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Sample on Resort Management

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A Study on Resort Management

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Introduction to Resort Management

Hospitality industry is a widely and fastest growing sector of the economy. This industry operates within the market to offer wide range of services to its guests. Further, this sector focuses on developing well developed guest and host relations (Agarwal and Shaw, 2007). The traditional concept of hospitality focuses on providing care and shelter to the travellers. In the current global era, hospitality services can be defined as a combination of science and management for providing comfortable shelter away from home. Resort management is a crucial and upgraded part of hospitality. This segment emphasizes on developing a recreational service for consumers who demands a peaceful and relaxing holiday experience away from home. Resort management provides full service experiences to its consumers which include lodging, accommodation, food and beverage, entertainment, adventure services, transportation etc. (Aldebert, Dang and Longhi, 2011). This segment of hospitality integrates all the services to offer a luxury and stress free experience for guests at exotic destinations. The major aim of the industry is to analyse consumer needs, coordinate and collaborate with destinations service providers and arrange services for their guests. The functions of resort management deal with planning, organizing, coordinating, marketing, promotion, communicating and relationship management. This is a complete integration of hospitality management in the overseas market (Goodall and Ashworth, 2012). Present study will develop a clear and in-depth analysis of resort management along with  the range of services that this segment provides to its consumers. The case analyses the newly appointed tour operator which will help in developing a practical understanding about the functions, structure, service range, challenges and management concepts of the field. The study will develop extensive research for establishing successful office in Spain (Howe, 2014). The country is an exotic and popular tourist destination in the present era. It will create a proper understanding about the areas of functions that the company has to manage in order to integrate with overseas market to provide complete range of services for the guests. The key focus of resource management is to attain consumer satisfaction and repetitive demand for the company.

Analyse the functions of resort management for Spain office

LML Holidays Company (Fictitious firm) is a newly established tour operating firm which has established its business in the UK market. The company presently is focusing on starting resort management operations in Spain, which is a popular tourist destination with exotic beauty and adventure services. The establishment of office in selected area demands effective integration and management with overseas operations (Goodall and Ashworth, 2012). The case scenario mentions that the company is planning to offer accommodation in three base cities which are Marbella, Fuengirola and Torremolinos. These cities are situated in Costa del Sol region of Spain which is a coastal region. It is popular for tourism and has developed wide range of hospitality services. The functions of resort management that the company will be analysing are discussed hence forth. Coordination: This is one of the most crucial and significant function of resort management.  LML emphasizes on providing services of luxurious holiday experience to its consumers. Coordination is the function which will help the company in developing plans by analysing needs of potential consumers and integrating the same with overseas service providers (Middleton and Clarke, 2012). This coordination is significant to develop effective and favourable results for the organization. Moreover, it will also help the business in developing healthy and effective relations between service users and service providers.

Provision of services: LML Holidays Company will focus on integrating service range and will coordinate with the overseas market to analyse service ranges that each organization provides. This will help the company in coordinating with different suppliers and develop range of services accordingly (Murphy, 2012). The company will approach different hotels of the cities and coordinate with them, analyze the range of services, cost of accommodation, quality analysis and human resource services. This function of resort management helps in fulfilling consumer needs and requirement effectively. Coordination with hotels helps in meeting demands of guests and enhancing loyalty as well as satisfaction level.

Customer service: Resort management is the function of providing memorable experience to the guests at a place away from home. The major function of the company is to develop a positive relationship with service providers to develop unique services for guests (Reid and Bojanic, 2009). LML will focus on rendering effective consumer service regarding transportation, communication, consumer requests, complaints, package customization etc. this will help in developing trust and loyalty within the gusts. In addition to customer service functions helps in analysing the service gap for the company by evaluating consumer feedbacks and complains. Hence, LML will focus on this function to enhance consumer satisfaction and develop organizational operations as well.

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Customer information: Tour operator plays a role of mediator between guests and service providers in overseas area (Wood and Brotherton, 2008). As per the give case, LML will be providing resort management services in Spain. Customer information is significant function for the same. This will help the company in effectively integrating the services with the hotels and service providers. The company collects information and develop necessary arrangements at both ends.  It minimizes the chance of chaos and confusion for guests in a foreign country. This function also assists in enhancing security measures for the companies.

Communication and legal requirements: Lack of effective communication may create confusions regarding various factors. Communication is a significant part of managing organizational functions and providing effective services. LML will communicate with guests to analyse their needs, service providers will be approached to develop business relations, communication with government and legal departments will also help in ensuring safety, security and unrestricted practices (Clarke and Chen, 2012). This helps in maintaining coordination between head-office, Spain office, suppliers and consumers.

Comparative analysis of resort structure for company

Resource management demands effective integration of business activities in order to attain effective results for the growth and development of business. Every company adopts unique structure in order to create effective impact on the growth and development of the business. They plan and organize activities as per the demand and requirements of the guests. The structure defines a wide range of integrated services that the organization provides in order to attain consumer satisfaction within the market (Negi and Manoher, 2009). Departments such as accommodation, food and beverages, lodging, human resource, finance, marketing etc are focused in this segment.

Thomas cook is one of the well established tour operating company which is serving efficiently in the global market. The business operations of the company are wide unique. The organizational structure of the company effectively analyses the needs and demands of the consumers and design services accordingly. It has integrated its services with luxurious as well as normal brands to provide different range of services to different segment of consumers. Moreover, the marketing segment of the company develops effective communication base with the buyers which help in evaluating their needs (Raybould and Wilkins, 2005). The company utilized this information to develop different types of tour operations such as summer tour, winter tour, destination planning etc. The financial department of the company focuses on developing budgets and prices for the consumers.

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Similarly, Cosmos travel is another independent tour operator based in UK. It provides  different holiday packages to its consumers analysing their needs and demands. The company has developed a base of 85000 consumers and is operating in more that 43 countries around the world. The business unit has developed an effective brand image within the market. The well structured business structure helps the company in effectively managing and planning services for its consumers. It has developed s hierarchical structure which helps in analysing the relationship between authority and responsibility efficiently. Effective leadership programs helps in infusing innovation and creativity within the company (Rishi and Gaur, 2012). The marketing segments is continuously involved in analysing market trends and demands and thus plans special and unique holiday plans. It plans its activities and holidays in different countries, programmes such as destination holidays, event tourism and cultural tours are common parts of services. It also offers specialised programmes such as sailing, tracking, camping etc. to target young and adventurous consumer group.

By analysing the structure of above mentioned companies it can be clearly analysed that resource structure helps in developing a well developed foundation for the business. LML will thus focus on developing a well planned and structured business operations. The company will create an effective organizational structure to develop highly defined authoritative titles. This will ensure effective management of organizational operations. Moreover, well defined leadership and management will enhance innovations and creativity within the employees as well. The marketing department of the company will focus on three major functions which will include relationship management, promotion and research team. These teams will integrate their operations in order to efficiently analyse and understand employee needs. The organization will analyse consumer needs and requirements in order to develop innovative programs and customised packages for the guests. The structure of the company will be well managed and defined in order to ensure effective communication and innovation for the service users.

Analysing the impact of effective quality system on legal and conflict situations

Resort operation is one of the most critical and crucial tour operation function. The core focus of the operation is on developing an effective base to analyse consumer needs and demands and implement effective measures to attain those needs and services within the market. Quality system in the business units plays an effective role of analysing service standards and comparing those with the actual performance of the company (Tsai, Pan and Lee, 2011). This helps a business unit in finding necessary gaps and developing effective measures to fill those gaps for the organizations. Implementing effective quality system for LML holidays will help the business in enhancing its growth and development prospects within the market. The business operations will thus be designed and developed as per consumer expectations and demands. In order to closely accomplish the above stated objective LML holidays will adopt SERVQUALRATER model within the company.

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The model helps a company in developing an effective measure to analyse consumer needs and adopt practices for attaining the same. Each gap defined in the process helps in defining the potential performance and compare with the actual performance of the organization. This helped the company in creating an effective base for quality analysis. The model highlights five areas that customers generally consider important when they use a service, and focuses on differentiating between customer experience and expectation (Jayawardena, 2001). This helps the company in efficiently understanding customer needs and adopting practices for the same. In minimizing the conflict situation within the firm. The dimensions for quality ascertainment used in the model includes:

Reliability: This dimension focuses on developing services such that consumers and legal authorities could depend upon. LML will effectively integrate organizational services in order to provide accurate services abiding legal and quality framework. For example effective brand image helps a company in developing reliability within the market.

Assurance: LML will focus on developing trust and loyalty within consumers by providing effective communication and consumer service (Ormiston Gilbert, and Manning, 2008). The company will train and develop its employees for the same.

Tangible: Physical facilities and resources is another crucial requirement for resource management. In order to establish tour operations in Spain the organization will develop office within the market which could be visited by country authorities and consumers as well.

Empathy: LML is focusing on developing effective and specialised offers for the consumers. For this the company will focus on closely examining consumer needs and will provide individual attention to meet special needs as well. It will provide customised services to fulfil individual needs and demands of the employees (Gill and Williams, 2011).

Responsiveness: The company will be ready and prepared to respond to the needs and demands of consumers. For this the business will develop an effective online infrastructure as well. This will help the consumers to access digital presence of the company as and when needed and will also develop an effective base for communication.

Hence, on the basis of above analysis it can be clearly seen that LML has planned and effective measure to provide quality based services to the consumers. This will help in minimizing the any legal complications as well. Moreover, in case of conflict situations the proposed method will be widely useful.


The above report creates an in-depth analysis of various measures that could be adopted in order to establish a successful resort management business in overseas market. The case analysis helped in developing a clear and effective idea about measures that could be adopted by the business.  Spain is leading destination which has developed an effective impact on the development of hospitality industry. The in-depth analysis of operations and functions of resources management reflected the organization has high and effective prospect of growth in the selected market. The effective safety measures may help the business in developing an effective base for enhancing sustainability measures for the company. Hence, it may be analysed and evaluated that effective integration of business actions may help an organisation in flourishing resort management business.

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