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The Impact of Social Media on Generations

University: California Institute of Technology

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Question :

 This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Explain the current trends in the marketing communication which includes digitalisation, online and offline.
  • Analyse the relevance of the internet in the context of modern marketing concept.
  • Provide the benefits and limitations of the social media.
Answer :

Task 1

Disadvantages and advantages of social media 

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook are important in today's modern life as it helps individuals to connect with friends instantly in real-time. Crosby (2017) opined that connectivity stands as the advantageous point of social media as it helps in connecting people from different location of world. It is found that users on Facebook can interact with their long-lost friends, relatives and again reconnect with them. Facebook is helpful in socializing and reconnecting with friends and share feelings and thoughts with them. Awareness stage of AIDA helpful is helpful for making people aware of addiction issue that arises out of social media. On the contrary, Felix, Rauschnabel & Hinsch (2017) argued that people are developing addiction towards social media, which is disrupting their personal lives. It is noted that teenagers are highly affected by social media as they are found to be very extensively involved in Facebook or Instagram. It is cutting them from society and simply wasting their time, which they could have used in performing productive activities. Therefore, it can be said that if social media is helpful for connecting people across the world, it is also a source of addiction; especially for young children.

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Social media is helpful in the educational sector as it provides teachers and students to connect with professionals and experts via social media. According to Montazeribarforoushi, Keshavarzsaleh & Ramsøy (2017), AIDA theory stresses on interest component, which makes user develop interest towards social media. Interest component, therefore, helps in evaluating that benefits of social media are seen in the educational field. The platform of social media is equal for all, which means people from any geographical location, caste, age or gender can educate oneself. Moreover, the education that is derived from social sites is free of cost. Contrarily, Rashidi et al., (2017) argued that an individual gets addicted to alcohol and drugs from social media, which means users, start to follow different people. It is found that different people share their posts on social media, which inspires other users to follow. In such cases, drug or alcohol addicted people also share their videos and views on the web, which eventually makes other individuals get addicted to alcohol or drug. It is therefore found that social media is beneficial for education, but it cannot be ignored that it glamorizes alcohol and drugs.

In business sector, it is found that social media is used for promoting business to huge number of audience. Stoyanov (2017) mentioned that the desired stage of AIDA theory is helpful for creating desire or want among individuals. Desire component of mentioned theory highlights the benefits of social sites that organisations use social media to develop desire for its brand among customers and bring large profits. Promotion on social media is free and benefits derived from it are profitable for business growth. On contrary, Drahošová & Balco (2017) argued that hacking issue is commonly seen in modern world due to excessive use of social media. It is noted that personal privacy and data can be easily hacked on social media, which can make huge financial loss for an organisation. AIDA theory emphasis on action component, which is making people deactivate Facebook profile for eradicating security issue, hacking, fraud addiction and cyber bullying from society.

Task 2

Evaluating how Morrisons is employing digital advertising practices 

Pay-per-action (PPA) stands as the online advertising strategy that is used by organisations for attracting great value of business. As opined by Tuten & Solomon (2017), PPA digital advertising practice is a costly method as advertisers of an organisation have to pay for specified acquisition, such as form submit, click, sale. In the current context, it is found that Morrison prefers PPA strategy for advertising its grocery products to its targeted customers. Felix, Rauschnabel & Hinsch (2017) stated that PPA is considered as the best way for driving huge targeted traffics towards the website. It is noted that Morrisons is able to easily track the advertisements in the real-time.

It provides knowledge about the perception of customers towards their services and brands. Crosby (2017) noted that Maslow theory of marketing emphasizes physiological needs that need to be met for providing customer satisfaction. PPA advertising practice of Morrison provides the company with the chance to analyze the needs of customers by understanding their perception. PPA is beneficial for reaching its potential customers at right time and with right ads. On the contrary, Stoyanov (2017) argued that security is considered the most important component of Maslow theory. It is noted that financial security issue can arise in case of Morrisons for using PPA as people can ignore the sponsored ads.

People miss the ads while searching on Google or scrolling the pages of social media; like Facebook. In addition to this, security issue is also noticed on the part of customers of Morrisons as PPA does not enable means of conversation. The reason is that attracting contents grab the attention of customers and make them click ads, even when they are not sure about the quality of products. Drahošová & Balco (2017) opined that organisations need to focus on going socially for enhancing its business growth and gaining competitive advantage, which meets social step of Maslow theory. In present case, it is found that Morrison not only uses paid advertising, but also focus on marketing through social media, which is free. Furthermore, SEO marketing tool and email advertising (owned) is also practiced by Morrisons for going socially both on local as well as international platforms (Morrisons, 2018).

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 PPA helps the company to make its brand known to large number of audiences quickly. Based on the viewpoint of Ismail (2017), esteem stands as essential component of Maslow marketing theory, which the company needs to develop by improving its reputation. In present case, Morrison can use Maslow theory to further improve its brand recognition in its targeted market. On contrary, Rashidi et al., (2017) argued that the disadvantage of PPA is that every click requires costs, which can affect the economy of organisation. In most of the cases, it is found that people browse for fun, which adds cost to the organisation. The self-actualization stage of Maslow theory is helpful in present situation as Morrison's can use it for developing its PPA advertising strategy. Compelling ads, keyboard management, optimization of landing pages are required for improving it.

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