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BUS020N879A Contemporary Issue Diabetes Level 4 Mont Rose College


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Diabetes is considered to be non-curable disease which takes place due to inability of pancreas to produce adequate amount of insulin that is required by the body.Research states that there is constant increase in the number of people suffering from diabetes in UK and hence it is important to take corrective actions that can mitigate or reduce this growth. The report discuses regarding various reasons contributing to make diabetes a contemporary issue in UK. It also ascertains key issues that are directly or indirectly linked to diabetes. In the end, a discussion will be made regarding chronological and geographical implications related to diabetes and Government legislations related to diabetes

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Analysis And Findings

Reasons of diabetes being a contemporary issue in UK

Diabetes Mellitus, which is generally referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic disorders. In this state, blood sugar levels tend to rise over a prolongedperiod.  Common symptoms that are related to diabetes are, frequent urination, increase in thirst and increased hunger (Fitzpatrick, Bulsara and Zheng, 2017). Diabetes tend to occur either due to pancreas not able to produce adequate insulin or cells and tissues, present in the body, that are not able to respond properly with respect to the insulin being produced by it. Prevention and treatment of the same include maintaining healthy diet, normal body weight, regular physical exercise and avoid using tobacco.

There are various complications that are clearly aligned to diabetes, if it is left untreated for a prolonged period. Common acute complications that are related to it include hyperglycaemic state, diabetic ketoacidosis or death as well. Other serious complications related to it are including stroke, cardiovascular disease, foot ulcers, chronic kidney diseases and cataract in eyes leading to partial or complete blindness in the patients.

Diabetes is a contemporary issue due its nature of being non-curable. It is a serious, costly, common yet manageable disease. An array of health subjects is faced by people suffering from diabetes. The disease has been increasing the ill health burden on the country where maximum people, due to their ineffective lifestyle, tend to suffer from diabetes type 2. It is increased due to amplified weight. Although, other factors, such as ethnicity, family history and age also contribute to their maximum, to increase the risk factor of the disease (Haas and, 2012).

Changing lifestyle of people in UK have improved the prevalence of the disease. It has increased the concern of authorities and has generated the requirements of taking appropriate steps that can help in controlling its prevalence to the minimum. Hence, it can be stated that diabetes has become a contemporary issue prevailing in UK.

Key issues related to diabetes

People who suffer from diabetes can face various long and short-term health issues. It has an adequate impact on individual's kidneys, eyes, brain, feet and nerves. The only method to control these issues from prevailing in the body is by controlling blood sugar level. It is important for the patient to get into regular eye check-up. A person with diabetes can commonly suffer from cataract, glaucoma and retinopathy. There can be increased chances of cardiovascular and stroke. Since, obesity is a common symptom with leads to increased blood pressure. It can have negative effect on heart and brain of the individuals as well (Haas and, 2012).

People with high blood sugar level can have poor flow of blood in the endings of the nerve of the body. It leads to slow healing of sores and one can experience severe and unbearable pain as well. In serious cases, amputation technique is generally preferred by the doctor due to presence of chronic sores.  Neuropathy can also appear in the patients with diabetes. The damage can occur in peripheral nervous system and in the nerves of internal organs. Individuals also suffer from postural hypotension, gastroparesis and uncontrolled diarrhoea as well.

Blood sugar is often the most underestimated content present in the body. Since, it affects the body's condition of preparing insulin in the body. It has a high amount of impact on the body. It can be in the form of sweet smelling breath, risk infections, pancreas malfunctioning, high blood pressure, fatigue and lack of energy, protein in urine, keto acidosis, damage in the blood cells and foot issues. It increases the risk of cardiovascular disease,

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