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Relationship Between Philosophy and the Christian Faith

University: Bucks New University

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Table of Content

Question :

Christians are people who believe that there is only one god i.e. Jesus Christ who has created the earth and heaven. Therefore, to make students understand the relationship between the Christian faith and philosophy, the following questions are to be attempted.

  • What is the philosophy of religions major contemporary approaches adopted by the western tradition?
  • What are the main issues in the philosophy of the religions? How have western philosophical traditions shaped through Christianity development?
  • What is the relationship between philosophy and the Christian faith?
  • Does God exist? What is the nature of god and what is the rationality of belief in religion?
  • What do you understand by the Christian belief after studying philosophy?
Answer :


During the part of the sixteenth and seventeenth hundreds of years, the dread of blasphemers spreading lessons and sentiments that repudiated the Bible overwhelmed the Catholic Church. At the time of discussing Science and Christianity perhaps nothing leads to troubles believers over one question of the origin of life. It is due to there are many scientists who are Christina or not treat evolution as a scientific fact (Martin, 2018). A kind of war amongst science and religion was in play however there would be more setbacks in favor of science.

Firstly the research will consider origins of present day science and the causes of the contention postulation; at that point at the Galileo issue and the responses of Christian researchers and scholars to the hypothesis of development. The present essayy is based on the way debate of Nicolaus Copernicus impact the present day discussion of the relationship between scientific discovery and the Christian Faith. At last, a comments on the correlative connection amongst science and Christian confidence will be given.

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Nicolaus Copernicus was a mathematician and astronomer of Renaissance-era. He developed a theory on sun and earth. According to him in the Universe, Earth revolve around Sun as it is in centre. Simlarly, self-sufficiently of Aristarchus of Samos, who had constructed a theory in 18th centuries proving that earth revolve around the sun. The famous picture of the connection between science and Christian faith is of conflict, warfare, and antagonism (Peters, Iqbal and Haq, 2017). By contrast it is attempt to reflect that instead some episodes of tenions, the overall connection between science and biblical thesism has been mostly helpful and productive. There are many chrisitian who have struggled to reconclie their faith in the Bible with the facts of scicence.

Nicolaus Copernicus has printed a book in which it proved that earth revolve around the sun which later on was banned. After publishing the book Copernicus faced issues but not much more because he died in short period of time after publishing the book. He held a theory that the Earth revovled around the sun which is proven true at present. But this, theory was rejected by the Catholic Church due to the reason that Holy Scriptures state that instead of Sun, Earth is in centre. Thus, the content of Bile was taken seriouly and when the book was published, Catholic church has proven Nicolaus Copernicus sinner. It is becuase scientitist preached through their writing that Bible was incorrect. According to the views of Leveillee, (2011) Copernicus published his book,On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Bodies” (further it was published with the name of as “revolutions”). In this book, Copernicus stated that Earth revolves around the sun as it rotates on its axis daily. hypoethesis of Copernicus are not fully formed, it means there are several flaws that make the heliocentric theories seem frail and ill-contrived.

Lindeman, (2015) argued that the expressing Copernicus "that if the earth were in movement then the watched wonder would result. This stating is critical as it implies the Copernicus also disagree he trusted it; he only molded moded in a manner that hypothesis enable space experts to rectify numerical mistakes they ran over though watching the heavens (Stewart, 2016). Therefore, writing in such design, Copernicus would have possessed the capacity to disagree that he also had faith in heliocentrism since he expressed it as simply a speculation and therefore, would have the capacity to slip earlier the Church's aversion of heliocentrism

It is critically analysed that there are many who belived that Catholic church directly deny heliocentric theory. Though, the relationship between the Coprnicus and Church was more complex as compared to the popular historical narratives recommended (Ferngren, 2017). Copernicus and the congregation were inconsistent on his advancement of the heliocentric theory, a rule that questioned the broadly held conviction related to Earth which is in centre of the solar system .

From the view of Mitchell, Weinhold and Gudbjartsson, (2016), Coprnicus was put on starter for declaring the Earth bypasses the sun, rather than just a hypothesis as the Catholic Church asked. Everything considered, history authorities have found that even his primer was as much a case of clerical self esteem as consistent conservatism (Nicholas and Leveillee., 2018). It barely should overshadow all the assistance that the Church has given to consistent examination all through the several years

In any case, religious help for science took additionally structures as well. It was simply in the midst of the nineteenth century that science began to have any utilitarian applications (White, 2017).The principle inspiration to consider science was intrigue or religious dedication (Sorokin, 2017). Christians assumed that God made the universe and selected the laws of nature. It is ciritcally analysed that to inspect the ordinary world was to acknowledge created by God. This could be a religious commitment and move science when there were couple of various inspirations to upset it.

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Ferngren, (2017) state that in year 1616, Vatican put Copernicus on its record of prohibited books, the relationship amongst science and religion changed significantly. Christoph Lüthy, an educator of the History of Philosophy and Science, alludes to this as an imperative defining moment since it denoted the start of a long clash amongst religion and science. "From that point forward, the agreement has been that science and religion can't exist together. We trust the Church plainly picked the wrong side." The Church had abused numerous incredible masterminds previously this date, before concentrating solely on issues of religious and philosophical import (Sorokin, 2017). In 1616, the Church denounced something known by scientist. As there contempropry view hold a logical truth," stated by Luthy. "Starting there on, it stretched out past a religious conviction to incorporate a model in view of information and computations on the situation of heavenly bodies. As it were, it included logical perceptions and the numerical substantiation thereof."

Te Velde, (2017) stated that church scholars brought their books of reliogious that is Bible in reference to a particular entry in Joshua, guaranteeing that it was not the Earth that moved, but rather the sun (Te Velde, 2017). Copernicus reaction was that the Bible was composed for the general population and that the content had in this way been rearranged in places (McGrath, 2016). It was anything but a book about the arrangement of the sky, yet a manual on the best way to get into paradise. "As per Copernicus, the greater part of God's inquiries could be replied by nature and just mathematicians could disentangle nature's insider facts,. "Obviously, most scholars reacted inadequately to this statement (Crowe, 2016 pp.431-449). All things considered, religious philosophy was the apex of science back then. However, Copernicus, as mathematician, guaranteed to find out about the Bible as compared to people, that is hard to belived.

According to the Kirk, (2016) opinon, the Church reluctantly acknowledged heliocentrism, the cosmic model according to whic places the sun is in cetre of solar system. author state that, 'Believe it or not, the Earth does to be sure rotate around the sun.' That acknowledgment was moderate and quiet. At a certain point, Copernicus was unobtrusively expelled from the file of offensive books (Eppinga, Huizinga and Marcus, 2017). The Vatican left it organizations of training to figure out which perspective they would educate." a similar thing happened to the hypothesis of development; albeit never prohibited through and through, most Catholic foundations abstained from showing it. "It's intriguing to perceive to what extent the Jesuits engendered an obsolete model of the universe (Sombart, 2017). There was additionally a third hypothesis, set forth by sixteenth-century Danish aristocrat Tycho Brahe, putting the Earth at the focal point of the universe and asserting that the sun and moon rotate around the Earth and every other planet spin around the sun. The Jesuits showed this hypothesis at preacher schools until the turn of the nineteenth century.

Different parts of the connection amongst religion and science have been tended to by current students of history of science and religion, thinkers, scholars, researchers, and others from different topographical locales and societies (Copernicus, Kepler and Galilei, 2017). Despite the fact that the old and medieval universes did not have originations taking after the cutting edge understandings of "science" and "religion", certain components of these advanced thoughts are found all through time (Wootton, 2017 p.454). It was in the nineteenth century when the terms "science and religion" or "religion and science" first developed in literature.

This corresponded with the refining of science, from common rationalit, and religion as unmistakable ideas from last many years because of professionalization of the sciences (Crease, 2015 p.300.). Since at that point, many have portrayed the relationship as either struggle, concordance, many-sided quality, or shared freedom(Crease, 2015 p.300.).

This is to discourse upon the arguments presented by Nicolaus Copernicus towards faith in Christianity. According to him, the sun has a centric position in the universe. This is in contrast to the beliefs of Christian community who considers Earth to have a centric position in the universe (Wootton, 2017 p.454). It shows a contrasting view of Nicolaus who is arguing to prove the centric position of Sun in a scientific manner. For which, he has together evolved a theory that was based upon his several mathematical assumptions. In accordance to the belief of Christians, it has been stated that all the planets revolve around the earth, in opposition to which, Nicolaus being a well-known astronomer believes that the planets tend to revolve around the sun.

To prove it scientifically, he has formed a model called Copernicus to modify the entire layout of the universe. He has together written a book on this and got major critics, who disapproved his idea. The first rejection was done by the Catholic community of Christians who directly forbidden his heliocentric solar system model (Copernicus, Kepler and Galilei, 2017, p.91.). People also criticized him stating that he is wrongly intending to change the entire astronomical system which is inaccurate. This is also stated to be a rise of modern science in Christianity. On summarizing the theory of Copernicus, it has been found that the earth does not has a centric position in the universe and rather its gravity lies in the middle along with the lunar sphere.

Another point of view has specified a fixed position of the Sun where all other spheres are known to revolve around it. In accordance to this belief, the ideas of spheres and their faultlessly circular paths were clearly retained. This was later proved or one can say, argued by another astronomer stating orbits having an elliptical shape and accordant functions. The 3rd argument presented by Nicolaus against Christian belief was in regard to the motion of earth, in whose accordance, the earth has more than a single motion (Crease, 2015 P.300.). Herein, it is known to turn on its own axis with some move in its spherical path around the sun. In addition to this, the stars also remain static with some movement due to Earth’s actual motion. Although, it has been found that Copernicus theories are formless due to several number of errors that resulted a weak heliocentric theory. This was specially due to his unfamiliarity with that to the Holy scripture.


From the above report it is concluded that Nicolaus Copernicus was a scientist who printed a book that proving earth revolve around the sub which later was banned. There are many who belived that Catholic church directly deny heliocentric theory. Though, the relationship between the Coprnicus and Church was more complex as compared to the popular historical narratives recommended. Further it is concluded that there are many common ground between the science and faith.

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