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University: Hult Business School

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: High school
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 In the modern era, if the organization has to make appropriate strategies for achieving the objectives of the company then they have to adopt proper tools and techniques. With the help of research methodology the managers can collect the data from various sources to make appropriate decisions for the business (Mackey and Gass, 2015). These data can be collected through interviews, survey, magazines and can also be include both present and historical data and information. The research project can help the company also to identify the various needs of customers t retain in market for a long period of time. In present report, the research on the problem of team management has been taken because without proper coordination the company cannot accomplish with their goals and objectives. Further, various approaches of research methodology has been used to analyze with the problems of organisation. Some recommendation is also given which justify the area in which the company can make proper action plan to improve their quality of services also.

1.1 Research project outline specification

In modern era, it is become essential for every organization to identify those problems in which they are not maximizing their profits. In TESCO company the main problem which is identified by the manager is that team management. It is the responsibility of the managers to conduct proper market research in which they can also find more problems. In team management so many problems are facing by the employees such as poor communication skills, the cooperation of team members are not coordinating with each other so become difficult for them to provide quality of services (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault, 2015). The research on this problem has been find out by the managers through which they can appropriate solutions to cope up with their profits. The managers has to collect the data from various sources and have to analyze them so that they can take various actions and make appropriate strategies to resolve the problems. In team management the lack of coordination, knowledge, listing problems has been identified. The higher authority is responsible to take proper actions with in time period so that company can sustain for a long period of time in global competitive market. The first main objective of the company is that to conduct proper market research so that they can identify the problems and can make appropriate strategies for making the research programmed properly.

1.2 Research project selection

The research problem which has been identifies by managers is real and without this they can not provide quality of services to customers.  Without the research problem the managers cannot cope with their problems. It also becomes difficult to increase the profits. In formulating the problems the managers must use correct variables or while a hypothesis these research problems can be accompany problem. Once the research problem is identified then it should be translate into the hypothesis which states the relationship between the two or more variables. In TESCO the managers has find out the team management problems through which they are not providing the quality of services to customers and profits are decreasing year by year (Neuman and Robson, 2012). Here are some following factors of team management which influence on the project selection of company.

  • Focusing on goals –In order to achieve the goal of company it is the responsibility of managers to set the targets in advanced and it should be properly cleared by the employees of the business entity.
  • Attitude and Ego – In team there are some people who are showing their ego and attitude to employees regarding their roles and reason ability. So it is becoming difficult for them to make sturdy relationship with them
  • Fear of conflicts –In TESCO when the leaders are taking any decisions and the members of the company may be disagree with their decisions so it become difficult to build team management strongly.

1.3 Critical review of literature

As per the view point of Kirkova,(2011) the team members has to properly coordinate with each so that organization can fulfill their objectives with in time period. In TESCO, the managers are taking advice from the expertise that how they can solve problems to beat their competitors in market. The manager has to adopt various tools and techniques which give them strength to resolve with these problems.

As stated by Ellingsen, Størksen and Stephens,(2010) it is interfered that the managers has to cooperate with the leaders and employers so that the company can provide the quality of services to customers. In organization it is very important to make strong relationship with them because without them the company cannot achieve objectives. The leaders have to give proper guidance and support to team members so that they can improve their efficiency and perform their task in appropriate manner.

According to Snyder,(2012)it is depicted that the managers has to provide proper training and development programmes to new and existing employees so that they can make proper coordination with leaders. The leaders should not have to show their attitude or ego if new member is asking about any problems.

1.4 Research project specification

The managers of TESCO can use quantitative or qualitative method which help them to conduct proper market research. In qualitative method the managers have to collect the various data from different source which gives them idea to how to resolve these problems. In this can conduct interviews, take feedback's from employers and even survey can also be done by the managers. Through survey the company can also find out various customers also to whom they can provide the quality of services (Bell, 2014). It helps the managers to understand about the underlying reasons and so that they can motivate the employees to provide quality of services to customers.

In quantitative research the managers has to apply some tools and technology which will easier for them to apply in any situations. In this the managers have to take the suggestions from experts to solve their problems in appropriate manners. In this the mangers can quantify the problems which are generating the numerical data which can be transformed into the usable statics.

There are some ethical issues which are involved in these research problems are that sometimes the managers are not taking feedback's from customers and employees so they feel that the company does not respect them. The managers have to respect them so that they can achieve their profits and meet out with their expenses.

1.5 Appropriate plans and procedures

The research aim of TESCO company is concise and it provides the realistic information about the research problems. Research aim is to establish to the objectives which has to be established for finding out the problems.

Research objectives, the objective of research is critically evaluate the wastage which are done by the company. So that appropriate recommendations can be five to improve the efficiency of team management and opportunities can be find out.

It is important for managers to conduct proper research so that they can easily find out those problems which are facing by the employees in business entity as well as the customers also facing the issues regarding the quality of services. It is the responsibility of managers to set out proper objectives of the company that which should be achieved first. Then they have to conduct primary research through which they can get the reliable data and can easily identify the customers’ needs.

These objectives should be coupled with the hypothesis of research study. The company can also use secondary data but through this they can also get the fake information from their competitors and customers. The best method is secondary source of information because it does not waste the time of managers and can better decisions for the organizations.


2.1 Match resources efficiently to the research question or hypothesis

TESCO should divide various learners in some groups as per the basis of their targets and the literature which is available for the research project. Division of people with different interest and purpose for carrying out research project is necessary

Additional search terms are necessary in order to get some additional information in comparison with the data which is required to conduct a literature review (Hanauer and, 2012).

They also analyze the barriers which are there in the organization which they can access and overcome through the analysis and decision making process. As decision making is the process through which an organization can remove various hurdles hence this should be maintained as per the data which is reliable and are accessed through some credible sources.

Sources which are supporting the entire literature review through providing the data which are essential for decision making and for getting the results which are estimated by the users. The reliability of sources is necessary and required so that efficient results can be get through implementing such data over the literature review.

The managers can use different sources to resolve with the problems for example they can take the advice from expertise so that they can solve their problems in appropriate manner. There are multiple aspects which are to be required in the successful collaboration strategies. The managers have to provide proper training and development  programmes which will increase their knowledge and skills (Frith and et. al., 2010). Through the government report they can solve their problems in organization by making an appropriate strategy. The different sources such as newspapers, magazines or conducting any types of interview or survey the company can get more information t to resolve their problems in effective manner.

2.2 Undertake the proposed research investigation in accordance with the agreed specification and procedures

Proposed research investigation should be carried out in a way so that this can fulfill the required criteria which are decided by the user. There are several research methodology which supports the method of research through the utilization of better credible resources results which are efficient and effective can be drawn.  Many of the user engage the management of the workforce with an effective approach which is also termed as draconian approach(Kirkova and et. al., 2011). There are several research methodologies which can be utilized in order to maintain the integrity and efficiency of any project. Research methodologies can be used in order to maintain the performance of any enterprise as through this they can easily approach towards the actual level of efficiency which an user can only get if he or she utilizes a research procedure which is systematic and have step by step completion of literature review. The main purpose behind these activities and processes is to build a better understanding and development of unique ideas so that these can be used by the management of an entity.  Learner who is using such data which are derived through the facts can make a decision which can be helpful in maximization of efficiency and productivity of an enterprise. Through this the learner can develop the understanding about how to carry out literature review. Through this user can easily estimate that how a literature review can contribute towards research related with the projects.

There are certain purposes behind implementing certain processes. And these are mentioned below:

  • Provide a means to facilitate exploration of potentially complex matters in research that can develop in situations where such misconduct may have taken place.
  • Reach a conclusion on any such allegations
  • Consider potential remedies available, depending upon the circumstances including if
  • Relevant, subsequent referral to another policy

Through following procedure which is related with the efficient conduct of procedure an entity can get the advantage to conduct a procedure through which it can identify the maximum possible remedies for any problem through which it can resolve such issue which is faced by it.

On the other hand it also consider the another policies if any because it may be possible that work and rule of one policy can be get applied over the others because it might be possible that the facts which are there in the other policies are inter related with the given project and its policy. Hence it can be said that the interrelation of policies also matters when an individual user is conducting a research over any issue or literature review.

The user is required to get the conclusion or research results through the analysis of any project and  it might be possible that the conclusion drawn can be helpful in achievement of some better results.

2.3 Record and collate relevant data where appropriate

Relevant data can be classified as that data through which the user of statically analysis can draft some strategies and can also draft some plans and through such plans it can cover the desired results. Relevant data can only be utilized for the decision making and for starting any procedure related with the literature review(Neuman  and Robson, 2012).

There are several sources through which the entity and its management can get the relevant data

Survey methodology can be utilized for recording of data in way which can give a better view of market and which also provide some relevant and appropriate facts. In survey there are some multiple choice questions which are asked by the user to the people who are there in the boundaries of area for which such research and analysis is used. Through survey they can get both primary and secondary data which can be utilized


3.1 Discuss data analysis methods and techniques

Sampling method refers to the way those observations which are selected from a population to be in the sample for a sample survey. Sampling is the process which assists in selecting a representative group from the population. A sample is a group of people who take part in doing the investigation (O'Leary, 2013). The staff members of the business entity can use the sampling techniques so that they can do proper examination of the data. There are different methods of sampling which includes:

  • Random sampling: Random samples require a way of naming or numbering the target population and then using some type of raffle method to choose those to make up the sample.
  • Stratified sampling: By using this sampling method TESCO (McNeill and, 2012). The researcher identifies distinctive types of people so that they can make the target population and works out with the proportions which are needed for the sample to be representative.
  • Opportunity Sampling: An opportunity sample is obtained by asking members of the population of interest if the company members do the proper research (Lok, 2010).
  • Systematic sampling: TESCO has to target the population and this should be done in a systematic manner so that they can target the population easily.

 A census is a study which helps in obtaining data from every number of the population. A census is not practical because the cost as well as time is required in this. A sample survey is a study that obtains data from a subset of a population, in order to estimate population attributes. TESCO can collect the data by using the quantitative and qualitative collection methods. Quantitative research is concerned with the testing hypothesis which is derived from the theory and they are able to estimate the size of the phenomenon of interest. It is depending on the research question, participants may be assigned randomly which is assigned to the different treatments. They can take the interviews, questionnaires so that they can gather the actual and relevant information regarding the product of the TESCO. Along with this they can use the qualitative data collection methods which play a important role in evaluating the data and on the basis of that they can attain the information by using the proper process and attain best possible results. In this, different methods can be used while collecting the information which includes in-depth interview, observation methods as well as document review (Silverman, 2011).

Research ethics involve requirements on daily work, the protection of dignity of subjects and the publication of the information in the research. However, when nurses participate in research they have to cope with three value systems; society; nursing and science which may be in conflict with the values of subjects, communities, and societies and create tensions and dilemmas in nursing. While analysing the data or information, data analysis has two prominent methods which include qualitative and quantitative methods. Each and every method having their own tools and techniques and they are used by the staff members of TESCO. There are some ethical issues along with the risk while doing the research. There is a conflict of interest for the researcher (Frith and, 2010). In this, participants may be approached in a public space. They have to take the samples so that data should be analyzed properly. They have to do the issues of the confidentiality along with the privacy. The employees of TESCO have to secure the personal data, retention as well as disposal of the data (Barbanti and, 2014). The major ethical issues in conducting research are: a) Informed consent, b) Beneficence- Do not harm c) Respect for anonymity and confidentiality d) Respect for privacy. 

3.2 Interpret and analyse the results in the terms of original research specification.

When analyzing data (whether from questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, or whatever), always start from review while doing the research they can attain the goals, i.e., the reason you undertook the research in the first place (Doyle and Timonen,2010). This will assist in organising the data as well as focus on the analysis. For example, if you wanted to improve a program by identifying its strengths and weaknesses, so that they can organize data into program strengths, weaknesses along with the suggestions which helps in improving the program as it helps in improving the performance as well as productivity. They have to make proper reports so that all the data should be measured in a proper way and by that they can attain the goals and objectives (Stevens, Hussein and Manthorpe, 2012).

3.3 Recommendations

 To collect the data and manage the work they can use Gantt chart which assist in managing all the data and reap the goals and objectives. For doing the planning for the research proposal, planning is necessary so that they can manage all the work. Gantt chart is a chart which is a series of horizontal lines which shows the amount of work which is to be done and also they have to complete the production in a certain period of time(Taylor, Bogdan and  DeVault, 2015). They have to make a list of activities and then they have to estimate the time which is required. Then after that they have to put the activities in order so that they can manage all the work and decide that what another step which they have to do and they should eliminate many possible dependencies. Then all the steps should be chunk up and for that they have to provide the order list without losing any specificity. The staff members of TESCO have to combine the entire task so that they can add a bit of time and add contingency measure. Then by using this chart they can present the data to partners and review the data or information regimes. Along with this they have to develop the drafts of the three key elements as well as test and refining the three key elements and provides the reports to the partners and writes up. This Gantt chart helps in dividing the work into small chunks and by that they can reap their goals.


4.1 Use of an agreed format and appropriate media to present the outcomes of the research to an audience

 There should be some appropriate data through which an entity can present the facts and figures which are derived through the research and analysis. Hence the format of presenting the research  need to be accurate and facts should be accurate so that it can frame the exact portrait which its user want to present so that others can utilize such facts and figures for framing their decisions. There are certain principles which should be taken into consideration  while operating the research procedure.

 Misconduct in research is a serious matter. The investigation of allegations of misconduct in research must be conducted in accordance with the highest standards of integrity, accuracy and fairness. Any misconduct may result in reduction in reliability of the data which are observed through such research and analysis(Mackey and Gass, 2015).

 Where anyone is formally accused of misconduct in research, that person will be given full details of the allegations in writing. Because through this the misconduct can be avoided because in this way the person who is intended to commit any mistake can abolish his or her idea for such. The only exception to this Principle might be in circumstances where the allegations involve matters which are subject to a covert criminal investigation. Any offence which have any serious misconduct should be gets penalized through a proportionate amount of money.


From the data which are given below regarding the way to initiate the research can be done through following various methodologies and various reliable processes. A company can achieve its targets through making research over the market activities and further they can take several effective decisions through such analysis.


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