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Learning Disabilities and Disorder - Dyslexia

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Question :

The present dissertation is based on learning difficulty disorder which is called dyslexia which children faces while pronouncing and reading spelling. The present project is based on research which will outline the discussion on primary school learners of Swaziland.

  • Understanding the different methods of research which can inform the development of theory, policy and practice in professional field.
  • Application of Appropriate range of research design and the data collection skill.
  • Critical evaluation of research findings and investigations.
  • Recognition of the political and ethical issues which can impinge research process.
  • Plan and design the research project.
Answer :
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Background of research

The research is based on learning difficulty disorder which is dyslexia in which the child faces issues in reading and pronouncing spellings. It is a medical condition which can be treated but cannot be controlled. Dyslexia is related to brain development of child which is known as learning disability (Wimmer and Schurz, 2010). The research will outline the critical discussion over primary school learners of Swaziland which experience difficulty in reading that becomes a barrier to inclusive education for students.

Research Aim

“To explore the barriers of inclusive education for primary school learners with dyslexia: A case study of Swaziland”

Research Objectives

  • To analyse the situation of learners with dyslexia
  • To assess the barriers of inclusive education for primary school learners with dyslexia in Swaziland
  • To determine the risksassociated with inclusion of learners with dyslexia
  • What is the situation of learners with dyslexia?
  • What are the barriers of inclusive education for primary school learners with dyslexia in Swaziland?
  • What are the risksassociated with inclusion of learners with dyslexia?

Research Questions

Rationale of study

The motive of study is to analyse situation faced by primary school learners who are suffering from dyslexia in Swaziland. It is the condition which makes it difficult for children to read and learn which hampers their primary accuracy and fluency over reading and spellings (Tunmer and Greaney, 2010). However, the research is for academic purpose which will assist in exploring different aspects of learning disorder and barriers to primary school learners.


According to Wimmer and Schurz, 2010, Dyslexia is a reading disorder where child faces while reading in comparison to normal students. It is the medical situation which has become barrier to inclusive education at primary school for learners in Swaziland. It has been outlined that disability restricts the child’s development because of various situations such as negligence, bullying, targets, etc. It outlined the case study of boy who was suffering from Dyslexia and was being continuously targeted and ignored by educators (DYSLEXIA IS A READING DISORDER, NOT STUPIDITY, 2016). Further, it described the student activities of bullying and teasing. However, with continuous negligence, teacher analysed that the boy has no control over his reading ability as he is Dylexic.

Further, as per the views of Menghini, Finzi and Vicari, 2011, it has been identified that there are no specific schools and education system in Swaziland for the child suffering from dyslexia which is the major barrier to inclusion of students in primary school learning. In contrast, Wimmer and Schurz, 2010, has outlined the reading disability situation where the students face difficulty in recognising words and their meanings and they find it difficult to spell them.


Research design

Design of the research helps in determining types of researches that are descriptive, semi experimental, Meta analytic and exploratory (Hogg, 2010). In this study, the scholar will make use of exploratory design of study which will assist individuals in exploring different barriers to inclusive education of primary scholar learners which are suffering from dyslexia.

Research approach

It derives  series of step which is known as procedure for entire research. It comprises of broad assumptions over data collection, analysis, discussion, interpretation, etc. There are two types of research approaches that are inductive and deductive (Ormerod and Ulrich, 2013). However, in dissertation, researcher will consider the use of inductive approach which will help investigator in a logical and analytical reasoning over barriers to learners suffering from dyslexia.

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Sampling is the process where the researcher aims at choosing small number of source from numerous available sources which are viable for gathering information on research topic. Selection can be done through various methods that are random, cluster, stratified, systematic, etc. Apparently, in this study, the researcher will consider use of random sampling and sample will be 10 primary school educators of Swaziland who will assist in analysing the barriers to inclusive education faced by learners suffering with learning disability.

Data collection

It is the process of gathering viable and considerable information of addressing problem statement of study. There are two methods of data collection that is primary and secondary where secondary is based on the past facts and findings while, primary is based on current research and findings (Rubin and Babbie, 2016). In this study, the scholar will collect data from both the sources, that is, primary by interviewing sampled participants and secondary through online, books, articles, journals, researches and publications.

Data analysis

Analysing gathered information plays an important role in the final findings and discussion. However, information is analysed with the help of two methods, that is, qualitative and quantitative. Thus, in this study, the researcher will consider use of qualitative analysis as the research is subjective in nature. Qualitative analysis of collected information will be supported by the thematic analysis.

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Ethical consideration

Adhering to ethics is the foremost concern of researcher because it helps in making research viable and reliable. In this study, the focus of researcher will be on valuing beliefs and practices of primary school educators during interview. In addition, the individual will focus on referencing the study in order to make it valid for further consideration.


From the study, it has been analysed that Dyslexia is the learning disability which restricts inclusion of children in class room learning with other students. Moreover, it has been evaluated that it is the concern because it restricts child in participation in different primary school activities. Thus, the research outlined that there are no specific schools in Swaziland, South Africa for dyslexic students. Thus, from the research, it can be concluded that dyslexia is an increasing medical concern which is hampering learning environment and child motivation in classrooms.

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