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The effective assessment of the information system and IT tools and techniques that will help the firm to have a better productivity and manage the wide range of business operations in a very effective way. The effective setting of IS strategy and IT management will help the business firm to have a better growth and rise in market (Bedford, Malmi and Sandelin, 2016). It helps in better risk assessment and execute the business operations in a very effective way. For the report, Tesco plc is been taken in consideration. It is a UK based firm working in retail sector. The report will lay emphasis on the various sort of digital and IS strategies, laying an impact on its business operations besides this, the roles and responsibilities of managers and risk mitigation approaches are been taken in thought process. Also, the impact of the internal and external factors of the execution of the business operations is been taken in effective consideration.

Main body

The nature of the business

Every business has its own nature. It depends on how its size and the sector in which it operates. Along with this the nature of business depends upon its operations. It shows how well business is able to perform its operations using information technology systems. Moreover, every business requires an effective IT systems in order to maintain and manages its operations and management. It helps firm to improve its efficiency and control overall operations. The nature of cited firm belongs to retail sector where it is operating in wide area. It operates at global level that requires large and effective IT components and network (Purce, 2014.). The nature of business depends upon its growth and development. Thus, in retail sector every business is having complex information system strategy. It has to develop strategy to manage its IT resources. TESCO belongs to retail sector thus it has a variety of products and services. Also, it includes various departments that has to be interconnected with each other. It is because to have quick and effective communication between them. Furthermore, company is having a large customer base. So they have to keep data and information of customers secure and protected. This has to be done in order to maintain confidentiality of customer data.

The IS and IT systems need to have proper network so that it is easy for TESCO to run its operations. Apart from this, the nature of retail industry changes according to change in taste and preference of customers. TESCO has to develop products in order to satisfy needs of people. So they should install or implement advance IT system to maintain its growth. TESCO generally uses technology in their organisation to maintain smooth flow of operations. Their strategy and system are flexible in nature that can be modified according to change in technology. In retail sector changes often occurs due to market conditions. This forces business to change its strategy regarding how communication will take place. Hence, it can be said that nature of TESCO is fluctuates and requires frequent changes in technology (Stafford and Taylor, 2016. ).

The governance structures, processes, and policies it has in place

IT governance is related to providing a structure to develop business strategy. It provides certain standards through which organisation is able to measure its IT systems. It provides policies for staff and employee to be followed. Implementing IT system for TESCO is not sufficient. Besides this, it requires to certain strong policies and structure so that overall sharing of data and information is done accordingly. Along with this, IT system must be authorised by government. It must be approved by government so that it does not lead to any harm or damage to company. Thus, TESCO has also implemented certain policies and processes. It shows that how IT system will work and what roles and responsibilities employee will have. By following policies' data and information is kept secure and protected (Olson and Olson, 2016). Also, IT system is useful in protecting copyrights and patents of enterprise. Furthermore, following policies gives an insight on whether company is using its IT system in proper way or not. It gives a clear instruction to TESCO on how to use IT system in maintaining data of customers.

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