

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Discussion on Characteristics Along With Skills of Project Manager

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Management of projects refers to discipline of initiating, designing plans, executing and implement that idea, controlling as well as closing work so that they can attain goals and objectives and meet standards of firm and achieve success. In the below mentioned report, discussion based on characteristics along with skills of project manager. Moreover, how skills which are associated with emotional intelligence so that team members can deal with distinctive problems which arise at a time of managing work.


Management of projects or tasks in firm is necessary as it requires high tech skills to manage all work and according to that employees of company can achieve success in marketplace (Bredin and Söderlund, 2013). Project manager is a person who take care of designing of plan and execution as well as implementation of ideas so that they can complete on time and attain targets. According to Carvalho and Rabechini Junior, (2015), hard skills are technical along with specific abilities so that they can related with core business of the enterprise which includes writing skills, business analysis, design, construction etc. It helps the learner in learning which assist in increasing skills and knowledge. As per the views of De los Ríos-Carmenado, Rodríguez and Sánchez, (2015), soft skills are subjective and undefined. It deals with relationship with distinctive people which includes conflict resolution, communication, listening problem solving etc. The subjective nature of soft skills is difficult to measure and attain best output. Roles of project manager is:

  • To develop plans which aid in managing tasks and for that they have to collect documents.
  • After designing ideas have to implement that and ensure to involve all activities which are perform by people.
  • Next, managers of company have to monitor as well as control plans so that they can measure results against pre-decided objectives.

Responsibilities of manager is to do work according to their vision. Employer of company have to make plans according to goals. According to Chiaroni, Chiesa and Frattini, (2011), it has been analysed that they permit people to feel that they are real stakeholders as well as empower individual person to experience their vision on their own. For attaining same, they can provide opportunities to distinctive people so that they can accomplish that. Manager of firm who managing projects have to do effective conversation which will assists in attaining goals as well as objectives (Liu, 2011). Along with this employer of firm have to provide effect for poor performance which includes rating, reassignment etc. Employer who manage projects should vary duration, complexity of tasks. As per the views of Martinelli and Milosevic, (2016), if they are using technical skills then it is to be said as hard skills which can be developed or improved by training and guidance. According to the nature of products they have to use skills whether it is soft or hard. According to Chandrasekaran, Linderman and Schroeder, (2015), if person is using soft skills then this will helps in resolving conflicts by negotiation, planning, organising etc.

As per the opinions of Narayanan, Balasubramanian and Swaminathan, (2011), it has been interpreted that planning defines that how manager manages work that what the task is, when it is to be completed, what methods have used to implement and monitor. While making plans, they have to use appropriate resources so that they cannot face any problems or issues. According to vision and goals, plans needs to be modified and get approval on that. After planning, they have to organise strategies and for that manager have to make proper as well as correct structure which aid in maximising efficiency. But when they organise plans qualifies staff needs to be there so that they can attain targets. After organising ideas, project manager is to provide motivation to individual person to perform in a consistent manner. Another responsibility is controlling. In this they have to ensure actions of teams which aid in attaining goals and on the basis of that they can maintain performance in market.

Interpersonal skills assist in understanding people who are doing work in firm and their attitudes. The employees have to put more efforts for doing interaction among project members (Norman, Brotherton and Fried, 2010). Skills which are included in this communication, team building, motivating, training, negotiating, coaching etc. Effective communication is necessary in interacting among others and on the basis of that they can attain goals. When project manager having good interpersonal skills then they can build trust as well as confidence among team members. The manager expertise in creating good relations as well as good working environment.

Another skill is behavioural and it provides ability to do qualitative work and provide deliver encouragement to individual person who are working in projects. It is the expertise in building corporation between team, other stakeholders as well as organisation. Manager of projects have to analyse perceptions and attitudes which succour in boosting morale of individuals or groups. According to Chiaroni, Chiesa and Frattini, (2011), the managers of the company is using soft skills then this will aid in attaining good results while doing communication but soft skills can not be measured and they are difficult to teach as well as they can be learned and developed. As per the opinion of Liu, (2011), it has been analysed that hard skills can be easily measured and it can be developed by providing training. According to the situation which occurs in front of managers they have to select the skills which they have to use.

In addition to this is leadership skill as leader is a person who leads people and motivate them to do their work in a proper manner so that they could achieve success for their organisation (O’Sullivan, Rolstadås and Filos, 2011). According to McGlynn, (2017), it has been depicted that technical skills is also necessary in resolving conflicts. But sometime project management skills is also required for resolving conflicts or in solving problems.

Communication- It is essential for a leader to have proper communication knowledge so that he can transmit important information to his team and make them understand easily.
Motivation- Leader should inspire his team/ employees so that they can do their work in better and required manner, they should get motivation to walk miles for achieving objectives of firm. He should find ways by which he can make his employees get motivation so they can work properly (Pearlman, 2010).
Feedback- A leader should tell employees about how they are performing and techniques which they should apply while working, this would increase their working performance well and even they could be able to know about their qualities and mistake which they have to make correct (Pohl and Elmquist, 2010).

Project manager have to fulfil expectation and also to accomplish objectives related to projects by using their knowledge, skills along with practical experience. When employer is using project management process then they have to fulfil various roles whether it can be a leader, communicator etc. and on the basis of that skills should be used which involves management as well as interpersonal. According to Preston, (2011), it has been analysed that all roles and skills of employer is necessary and important so that they can manage projects and reap success in marketplace.

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The managers of business entity have to create the right balance between the hard and soft skills in the project. According to Bredin and Söderlund, (2013), it has been depicted that both the skills are important for the nature of projects and type of organisational matrix which will aid in determining the types and skills which they have to adopt. Soft skills are directly related to leadership style and if they are using these skills then this will helps in attaining the goals of projects.

Emotional intelligence is a array of skills as well as competencies which affect the performance of leaders. There are different styles which the leaders can use which includes:

Self awareness

It has been interpreted that this skill helps in recognising or analysing the owns emotions, strength as well as weakness and on the basis of that they can attain the goals and objectives. This will used by the leaders to deal with the team members by analysing them strength and weakness and having a impact of that on others. It also assist in dealing with the stakeholders for a certain level of intuition to guide so that they can make correct decisions.

Self regulation

This skill is used by them to recognize one's own negative emotions along with the impulses so that they can control as well as redirect them so that they can attain their productive purpose. The leaders can be used this to deal with their team members by removing negative emotions. The leaders can be used by this to deal with stakeholders by utilising the individual capacity so that they can adapt the changing circumstances.


This skill can be used by the leaders for dealing with their team members. They have to provide the encouragement to them so that they can manage all work and complete in time. It also help in dealing with stakeholders by providing accounts in a best format. This will helps in attaining the goals and objectives.

These are the emotional intelligence skills which can be used by the leaders which helps in dealing with the team members as well as stakeholders which will helps in attaining the best outcomes.

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For managing work, project manager have to adopt emotional intelligence skills so that all work should manage accordingly. They have to create a project plans so that they can maintain relationship so that they can do developments. The skills which can be adopt by project managers includes:

Operations for projects needs to be done in complex matrix environment

Project managers have to provide complex environment so that they can do operations in a effective manner. The team members have to use appropriate resources so that they can understand dependencies of project.

Effective teams to be build

The manager have to build effective teams so that all work should be manage in a proper manner as it helps in attaining goals and objectives. By making best teams project manager can put direct control over staff so that they can complete project in a specified time.

Managing change

When culture or needs and wants vary then this effect the project and they cause changes. The manager of projects have to make correct and relevant solutions which aid in managing and understanding impact of that solutions and on the basis of that changes having a adverse impact on the company.

Provide leadership

Employer of business entity have to provide proper leadership to various person on projects, stakeholders as well as various groups so that they can interact with the others. According to Zwikael and Unger-Aviram, (2010), it has been analysed that person have to make relevant decision which is based on understanding impact of people as it is important and essential for leadership aspect.

Deliver results

When manager provide complex environment then they have to collaborate needs of project so that they become successful (Yang, Huang and Wu, 2011).


After summing up assignment it has been interpreted that manager of project have to manage all task of organisation. Employer have to make proper plans and after that implementation of that ideas needs to done. Next is to control all activities as well as use appropriate resources so that they cannot face any issues in attaining targets. Appropriate skills should be used by them so that motivation can be provided which will assist in delivering better services to their consumers. Managers have to adopt emotional intelligence skills so that they can deal with all problems which will helps in enhancing achievement of best outcomes.


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