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This report aims to understand the concept of leadership applied when working and leading people. In this report, the concept of recruitment, selection and retention processes have been understood followed by an understanding of various leadership styles and its impact on work. This has been followed by the critical review about the teamwork done at Avon, followed by the development of strategies for solving existing problems.

Avon Products, Inc. is a cosmetic company, founded by David McConnell and has its headquarters in New York. It is the leading company in America, providing innovative quality products and has several outlets in the world.

Like any other organization, Avon has to consider various factors, which are legal, ethical and regulatory considerations, as well as the impact it may have on the company while recruiting an employee. Some examples of such considerations are sex discrimination act, advertising laws, employment law, recruitment laws, age discrimination laws and racial discrimination laws. These laws influence Avon, to advertise for competent employees (Day et al. 2014, p.63). Further, the interviewers cannot practice discrimination against, age, sex, race and national origin of the candidate, while recruiting the employee. On employment, they have to provide the candidate with an employment statement, stating the designation, salary and other facilities for the post.

Codes of ethics for employers: The Avon Company should maintain a basic rule and regulation for their entire employee. Such like maintain working time and fair wages to each employee.

Codes of ethics for jobseekers: The person who have matched the criteria of any company need to be hired as their employee after the interview process. 

Equal pay act 1970: To doing the marketing and selling performance accompany the need to understand they should provide equal pay to every employee of the same designation.

Sex discrimination act 1975: No employees should be hired unfairly with priotrizng the gender in an organization.

Race relation act 1976: Race cannot be the parameter for recruit any efficient candidate by an organization

Disability discrimination act 1995: Efficient candidate must have to be hired if although they are disable

Employment equality (religion/belief) regulation 2003: All the employees need be treated equally.

Employment equality (Age) regulations 2006: Both of the acts depict that the efficient candidate must have to be hired in age and gender-oriented basis.

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