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Impact of Digital Technology on Travel and Tourism Sector - Thomas Cook

University: UKBC College London

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1259
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: BAA747
  • Downloads: 800

Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
Question :

This unit aims at drawing together different area of content within the study which develops positive interest thus results in knowing influence of technology in travel and tourism sector.

  • Provide understanding on ways to formulate research specification.
  • Implement research project within arranged technique and specification
  • Provide research outcomes in effective manner.
  • Develop reflection of research concept and methodology
Answer :
Organization Selected : Thomas Cook


In today's time, technology is one of the important factor that rapidly take place in business. Along with this, any kind of changes are occur then it impact on commercial activities of company. Mainly, technologies are play vital role in operating business activities in effective manner. Travel and tourism industry is develop as fastest speed in which technologies are also develop and provide various opportunities in which company easily enhance their performance level. It also changed the way of travel in global level (Aubert, Schroeder and Grimaudo, 2012). Along with this, in 18th century, people of high income level travel to visit spas as major attraction which provides games, gambling and many more activities. In 1830's railway also take place in travel industry in which people visit various places. As Thomas Cook published advertised firstly. This company is one of the famous travel company in tourism sectors.


1.1 Research project for outline specification

TITLE: To determine the significance of digital technologies in travel sector. A case study on Thomas Cook.”

It is very important for researcher to formulate aims and objectives of the investigation before undertaking an research. In this the main aim and objectives of research are as follows:

Aim: To evaluate the technology influence in travel and tourism sector. A case study on Thomas Cook.”

Objectives: It is relate with the research aim this will helps in executing research activities in systematic way.

  • To examine the impact of digital technology on travel and tourism sector.
  • To evaluate the main contribution of technologies to attain customers satisfaction in travel sector.
  • To examine the relationship between satisfaction of customers and digital technologies.
  • To recommend ways which used by company to attaining competitive advantage in market.

1.2 Factors that contribute in selection of research project

Number of elements are there which directly affect the research process which helps in attaining positive outcomes. In addition of this, the main aim of current report is to determine the impact and influence of technologies on travel and tourism industry (Bharadwaj and et. al., 2013). In this context, Thomas Cook is famous and biggest company in travel sectors as they effectively serve their quality services to large number of visitors at the time of visiting places. For this, companies needs to consider technologies for effectively implement the business activities in appropriate manner. Along with this, researcher also formulate research questions to determine the impact of technology on travel sector. Furthermore, various methods of data collection and tools are also used by the researcher to gather relevant data in appropriate way.

1.3 Critical review

This is important part of entire research as investigator collect relevant information towards the research topic through various researcher. This type of data is called as secondary information. With the help of this investigator easily take decision and improve the chances of attaining desirable end results.

The impact of digital technology on travel and tourism sector

As per modern era, technologies are play vital role in developing the overall performance of the company at market place. As it also helps in determining various opportunities in which firm make as well as produce quality products and services to its customers for attaining better satisfaction. In this, Thomas Cook is known by its famous and positive image as they transformation of business activities by using advanced technologies. This will helps in improving their performance level at market place. According to Chang (2011), companies who use their websites and digital technologies within their process then they easily capture strong place in market and also attain competitive advantage from its rivals. As the travelling of young people in highly increased in today's time along with they also use digital technologies at the time of visiting various places. By using this, they easily book tickets and rooms through mobile application. As Thomas Cook also develop their operational activities accordingly which may leads in improving their performance level. In addition of this, digital technologies are more beneficial for company as it reduce the cost and differences between users and provider as well. It also increase profitability level of the company at market place as per this travel and tourism easily grab customers attention towards the services.

As per the point of view Charles Jr, Schmidheiny and Watts, (2017) travel and tourism sector also use digital technologies to attain number of benefits in effective manner. In this Thomas Cook also generate larger profitability by using digitalisation within their business organization. In case if does not having proper fund then they face various issues at the tome of adopting changes. Along with this, cost of the travelling is getting high as compare to last years because international companies are charge additional cost and use digital technologies for delivering quality services to its customers as per their requirements. Mainly digital technologies are improve overall performance level of the companies who operate their business in travel sector.

In recent time number of people are make their career in travelling sector as it is rapidly develop their growth level. As they travelling for various purpose such as business, photography and many more. In addition of this, digital technologies are boom for travel companies as various people use it and fun in various countries to travel in various destination. As it can be said that without digital technologies are positively impact on travel companies to enhance their performance level at market place.

The main contribution of technologies to attain customers satisfaction in travel sector

Customers satisfaction is one of the important aspect for travel and tourism sector but on the other side it can be issues for them because travel industry not sale any kind of products its all about serving better services by understanding their needs. In addition of this, without using digital technologies company fails in providing best services at affordable cost. In this context the popular innovation is referrals by which company provide discount to customers for attaining their satisfaction level. Along with this company also use promotional tool which is used by customers when they use mobile application. With the help of this promotion company easily increase their profitability level at market place.

According to Chen and et. al., (2014) it is important for company to collect as well as analyse the customers data to increase the chances of providing them better satisfaction level as they easily retain their loyalty customers for longer period of time. As company use various innovative technologies to communicate with heir customers in order to take feedback and opinion for improving their performance level. With the help of this they easily understand their requirements towards company services. Along with this, data mining, analysing personal and make effective plan to satisfy customers needs and wants in most effective manner.

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Relationship between satisfaction of customers and digital technologies

Under travel and tourism sector, customers are decide that company attain goals and objectives or not. In context of Thomas Cook, as this is biggest company and also use digital technologies to make their services with high quality. With the help of this they easily invite larger customers and provide them better services. Along wi

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