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Developing and Organising Plans

University: Regent College of London

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 4 / Words 1114
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/0451
  • Downloads: 1010
Question :

This unit state that resource allocation is an important factor in order to achieve effective result thus a report had to be formulated considering the factors

  • Develop resourcing of project and review current resources used by firm
  • Produce a booklet to classify and store resources.
  • Develop a portfolio of the teaching evidence that involves new technologies.
  • Prepare a reflective account and plan
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hay Hampers


An organisation can achieve growth and success in competitive environment only when they have an effective management who are able to utilise available resources in an optimum manner so as to achieve better possible result in near future. Such resources includes human, physical and financial resources with the help of which the management are able to make an effective decisions and plans. The present assignment report is based on the importance of resources within the lifelong learning sector. The project covers the purposes and effectiveness of resources in teaching and learning ref. There are various theories, principles and models of inclusive curriculum design which are used in inform resource development are also discussed under this report (Botha, Kourie and Snyman, 2014).



There are different types of resources which can be used in lifelong learning activity with an objective of providing sufficient knowledge to learners and improve their learning skills. Such resources includes interactive whiteboards, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, textbooks etc. It is much difficult to identify and understand the areas where the learners find themselves weak and with the help of resources their actual strengths and weaknesses can be easily accessed. Further, the learners will also be given with difficult task and extra support by offering resources. The additional information which I failed to communicate with learners during class, then it can be provided to students in detail through providing them enough resources. Another role played by resources in reducing bias and in enhancing focus in the activity of learning. The main benefits of using resources in the learning procedure is that it bring interest among the learners due to which they show more interest in participating in learning activity as the task organised provided by the resources are planned interactively. Proper utilisation of resources in learning process helps learners to improve their skills and achievements (Duncan‐Howell, 2010).


It is essentially required for tutors to identify the strengths and individual needs of learners with an objective to fulfil them in satisfaction manner. The main target of conducting learning programs is to bring motivation among learners so that they can increase their potential in their learning activity and feel confident in the learning atmosphere. Every learners have their own weaknesses as well which need to be first identified and accordingly convert their weaknesses into strengths through performing together and help them in learning progression.


There are various resources such as power point presentations, worksheets, textbooks and hand outs which are more helpful in learning atmosphere so that each and every learners should get advanced from such resources. With the help of interactive whiteboards and other different features help learners to stay focused and involve in their learning programs. Similarly, the power point presentations are also help in drawing attention of learners and help them to understand well about the topic teaches in class (Eason, 2014).

Collecting feedbacks from the learning with a motive of identifying the effectiveness of resources and teaching methods so that it can be analyses properly. Therefore, feedback form should be given to learners and allow them to show their views and opinions about the resources provided to them. Regularly, conducting meeting with an objective to cope up with the standards as feedbacks will be discussed under this meeting and through using internal verifiers and peers, the effectiveness of resources will be analysed. External sources such as external examiners and verifiers who came with an objective of assessing the works will be required to get feedbacks from them and also commented on my skills so that tutor can improve further.

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There are various theories and models such as leadership models and management theories which help in giving proper motivation and guidance to their learners so that they can easily gain knowledge and applied in the process of performing work. Implementing various resources such as Power point, handbooks etc. help in getting better knowledge due to which the performance of learners will be better in near future. As implementing new techniques and tools is not enough as it also required to utilise them in an optimum manner so that proper outcome will be received in near future. Using new tools through which learners took less time and energy to understand the content of learning programs shall required to be applied. Appointing skilled and knowledgable teachers who are able to utilise resources in an optimum manner will help in communicating the relevant information to the learners in more effective and efficient manner.


It is essentially for tutor to first identify and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of every individual engaged in learning programs and also required to identify their learning requirements in order to perform together and motivate to overcome their weaknesses. The learners need to be encouraged in order to make them inclusive in the learning environment and make capable to reach their maximum potential. There are different conditions arises where the resources used in learning programs has to be adopted according to the preferences and needs of learner. The resources has to be adapted and different for the individual with hearing damage, visual impairments so they can easily follow the sideshows.

Learners who are not good in written abilities will be given with voice recorder so that solutions can be recorded verbally. More skilled and qualified members should also be given an opportunity to improve their weak areas through engaging in learning activities. Another difficulties that can be faced in teaching situation is dyslexic students (GUMMESSON, 2012).

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Learning resources are available in different forms in various sources and formats. There are number of structure such as scanning and photocopying which is used to create learning resources. Thus it is important to amend the requirements of each learner resources. To amend such resources, tutors should required to reproduce and save them in PDF format. After storing such resources, it can be kept under the hard drive with secure password so that other cannot able to access it. Ownerships of resources can be owned and stores by person in various forms which is indicated clearly in the Copyright Law 1976. As there are different formates and programs in which data can be stored. There are specific formates of data files which can be supported only only certain programmes and applications.

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