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Assessment and Planning with Children & Young People


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Question :

Children and the young people in need are assessed and then the proper planning is done for their development and provide them with supporting their needs. To understand this in a better way, you are required to answer the below mentioned questions with respect to The Childrens Society Charitable Trust.

  • How children and young people can be placed at centre while assessing and planning?
  • How to achieve positive outcomes after assessing and planning for the development of children and young people?
  • How can plan be implemented upon children and young people to achieve positive outcomes?
  • How to review achievement update the plans?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Children's Society Charitable Trust


Client centered care is a high priority in the health profession. The commonly used subjective, objective, assessment and plan. There are different ways or methods in which person assesses the self-assessment, conversation, task setting and observation as well as testing. Observation and assessment provides with the information to understand children disposition, values and attitudes, skills and knowledge as well as understanding. Present study will be based on assessment and planning that will be based on The Children's Society Charitable Trust. It is aligned to the Church of England and driven by a belief that all children deserve a good childhood. Further, Study will be describing, how to understand the children and young people  by center of assessment planning or identify the needs of children and young people will be contributing the long lasting effects.

LO 1

1.1 Value of a child centred model of assessment and planning

Child centered assessment and design is a good form that helps to ensure children attendance and best possible chance to develop their skills and development growth. The child centered model is helpful to focus on children as well as individual’s needs (Amen, 2015). This model enables to promote children’s right to choose, communication and express themselves. Model of child centered also encouraging the new role model and flourish new creativity in between the children which explores the new possibilities' growth. This model assess to direct contact with children where they easily express their likes and dislikes that helps to understand the long term process. This is the complete weekly planner for children that requires in which child give their input to their activities and plans for the week ahead. This model is generally applied by doctors, social workers, professionals, support workers, teachers, police and parents or foster carers (Banta and Palomba, 2014).

1.2 Identifying the needs of children and young group

In terms of young people, needs will be categorized in terms of education, health and domestic welfare. All young people have their own needs and nature to deal with situations. To fulfill all the needs and requirements, they are planning to make all needs fulfilled by doing work or something. On the basis of regular assessment or health checkups will be more helpful to identify specific needs and requirements (Bastiani, 2018). This enables to make sure or have put some efforts to make them all accomplished in the best possible manner. Same as with children, regular assessment and follow up plans; close observation methods are helpful to identify the children needs in relates of education, care etc.

1.3 Importance of working with others to assess the needs of children and young people to inform planning

The children's society charitable trust enables to fulfill the children’s basic needs and make sure that they will never make children feel alone. Teachers, parents, colleagues, foster carers, residential and social workers as well as doctors are the individuals who work with young persons in different manner to identify the children or young person’s needs (Burford, 2017). This is the overall performance and structure that helps to enable the long lasting effects and challenging growth. This will also help to control the things in what performing manner. By doing engage with children might be get to know their actual needs related to life, education and in terms of health care manner. More part, this will be more challenging for the citizenry who identify actual needs of young group and children.

1.4 Current evidence and methods of ensuring participation and engagement of children and young people of all age

Methods or ways to ensure the participation level with children and young people through, assessment of planning plan will be make easily and in efficient manner. This process has been done as per the choices of children needs. Such as through play, activities involvement, learning styles, contribution through pictures, knowing like and dislikes, activities and experiences (Cross, Sheffield and Elander, 2017). All the stages and regarding points are should be considered by the knowledge of things. Overall, while dealing with children, person should needs to be emotionally confident and stable while they dealing with children. Also, ensure that all staff have a realistic perceptive of the challenges involved. On the other hand, care taker also make sure that all children must have contributed their own participation level.

1.5 Importance of permanency planning for children and young people

Permanency planning is the most suitable for children and young people who need to make proper planning for their future term goals. Main design of this term is to protect the children or young people from future insecurities and give greater sense of long term security. Through this term or method will help to identify the person back history and current situations. Through with identifying all the requirement and needs, further it will be helpful to make proper assessment plan for securing or fulfilling the needs (Debelak and, 2016). For making Permanency planning, there are  required some following requirements such as age, needs and abilities to the child or young person. Overall, term refers to maximizing the high stability for children and young people. Through children or young people can easily get their future content and objectives.

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LO 2

2.1 Own practice of engagement in terms of expressing their needs and aspirants to inform planning

Involvement with children and young people can make the best and approachable target goals. Besides, it makes the long term process and best effective goals. Involvement with children or young people and their carers in expressing their needs and goals. Overall, it requires making the long lasting performance level. Overall, this practices might be helpful for company to make better changes and growth in terms of fast making process goals (Driskell, 2017). There are many activities and growth that help to take the long lasting effects and activities such as feedback forms, small group activities, grouping council activities, group counseling etc. These are the methods through which person can easily identify needs and wants for making proper planning chart.

2.2 Encouraging child or young people to plan realistic, achievable but challenging goals.

How to encouraging child or young people to make realistic plan and growth for the better understanding level of growth. Besides, this makes the proper and effective changes and goals. All over, this must be according to needs and long lasting effects and major objective and goals. All over the major objective and more challenging growth nature and best approachable target goals (Hepworth and, 2016). Encouraging people or young people makes the proper changes and growth oriented plan. Care takers requires adopting the proper implementation process in order to meet the needs of the organization goals & objective levels. Young people needs to make their specific goals and objectives. In order to make the long lasting effects and goals. Overall, it takes the long process to accomplish their own planned goals and objectives to identify the proper changes.

2.3 How goal and objectives helps to identified or support the achievement of positive outcomes.

To make objectives fulfilled or accomplished, it requires the proper plan follow up, apart from that, it also requires to be the most challenging and long lasting effectiveness and major objective goals. Overall, to this makes the proper implementing long lasting process in order to meet the needs of the specific plan or strategies. In order to identify the project implementation process or target market effectiveness (Laymon and, 2015). Another major objectives and goals should also manage accordingly and effectively. Besides, there are more new some methods and goals. Moreover, this process or enlarging effectiveness effective process. In order to recognized the goals and planning there must be required the best approachable and long term process of goals. Apart from that, it gives the major changes and best approachable long lasting performance.

2.4 Develop a plan with a child or young person and others to meet their needs with a focus on the achievement of positive outcomes.

Development goals and major activities and betterment of making good performance level. Apart from that, it keeps the best approachable long lasting effects and goals. Without settling the goals and objectives people cannot grow up the goals and objective performance. Besides, it makes the best planning and growth in order to keep the best approachable growth manner. Allover the world challenges and market opportunities (McLachlan, Fleer and Edwards, 2018). This makes the better objectives and goals in order to meet the needs of the planned. For children engagement, it is necessary for them to manage the best approachable target goals. Besides, for young people it is necessary for them to fulfill their all basic needs according to plan.

2.5 Support child, young person and others matter of fact that makes the process or goals.

There are long lasting effects and major goals and objectives. In order to support children and young people. There is need a support in terms of understanding of the value and importance of involving children or young people in the development of their own development plan. All over, the major objectives and growth, that has been followed by the better objectivity level.

In order to encourage the and get involved in the child, it requires to have some strong between employees in order to understand each nature and behavior. Young people also should needs to try the major objective goals (Pecora and, 2017). In terms of making long changes and target making performing goals in order to make sure the future security.

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LO 3

3.1 Demonstrate the roles and responsibilities of all those involved in the plan.

In order to demonstrate their roles and responsibilities child and young person required to know their roles and responsibilities whichever is given in the plan. It is the responsibility of all of us to take care the needs and requirements of child and young persons (Posavac, 2015). This also mentioned in child centered formulation that all services to be effective and based on a clear understanding of the need of children.  For that, responsible person would be parent, teacher, doctor, care takers etc.

3.2 How goals and targets will be measured.

Target should be achieved with the help of different methodologies such as timescales, through maintained proper goals and objectives. Goals and process might be measured through follow up technique and controlling process. This must be required according to needs and wants in order to keep the long effectiveness (Thunis and, 2016). Another method for measuring the plan process is to compare the actual process with desired process and improvement.

3.3 How a positive approach is used to encourage children or young people towards achievement

Children or young people must be awarded or encouraged by different manner, such as long lasting effectiveness and process in order to build the best approachable manner. Mentor should guide children and young people positively and give them praising to ensure productive growth. Another method is to be specific and descriptive to ensure the better effective output.

3.4 Demonstrate how goals and targets recorded with the child or young person.

Collaborative approach : this is the approach through goals and targets would be recorded  of young person. Collaborative approach is helpful to learn together. Through this must be helpful for them to make the effective process and learning goals (Van Hoorn and, 2014). This method can be created good goals and long term goals. This must be according to needs and wants apart from that, it also helps to make the proper effective goals.

Constructive and positive approach : this is the another approachable strategy and goals. That makes the effective process and long lasting effects. In order to ensure the best approachable target goals.  It is the type of approach that is helpful to take feedback that will take less time. 

LO 4

4.1 How to record relevant information to prepare for a review.

To make relevant information to prepare for a review, individual needs to clear concise factual information, dates, times, name of the people, clear indication and records of the people will be more helpful to make proper records and planning process. All over, it also helps to require the long lasting effects and making process (Wlodkowski and Ginsberg, 2017). This is the source through people can be maintained the long term process or task oriented goals. This makes the best and approachable task oriented performance goals. Children and young people must aware from the recent updates and always make sure the long lasting factors.           

4.2 How to support children and young people to contribute to reviewing achievement of goals and targets.

This is the process where children or young people requires a feedback to make some needed changes for development. For reviewing the achievements mentor should listening feedback carefully and give revert back according to improvement. Another method of feedback is self-evaluation, it is the another method or process of implementing the long effectiveness goals. Through this support method children can develop more in their weak point to ensure the better output performances (Bastiani, 2018). This makes the long effectiveness growth that helps to promote the best approachable target market performances. This helps to build confidence among children and young people to deal with actual situations.

4.3 How to contribute to reviews based on measurement of progress of the child or young person.

On the basis of feedback or suggestions, mentors also give suggestions to children in terms of making trust and confidence among them. Session with experienced will be given the best approachable results. This will promote the long lasting effects that will be helpful for children.  This will also make the best approachable target goals in order to meet the needs of the person. Another method to get new skills is gaining advice from specialist person who guide in more productive manner (Cross, Sheffield and Elander, 2017). This must be required the best performance goals.

4.4 How to contribute to reviews about aspects of the plan that are working well and those that need to be changes.

As per the keeping records and information of development of children growth and challenging facts. Will be more challenging and helpful to make better objective and goals. Children information must be required for making best and productive reports. All over, the changes and better fast forward results. Apart from that, it also helps to take care the better fast forwards results and growth.


From the basis of above section. It can be concluded that, assessment and planning is  required needs for developing the better understanding the different aspects of young person and children. Present study has been based on children development in terms of making future certain and understandable. Study has been discussing the development plan that helps to identify the actual need of children and young people. Further, explained methods of participation in assessment and planning for children and young people towards the achievement of positive outcomes. Overall, conclusion of study is that to promote the future goals of young people and children by fulfilling their likes and dislikes.

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