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Research Methods & Processes: Reflection Report

University: The University of Sheffield

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 13 / Words 3237
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BS4S14
  • Downloads: 318
Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  1. What are the key areas and knowledge that helps to enhance research skill.
  2. Analyse the difficulties and barriers that arise while conducting research methodology.
  3. What are the effective methods and approaches used to research?


Answer :
Organization Selected : Aegis Ambulance

Research Methods & Processes

How and why have you chosen/decided on the research methods and processes which you are using/have used for the development of your Major Project?

How would you describe these to:

1) a reader of your Major Project and/or

2) a future employer

(max.550 words)

In past few years, United kingdoms citizens have been going to ample number of difficulties related to their health. I have found that mostly old people did not have much health condition and they are unable to go to the hospital or to Healthcare practitioners because of their health conditions. But government of United Kingdom started emergency services name as Aegis. Therefore, problem which has been faced by public of UK and the initiative that has been taken by parliament of this country influence me to develop report on this topic that have chosen. I have conducted this whole research on the basis of my own searching and I’ve also taken information from different articles that have already been given by authors, scholars and so on. It feels to me that opening this kind of a business in private sector where health and social care services are being provided to both old age people and young children at their home or to take them to different hospitals as per the needs can be considered as a great business which can help employer in earning huge profit margins. Away with this I have also found that people get into trouble everyday maybe because of their health or they met with different problems where they get hurt. Before opening a company in this ambulance services will always stay beneficial to the employer and can help in generating revenue for a longer period of time.

Literature & sources

1) What are the most important theories/literature/evidence sources which you are using to justify your research and your Major Project?

2) Why are these sources important and fundamental to your work?

In order to make better investigation on the present research topic i.e. running a non-emergence ambulance service will be helpful to provide health facilities to old age people, I have used both primary and secondary resources. Under primary research, I have prepared a questionnaire relevant to effectiveness of such services and how it could be made more beneficial. This questionnaire is further filled by people of UK to identify their perceptions so that better services can be provided to old aged people. For this survey I have taken a sample of 150 respondents whose participation helps me in implicating several techniques and tactics to run business more effectively. Through this process, as a researcher I have analysed that in order to become unique and convenient for old age people, it is essential to formulate accurate strategies in terms of transportation and other health facilities. Moreover, it has also been ascertained that in some areas like instant services, need to give employment to expert and qualified health practioners are required to be introduced. This would aid Aegis Ambulance to provide better services to needy people who are unable to come hospitals without support of others due to high age.

Furthermore, to get expert advice and collect appropriate data about non-emergence services, I have also used secondary methods. This research provides indirect methods which give me opportunity to determine the opinion of professionals and other writers who have already done investigations on the same topic in relevant manner. By using internet applications, books and journals, I have evaluated data related to current trend of marketplace as well as demand of high-aged people who are facing issues related to transportation and unable to go hospitals alone. Using this relevant information and data, I have made further investigation more adequately. Therefore, from both type of research, primary source seems to be much beneficial for acquired reliable data and information. By directly take interviews or ask questions from residents of UK, I have made improvement in business strategies related to provide better services to old age people. Primary research as compared to secondary one, provides reliable and relevant information about specific topic. But it consumes much time and cost as well as assists investigators to conduct survey itself. Therefore, to carry out research in such manner, project makers are required to prepare proper budget plan so that each activity of project can be conducted in proper way in given period of time.

Your Knowledge

What key areas of knowledge have you gained from undertaking your research and the Major Project?

Indicate why these are so important to you?

(max. 400 words)

By working on this project I have evaluated the idea of Agile Ambulance behind providing non-emergence services. Owners of this company have planned to bring the required Medicare help to old age people with low cost ambulance services to the society. They have also planned to give PTS services to such patients which give beneficial to them in bringing instant Medicare help. By getting support of administration, management, trained drivers and expert health doctors, this company can handle the operations more appropriately. It includes provide services to individual in the case of emergency and non-emergency situations, a proper attention to their health issues and give relief from the same, so that they can survive for longer time. This firm also gives employment to high skilled and experienced workforce in various departments who are able to serve the beneficiary advantages to old age people. In this regard, workers are liable to transport the patient at hospital from their home with proper care. This ambulance has included all the essential medical facilities like Oxygen cylinder, health check-up, medicines, equipment and machineries etc. All these facilities will bring instant relief to patients in emergency situations. Along with this, old people who are suffering from terminally ill diseases like diabetes can call Aegis Ambulance for regular check-up anytime as per requirement. There can be operational gains and determination of operational practices which in turn helps in overcoming from poor health.

Your Learning

What are the most important aspects/examples of learning and/or skills which you have gained from:

1) undertaking the MBA programme,

2) following through your research, and

3) applying your knowledge and what you have learnt in your Major Project

(max. 400 words)

This project is based on services provided by Aegis Ambulance where non-emergence and emergence services have provided to old age people. As one third population of UK belongs from old age and face difficulties to go hospitals for regular check-up and medial prescriptions. Therefore, this fact has suggested entrepreneurs of Aegis Ambulance to launch business in this field. This would provide beneficial to old people to get instant transport facilities which take them directly to hospitals as well as given them general health facilities in medical van. Along with this, it also proved beneficial for owners to get high revenues and profitability by running business in this field. Thus, through this research, I have gained entrepreneurial skills and abilities that how to become a successful entrepreneur. This would me to learn the way new business has started and introduce resources to run it successfully. It has analysed further that to launch business, entrepreneurs of Aegis Ambulance has invested near about £5000000. Under this process, they have made investment of funds through capital amounted to £2500000 and loan taken from commercial bank is at same amount such as £2500000. Moreover, through cash flow statement, it has determined managers have made proper budget plans which will be the most appreciation part to the operations of business.Thus, working on this project has increased my knowledge and experienced related to launch and run a new business successfully. It has also aid me to learn how to manage budget and limited resources in most appropriate manner.

Critical Thinking and your ideas

In carrying out your research, your analysis, your evaluation of evidence, and in identifying or proposing conclusions, what has been the most important discovery, or piece of evidence, or theory, or viewpoint, or critical idea, or critical addition to your knowledge, or other item of importance and why?

(max. 400 words)

It has evaluated from this theory that healthcare facilities are given to people for better survival and give them relief from diseases which impact on their health. But it has seen that people having old age in UK generally face various issues related to concern doctor and go to hospitals for health check-up, non-urgent services and long waiting time. These issues put an adverse affect on their health and sometime lead life of them towards dangerous. This fact has given opportunity to entrepreneurs of UK to launch new business related to serve people kind of non-emergency medical services. By giving transportation facilities i.e. ambulance in emergence and non-emergence situations, high satisfaction of old age people can be gained. From investigation, it has interpreted that in UK, more than 3.7 million people (old age) are suffering from diabetes. Therefore, in absence of non-emergency services, they feel unable to go for regular health check-up and take appointment with doctors because under this age, without support of someone, they cannot avail transport facilities. They have to be dependent on other persons to get them to hospitals. Due to this vulnerable condition life threatening for such people and dependency on others increases in large manner. Thus, opening business in this line i.e. provide non-emergency services like health-check up in ambulance, transport them to hospitals on affordable rates will aid to generate high revenue and expand business in many countries. Therefore, idea behind providing Aegis Ambulance quite impressive. It will help in gaining high satisfaction of people as well as provide various benefits to them and business also.

Barriers met

What were the main difficulties and barriers which you were face with in:

1) undertaking your research, and

2) completing your Major Project

(max. 400 words)

Research are mainly conducted in order to have a detailed knowledge about a specific topic, there is a myth that generally research is conducted in the field of science and technology but it not true. Research can be conducted in other fields as well such as history, sociology etc., although research improves an individual’s perspective or enhances the knowledge but there are certain barriers as well which can be faced by him/her while performing activities. For instance in order to do this research I faced lot of difficulties such as selecting a relevant topic or idea so that information can be gathered properly with the help of resources that was available to me. Moreover, it took time so as to read everything which can support me in finding out a theoretical basis that can support my topic. Selecting a topic was not the only task I had to think whether the topic is interesting or will it hold my interest. Therefore, selecting an appropriate topic took lot of time and I grab all the opportunities which can assist me in making my research more reliable and validating.

Other challenge was of choosing a right methodology because it is require for conducting research in a proper manner. For this, it was important for me to be crystal clear whether I wanted to use qualitative method for which I had to focus on groups or interviews for collecting data or quantitative research method that can use test scores for evaluating research. Later, in order to clear this confusion my tutor guide me to identify and solutions from the answers itself. In terms of Research philosophies I chose Positivism which helped me out ion gathering data and making its interpretation as well. But making 100 statements based on the business plan of Aegis Ambulance was quite difficult because all the questions were had to be different.

Apart from this, finding relevant participants was my biggest barrier which I faced as I was having limited amount of money as well as time and I don’t wanted to waste the same. Later on managing all the activities dealing with the data, analysing and making interpretation was not easy as I had to go through responds given by each and every participants and i had to be unbiased so as to get effective results and outcomes. Therefore, it can be said that there were many problems that was faced by me but the main barrier was of time and cost boundation and analysing the views of number of participants.

Your Professional Development

What are the most important business and/or management skill(s) or academic idea(s) or lesson(s) which you have learnt from undertaking your research and your Major Project – and why?

(max. 400 words)

Since conducting research on such a serious topic is quite difficult for a person to handle individually. Therefore, for such type of project, it becomes essential to form a team and give responsibilities to each member. This would help in completing the project in given time as well as increase efficiencies of outcomes also. In this regard, I have built a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable members whose support help in making this project more valuable. By working in this team, I have faced various kinds of troubles also. As when team-members are highly experienced and belongs to different background then occurrence of conflicts due to clashes of skills and knowledge is normal. In this regard, to bring collaboration between group members and resolve conflicts, as a project manager I have adopted various leadership and managerial theories. It includes action-oriented theory, situational leadership, democratic style and more. Through such theories I have become able to understand how to bring collaboration in a team. This would aid me to take future projects and complete them in desired manner more easily. Along with this, another skill which I have received after working on this project is time management. I have learnt how to complete each activity of a project in given predetermined time so that success of project can be gained. For this purpose, before handle this project, I have taken some time management classes from management institutions where I have learnt various techniques and tactics to complete a research in set period. Furthermore, working on this project, I have also gained opportunity to work with high knowledgeable persons. Through this process, it is analysed by me that every person has own criteria to complete an activity but when they work in team, they share responsibilities with each other and help in completing the entire tasks on time. Thus, it has given me chance to handle future projects more efficiently.


Based on your research and the work which you have done in the MBA Programme and its use in your Major Project, what were and how far have the objectives of your project been achieved?

(max.450 words)

According to the outcomes of this research it has evaluated that the main aim of Aegis Ambulance services is to provide the appropriate facilities and services to senior citizens. By providing instant transport services, dependency of old people on others, will reduce. This business will also provide adequate amount of services to senior citizens in effective manner which would help them to provide medical care more ease. Along with this, fast and speedy transport and medical service further aid people to live in a better way. Furthermore, it has also analysed that preparing business model has proved beneficial for Aegis Ambulance to provide better service to customers so that company may ascertain more profitability. This business model refers to a type of plan which shows right path to employers and employees in conducting business more successful and profitable. It is also considered as strategically-driven business model which aid entrepreneurs to earn desired revenue in best possible manner. Along with this, feasible research proves beneficial for gathering relevant data where perception of people regarding non-emergence services has evaluated. It provides various sources like primary and secondary methods, which prove beneficial for project makers to make research more effective. By evaluating different opinion and suggestion of people, investigators of this company get opportunity to prepare business plan adequately. Other than this, unique value proposition is also included to provide better services to Aegis Ambulance so that high competitive advantage can be gained. Unique service in this sense includes emergency ambulance fleet, instant medical services, transport facilities on minimum rates etc. will be offered to old age people. However, according to analysis the ability to make profitable efforts for achieving the targets by operational activities will also be helpful in reaching to achieve mentioned objectives in set period of time.

Findings & outcomes

How useful and/or feasible are the findings, recommendations, conclusions, or outcomes of your Major Project to you and/or to a future Employer?

You must justify your answer with specific examples.

(max. 450 words)

It has been concluded from this mentioned project that providing facilities related to medical check-up and transportation to poor and old age people prove beneficial for social welfare. It helps people who can’t go to hospitals alone in getting service on time. This has also proved beneficial for entrepreneurs of Aegis Ambulance to get high satisfaction as well as acquired more revenue for further business expansion. In this regard, it has recommended to this company by using concept of photojournalism, owners can raise more funds and get support of government, NGO’s and organisations in running business successfully. This concept helps in bringing awareness among people about problems faced by old people for their survival. Through this process, government bodies, private companies and NGOs will support in raising funds for providing welfare to people. Thus, it would help entrepreneurs of Aegis Ambulance to get support of public and expand business in more countries, which would help senior citizens to live life more easily. Along with this, getting funds also aid this company to install various equipment, machineries and tools which will bring health support to patients. Furthermore, in context with the operations of Aegis Ambulance services, installation of various devices and techniques help in bringing technical advantages which will provide better medical services to senior citizens.


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