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Critiques of IT Management and Systems

University: Melbourne Business School

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1615
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/0522
  • Downloads: 683
Question :

This unit is based on private running institution as they are forming world university in order to start online teaching classes to students across the globe and interaction among staff will also be online.

  • Provide critique of the management process and involvement in planning of technology & system at work place.
  • Identify and co- relate the emerging technology issues in the management report
Answer :


IT system play important role in each kind of business to develop its functions and effectiveness. In this aspect, educational institutions mainly focuses to provide online education to each candidate with systematic process to gain knowledge and skills. In addition to this, it is also useful to provide systematic results in the educational system that carry with positive impact on students (Boud, Cohen and Sampson, 2014). Present report focuses on the group of private education institutions in all over the world that come together from all over World University. It is fully online institution that provide lectures, seminars, notes, etc. All these elements considered by online tutor to teach online to all students from all over the campus of world. Therefore, students able to access whenever they required. They can also interact with staff members easily through online method. For gaining insight information from the present report, it covers customer loyalty scheme which consider study together so that it increases effectiveness with applications.


In the present report, information technology and system program has been carried to attain more significant advantages and results as well. With the help of the innovative functions and operations in online educational system, institute able to attract different students in their study program. This is because, in this system different strategies has been introduces to attract different countries students. In the teaching, there are program implemented that carried to focus on the ability to attain more significant system at workplace. With focusing on the each student requirement, faculty member need to provide them study material as well. In respect to implement the advantages, it has been seen that creative results will be ascertained to maintain effectiveness at workplace. However, there are different challenged faced by the institution and students as well.

Technical issues mainly impact on the students and faculty members as well. This is because, it reduces understanding towards the program and focus on the requirement of students. They are also focuses with implement new and effective tools through systematic work has been considered in the environment. In order to undertake relevant program, it has been determines that planning for information system and information technology considered systematic work performance at workplace. It is the best way to focus on the techniques that are adopted to attain more creativity. Therefore, program also developed to take place in systematic consideration in the system.


Critique management processes and involvement in planning for information systems and information technology in the organisation

In respect to look upon the management process, it is important to look upon the information system and technology. In this regard, new tool has been implemented to provide online study to all students (Burbules, 2018). However, there are several issues also take place in the system which create negative impact on the outcomes. They are as follows:

  • Improving digital literacy: In the digital technological system, it is important to look upon the isolated technological skills. It helps to generate deeper understanding in the digital environment which enable to intuitive adaptation with new context and co-creation with others as well. Digital citizenship ensure that mastery of responsibility consider appropriate technological use which involves online communication and digital rights with responsibility (Armstrong, Harker and Brennan, 2015). Hence, learning also developed successfully that assists to meet with the support of stakeholders in developing competencies. For instance, educational institute needed developing students digital literacy in Western Sydney University. There are several activities consider which develop high thinking skills of each student with implement online study. Many digital literacy programme helps to face challenges which remains thorny with comprehensive ownership and action. Institution can also priorities the focus to accomplish advance work in the digital university.
  • Achievement gap: In the previous aspect, it has been noted that there are several types of activities implemented by experts. They believe that blending formal and informal methods in the environment fosters experimentation and creativity. Goals are also considered as the lifelong learning among the all students and faculty. Institution beginning to consider flexible programmes which provide credit for prior learning and competencies gained with employment (Allen and Seaman, 2015). Methods are also formally documented to assess skills mastered outside the classroom and adapting pricing structure and financial aid models which could be fit in new degree options. However, this system helps to provide unique features and experiment in the whole programs so that attention, contemplation through the appropriate value of these experience.
  • Advancing digital equity: Achievement gap reflect to the disparity in the enrolment and academic performance between different students group. There are several elements create impact on IT system and information that implemented in the institute. For instance, socio economic status, race, ethnicity and gender in the report. In the development of technological aspect, it made very easier to engage with learning resources (Wei, Peng and Chou, 2015). Therefore, significant issues of access and equity persist. One size also fit in the approach of traditional program of education. Therefore, it coupled with the overwhelmingness in cost of tuition. In contrast, increasing diverse global outcomes considered more flexibility degree in the plan that needed to face challenges. It helps to cater different programs with the deeper learning outcomes and acquisition in 21st century. Align post secondary programmes also increase skills that enabled personalised strategies (Shin and Kang, 2015). Online students concentrate on the related goals so that it support to complete systematic education system and method. Digital equity ensure equal access to technology to face social justice issues that affect to the country. It is also major concern that consider according to the advancing and availability with different material for open educational resources. Cost saving students tasked with leveraging enhanced to better meet with universities that highlighted with free online courses.
  • Managing knowledge obsolescence: In this way, staying organised and current is tricky for academic in all over the world. Technological development also improve quality of learning and operations which replaced with newer version to make effective results. Furthermore, institution need to implement longevity of technologies and devise back up plans to make large investment (Gibson, Ostashewski and Knight, 2015). Hence, added pressure helps to ensure that tools are selected in services of deepening learning outcomes. Procedure for technology and pedagogy discover successfully with process of information in efficient way. Widespread information on research over teaching for promotion and tenure to design high quality learning experience. Faculty is often required to create proper balance with relevant professional development. It considered difficulties because of insufficient resources. Hence, professional development plan need to considered that create impact on student learning outcomes with finding relevant extensive training instead of topical workshops. Therefore, department able to promote better teaching practices (Gallagher and Sixsmith, 2014).
  • Rethinking the roles of educators: In this aspect, it has been noted that shifting is also major issue that create impact on the results. It increasingly expected to employ different kinds of technology based tools that engage in discussion and collaborative authoring. Leverage active learning methodologies such as project and problem solving based learning considered to make sure that effectiveness increasing in systematic manner. With shifting of learning, students are more focused towards the guides and facilitators (Kim, Olfman and Eryilmaz, 2014). Contributing to the issue also rising with competency based education in which title of academic experience develop towards needs. In the many institutions, steps also taken that assists to increase teaching practices that enabled to use creative technology. It is also based on the experimental learning and competency that are radically changed with the teaching culture.
  • Tactical concern issues: In certain areas, there are tactical issues occurred that create impact on the activities that performed by the institution. Furthermore, it creates negative impact to focus on the students needs and their understanding as well. Due to some technical errors, the enterprise unable to perform their activities as per the consequences that are needed in the educational system (Dima, Grabara and Vladutescu, 2014). Sometimes, there are tactical concern issue make negative fundamental aspect which required focuses on the educational courses. Therefore, it is important to make sure effectiveness develop at workplace. With consideration of the innovations and creativity, people could be attracted with different dimensions.


In respect to implement teaching with online consideration, there are several opportunity considered which helps to increase effectiveness and performance as well. As results, systematic activities helps to focus on the desired results towards online study (Billings and Halstead, 2015). Hence, following recommendation could be provide in the system:

  • Offer the opportunity to think about the teaching in new ways: In respect to implement online teaching, in the university it is important to implement new ways continuously. This is because, in this way effectiveness continuously increases in proper way. Therefore, techniques allowed develop online environment which threaded with discussion of system (Kilburn, Kilburn and Cates, 2014). Furthermore, it is also useful to make effective results at workplace.
  • Provide ideas and techniques to implement traditional courses: Furthermore, there are different ideas and techniques also need to implement that included in the traditional courses. Therefore, it is important to look towards the different program that assists to maintain creativity and attain more significant advantages in the system. This is because, it assists to make systematic performance at workplace (Dicheva, Dichev and Angelova, 2015).
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