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Sample on Visitor Attraction Management

Introduction to Visitor Attraction Management

Visitor attraction management is essential for growth and development of any country. The main aim of the project is to identify the need of attraction management and evaluate it. Visitors are very important for the country to develop the growth of the economy and it also helps the tourist industries in generate more revenue. In country, there are various types of attraction points and they all are either natural or are man-made. Organisations also help in development of tourism in the country by providing better quality of products and services at the reasonable prices. Primarily tourist attracts according to their culture but now tourist want to explore everything (Vogt, 2011). Visitor attraction industry requires proper management so that they can properly manage tourist of the country. If there is more tourist attraction then it will also provide positive impact to the country. Manager of the tourist industry also develop some strategies which help to increase tourist of the country.

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Visitor attractions in relation to particular types of attraction

There are various types of tourist attractions that attract visitor in very high range. Some visitors are attracted to the natural beauty but some are attracted to monuments. People have their own perceptions also, some can only want to visit places according to their culture. In UK, there are generally 4 million tourist visit the country in a year. Every tourist place needs proper management. Tourist of UK increases from the last some year and it will help in development of economy also.

In UK, there are various places that attracts tourist in high range. In London, there is a Science museum which attracts tourist in very large numbers. It is situated at the Exhibition road and was established in nearly 1856. It is very beautiful place and almost 3 million people visit this place in a year (Huang and Peng, 2012). There are almost 300,000 items which are displayed over and visitors can see those items. 3G cinemas, IMAX are also added in the museum so that it can also attract the visitors. Typewriter and the clock which is kept in the museum attracts more tourist. It will help in generating revenue for the country which will help in growth and development of UK.

It is also necessary to maintain& market of the UK so that it will help to earn profit for the organisation. There are many natural places in UK that attract visitors and they can also go there for picnic. It is necessary to maintain those places so that tourist can enjoy properly and also praise such type of places.

There are also some places which are made by people that also attract visitors. To visit those places, some of the places need tickets to visit but some of those are very expensive&& (Catlin and et.al, 2011).But some places attract tourist because of their interiors or art; they are quite impressive. Visitors can be influenced by the beauty of these places and can easily spent lots of money to visit such places.

Visitors can also be attracted to such places like sports, fairs etc. There are some activities which are carried according to seasonal activities and they attract more tourists also. For example: if there is a festival like Christmas and New Year then visitors can easily get attracted. Monuments of UK also attract visitors because they are very attractive.

Visitors also want to get relaxed at the places which are naturally made. Art and the beauty of such places also attract the visitors. If organisation provides product and service then it will also help in the increment of the profits. It also provides development to country so that tourist can attract in large range.

Analyse the importance of different visitor attractions

Visitor attraction is very important for the development of country and they can also introduce new services to their tourists. There are also many places which attract customers so that they can catch their attention. Visitor attraction is also play an important role by promoting their products and maintain the quality of their products. Generally tourist spend much money in the local market of country so for an organisation it is necessary to produce goods and services innovatively which can attract the tourists. Local markets are also rely on tourists to earn more revenue or profit.

Visitor attractions is very indispensable for many more reasons which are described as below:

  • Visitor attraction is very essential to encourage the trade between many countries. It also helps to create the mutual understanding between foreign country and domestic country. If relationship is maintain peacefully then it will provide growth and development to the travel industry.
  • They also promote the cultural change so that they can attract more tourists towards the country. They also introduce new culture so that if they want to collaborate with any country then they can do that. &
  • They can also influence the economy of the country so that they can increase the tourist of the country. Visitors attraction also provide employment opportunities to the local people so that poverty line can be reduce. &
  • It also help to generate the foreign revenue in the country.

According to the above mentioned points they all show the importance of visitor attraction in today's world. It also brings many changes in the country and also provide positive things that will also help to encourage the trade between foreign and domestic clients. They also provide development and growth to the country.

There are also some various points which are:

  • It is also necessary to take proper care of the monuments and public places.
  • If any part of the historical building is get damaged then again re – build or construct it.
  • Proper cleaning and safety of the public places, monuments etc.

Evaluate the need and motivations of different visitor types

If there is segmentation in the market then it will also attract the tourist and help the organisation to create more profits (Ayoubian and et.al, 2014). Market segmentation means dividation of the market in various parts so that they can provide proper services to the people and they can also target the group for the sale of their products and services. In this market is divided according to the taste and preferences of the customers so that they can fulfil their demand. Market can also divide according to the gender, age, income, marital status, occupation etc.

Visitors can be of many types each types of visitors demand and need according to their tastes and preferences. There are various types of visitors which are described as below:

Stopovers visitors: Those people who are come from various countries and also stay more than 24 hours. These type of visitors can come for wedding purpose also in the country. Organisation can provide them better services so that they can come again also and tell their friends or relatives to visit these place. If the place is very attractive then also tourist can visit many times and explore the country's places, natural beauty, amusement parks etc. They are the medium which can help to increase the economy of the country. If country has more visitors then they can earn more revenue or profits. They can also come& to island by the sea way.

Cruise stopover visitors: These types of visitors also come to the country for more than 24 hours and stay at cruise but they want their accommodation which is based on land.

Day visitors: It means those people who come to visit for not more than 24 hours. They visit places for a picnic purpose and come for relaxation. These types of people come from near the country.

Transit: It means those people who never stay at one place in fact they visit one place to another and one country to another.

These type of visitors are very necessary for the country because they help in the development of the country and also help in revenue generation.

Geographic segmentation: There are various types of geographical area in the market so that organisation needs to make different types of strategies for every type of market to increase the sales and profits. It is also depend on the size and climate of market. When company produce their products and services then they need to determine the environment because every people has their own needs and wants according to the climate also.

Demographic segmentation: It is very important to identify the demographic of the market so that company can fulfil demand of every type of people. Market is dividing according to the age, income of the people, gender, background or family (Sánchez-Cañizares and López-Guzmán, 2012). Their needs and wants also depend on their purchasing power also. It also helps in the attraction of visitors:

  • Division of the age also helps the customers so that they will fulfil their needs and wants. If market is divided according to age then customers can easily identify the destination from where they can purchase the goods and services. It will also attract the visitors because they can easily find the place according to their taste. &
  • Gender segmentation is also very necessary and will helpful to find the products according to the need. There are various places in the country that are segmented according to the gender and visitor can easily find out the perfect place for them because men and women both have different choices and preferences that they want to fulfil. There taste is very different regarding their choices like footwear, clothes, accessories etc. &
  • Income of the people can also affect the purchasing power of the visitor. If they have high income then they spent more but if they do not have high income then they only spent on the necessary things.

Behavioural segmentation: It is also necessary to focus on the behaviour of the people. Some people are very loyal to the brand they use and they never switch the brand. It is also very necessary for the organisation that they make proper strategies for the visitors so that they can fulfil their needs according to their behaviour.

Psycho graphic segmentation: It is divided according to the attitude, lifestyles, personalities, class of their society and also their behaviour so that organisation divides the market according to this (von der Weppen and Cochrane, 2012).

There are some motivational factors which are related to the visitors are described as below:

  • Every visitor has their own attitude that can easily influence the factors of motivation. &
  • Family and their ages also motivate the packages of the tourism.
  • Visitors can visit Atlas mountains, Bahia palace in Morocco and Valley of the kings, Egyptian museum in Egypt. These places attract more visitors towards them.

Evaluate impacts of tourism on visitor attractions

Tourists are very essential for the country and generally they attract more to the places or monuments of the country. They provide great impact on the visitor’s attractions because there are various types of factors which can attract towards the packages and trips which is provided by the tourism industries. Customers or visitors have different demands so that it is necessary for an organisation that they provide those products and services accordingly. It is also very difficult task to manage the visitors in various situations. There are various impacts on the visitor’s attractions which are mentioned as below:

Overcrowding and carrying capacity: Many of the organisations are very greedy and their main motto is to maximise their profits from the tourist or visitors. The visitors or tourist always want that specific number of people go together at a time to the particular destination because they want their trip vary calm and peaceful. But some organisations take excess of people to the same location at the same time. That will create hustle all around and the image of the organisation will fall down. And the visitors or tourists will be getting dissatisfied from the service of organisation. It can also affect the development and growth of the organisation (Dubois and Fraser, 2013).

Accidents: If there is many accidents take places in some of the destination then it will affect the package of the organisation that is designed by them. So it is necessary that organisation can find out those places where many accidents took place many times because many of the visitors do not want to visit such places because of their safety. There will also no facilities are provided regarding transportation because of those accidents.

Facilities: It is also very necessary that organisation must provide better facilities to the tourists or consumers so that they satisfied with the services and also attracts towards their products. It will help in the development and growth of the organisation.

Education and training: It is also necessary that the destination which is chosen must provide information to the visitors. If the visitors are from any college, school or university then it will also help in their studies.

Destination: it is very important factor that has big impact and also can change the mind of the visitors and also provides motivation because it provide proper satisfaction to them and also fulfil their needs and wants.

Some of the major impact of tourism on visitor attractions are as follows:

  • Environmental factors can affect the tourism either negatively or positively. So it is very necessary to evaluate these factors properly.
  • Social and economical factors can also affect the visitor attractions. They also encourage the relationship of the tourist and people who are live their positively.
  • Economy of the country can also provide impact on attractions of visitors and they also help in the development of economy of the country.

Examples: Atlas mountains, Bahia palace they both are in Morocco.

Examples: Valley of the kings, Egyptian museum they both are in Egypt.

Analyse the effect of different theories of tourist motivation on& management of visitor attractions

There are many theories of the motivation that every organisation has to follow for market sustainability and also promoting their products and services. If they provide goods in an effective and efficient manner then it will provide satisfaction to the visitors, customers or tourists (Collins-Kreiner and et. al., 2013).

Responsible tourism: It means the life of the customer and their behaviour can also affect the tourism industry. The tourism industry can also affect ecology and community and it is necessary to overcome from these factors so that the condition of the tourism can be improved. There are various ways which is adopted by the organisation for their improvement and it is also necessary to implement it so that it will help to maintain the environment safe and clean.

  • It is necessary that trade must be fair so that it will provide benefit to the customers and visitors. It also provides employment to local people and all the money will be invested in the local market so that development and growth can be possible. &
  • It is also essential that policies must provide security to environment without any harm. If the policies are effective then it will help to keep environment safe and clean.

The smart consumer theory: This theory is related with duty and responsibilities of the consumers. It is the main responsibility of consumer to provide safety to environment and do not harm it. Also it is the duty and responsibility of the consumer that do not harm any public place where they visit (Acebes, Malo and Traba, 2011).

Push and Pull theory: Push and Pull both the factors are very important in the behaviour of tourist and their motivation. Push factors are related with those motives that drives people away from their home and pull factors are those which drives people towards any destination. Push factors always encourage people to visit or travel other places and pull factors help them to arise the person on a particular destination.

Discuss processes and potential issues involved in the development of visitor attractions

The process determine the many developing process in the or and provide the visitor attraction. This process developing the person taste and their life style and also create their income level in the organisation. There are many processes to develop the visitor attraction.

Location: This process also determines the location of the visitor place and evaluating the best techniques in the organisation. The process creates the many function in the tourism factor. The location is defining the human visit market. The market develops the many segmentation including the multiple market segmentation and behavioural segmentation. The human behaviour also determines human process in the market.

Planning: The planning also determine the management process in the organisation. This process determiner the visitor planning related the places and environment. The planning process defines the attraction of the visitor. The planning process of the visiting and location (Chen, Chen and Okumus, 2013).

Motivating: The motivation also determines the visitor developing process and creates the best objectives in the organisation. The motivation process creates the large number of the visitor and create the personal skill and knowledge related to the visiting process.

Funding: This is the most important process to develop the visitor attraction in the fund availability. The funding also determines the many factor including the financial and tourism factor. The financial also determine the financial function. Funding determine best sources of the attraction because the fund create the high level organisation and middle class organisation. The high fund creates the high society and low fund create the middle society in the organisation.

Project management feasibility study: This factor develops the best process and smart objectives in the organisation. This management process determines the specific, measurable, achievable and time bounded project in the organisation. The best project attracting the visitor and creating the best objectives in the place. Design is very most important factor to develop the visitor attraction.

Design: This process also developing the design process in the organisation and develop the human attraction in the tourism factor. Design of the project attracted visitor personal personality in this factor. This factor identifies the information of the design and creates the best design (Lin, Pearson and Cai, 2011).

Selection: The selection process also developing the visitor attraction and create the many techniques in the organisation. The selection process determine the& human personality and their life style. This developing process also evaluating the environment and culture factor in the tourism factor. This process consists of the information and alternative resources of the visitor attraction.

Recruitment: This process determines the recruitment process in the organisation. The process developing the visitor attraction and create the best techniques related to the visitor attraction.

Marketing communication: This factor also develops the visitor attraction in this market. This is determining the promotion techniques related to the visiting. The techniques determine the sales promotion direct and online marketing, advertisement and human resources management. This factor develops the attraction and creates the large number of the visitor.

Process: It is described as below:

  • It is very essential that proper study of the project management so that it can be more effective and efficient.
  • Design the process well so that more visitors can attract towards it.
  • It is also necessary to involve the people of local community because it will help to increase the effectiveness of the plan. &
  • Plan application very well. &
  • It there is any need of construction the decide the time period for this purpose.
  • Determine that when that place can be accessed by people or visitors.
  • Recruit people.
  • If there is need of training then provide it properly.
  • They can also create event over there.
  • Properly manage the crowd of people.
  • Company can also get reservations and ticket system over there to control the crowd.
  • There is also need of proper communication.

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Analyse different visitor management strategies

The organisations are more focused on attracting more customers towards their brand, product, and service (Day and et. al., 2013). When organisation uses strategies in an effective manner the project can be implemented easily. The success of organisation depends on the sustainable visitors. Mostly visitors are attract according the brand name of the product and if the organisation having very light goodwill the visitors are easily attracted towards the product.

There are various strategies of the visitor management which is described as below:

  • They make proper strategies to manage the supply of tourism and also they to attain all the relevant opportunities so it will help them to increase their revenue. &
  • They also make proper planning for their business. &
  • They also gathered appropriate data and information which is necessary for their business.
  • They can increase the capacity of the building so that more visitors can visit that place easily.
  • They can also provide concessions to the school or college students. &
  • They can also develop new area for the visiting of the tourist.
  • They can also provide some canteen facilities over there.

There are some following strategies used by the organisation for attract the customer and fulfilling the choice and preferences of the customer's.

  • The organisation use the extra benefit offers for the customers by these so many customers are easily attract toward the organisation for taking advantage of the product and service (Day and et. al., 2014). This is the way by which the organisation can attract the large number of visitor as well as they can maintain the healthy relationship with the customer's.
  • At the time of seasons the organisation gives the extra time benefit for the customer's by this the customers can happily visit the organisation as per their convenient time. This will also helpful in attract the more customers. &
  • The organisation need to improve the quality service as per customer need and wants by this the organisation can provide the best service to the customers. It will also helpful in reduce the defects that the customer faces mostly in the service offered by the organisation's.

The organisation needs to innovate the product and service. Innovation is one of the most effective strategies that the organisation can implement and improve in its service and operations so by this they can easily attract the customers for gaining more profit in the organisation (Hathroubi, Peypoch and Robinot, 2014).

Evaluate management techniques in relation to sustainability

The visitor attraction man determines the best techniques in the organisation. The visitor management process defines the planning, organising, motivating and controlling process in the tourism factor. This factor provides the many help for the travel agency and provides the satisfaction for the visitor in the context of the organisation.& The manager of the tourism factor manages the current attraction of the current situation. The techniques determine the target customer in the tourism factor and also developing the organisation goals and objective. The techniques determine the large number of the visitor in the factor and provide the many facility related to the visitor place. The visitor altercation determines the market segmentation in the market. The market segmentation determines the four market in the tourism factor including the geographic, demographic and behavioural segmentation. This segmentation provides the visitor taste and life style it also determine the visitor income level and social culture (Zahra, 2012).

The management techniques use the many marketing techniques including the seven pies in the marketing. The 7ps of marketing determine the price, place, people, promotion, product, process and physical evidence. The organisation provides the many services to increasing the visitor number in the tourism factor. The sustainability is the very most important part of the competitive and target market. The visitor achieving the best market and safe market in the organisation. United Kingdom have many tourism factor including the museum. These services provide the many visited place and also provide the transportation facility. The management techniques also provide the transportation and visiting facilities. This services provide the visitor satisfaction after facility and before facilities in the organisation. This before services determines the many resources of the tourism factor and identifies the many problems in this factor. The after services provide the satisfaction and dissatisfaction for the visitor in the organisation. The sustainability provides the many techniques including the fairness, consistency, open to new ideas, empowerment and messaging (Saltik, Cosar and Kozak, 2011).

There are some management methods which are related to the sustainability response which are described as below:

Economic sustainability: It is related with the development and growth of the tourism industry and they also provide growth to the future purpose also. It generally focus on the new business and ventures which is related with the new generation.

Social sustainability: It is related with the society and their development and growth. If organisation provides benefit to the society then it will help in the development and growthy of it. It also motivate them to expand their business so that they can provide more benefits to the society.


It is concluded for the above report that for any country it is mandatory for them to maintain their attractive places through which they can increase their number of customers. For this concern government ad some tourism sector organisation have to take some steps which promote the number of tourist. In this concern they use some techniques and approaches for better and effective tourism sector.


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