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Developing Nations are Entering in Cyber World

University: Icon College of Management and Technology

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: C/508/0494
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Table of Content

Question :

The objective of this report is to evaluate the influence of advance technology over the practices of developing nations. In this regard, it is required to analyse practices of security concern, its discussion and further results.

  • Provide an introduction over the cyber security and its impact.
  • Evaluate results based on challenges of cyber security over developing nations.
  • Construct discussion based on requirements of internet users.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Spedition Hendricks GmbH and Co. KG


Now a days, digital technology has vast impact on several industries and countries as well. One of the major issue which is going to highlighted in this report is; “Cyber security is the biggest challenges for developing nations that required specific skills and impactful strategy”. Government of these countries are concerned about cyber securities to control these crimes at a time. Major key components of these factors are technological advancement, capacity enhancement, legal factors, creating strategies and implementation procedure as well. Digitalisation and transformation of technology are provide maximum opportunity for developing countries to increase their business level and structure in appropriate way (Duffield, 2014). In this regard they also faces several challenges that can be risk oriented for them. Government needs to take this matter seriously to resolve such issues through proper plantings. It is not an easy task because the number of internet users are becoming high day to day. Main reason behind cyber crimes are unauthorised access, virus and spoofing as well as sniffing.


For a developing nation, it is hard to adopt information technology properly or in effective manner because these cyber ages are requires some specific skill and securities to protect data of users. These allows countries to analyse their capacity to secure cyber services. Some of the developed nations are uses high level of security while implementing such services in their country. These kind of services are hard to adopt specifically because these are requires appropriate funds, investments and resources for use them properly (Escobar, 2011). All the developing countries that are wants to adopt digitalisation has not as much capable to implement such security procedure so that they faces various challenges that have both advantages and disadvantages. In this, different business organisations investing a standard cost to hiring a security professional which can easily provide security to their technological services. Therefore, developing countries faces some of the cyber challenges such as -

  • Ransomware Evolution – These types of attacks are basically faces by business organisation while they store and manage their organisational data and privacy terms on some online modes. Main objective behind storing data on such cloud services is to access them anywhere but it can be unsecure due to Ransomware Evolution. These are basically block users information, data and devices until they paid a sum of money to hacker. These type of Ransomware are basically design to attack on professional and personal data of individual and business to meet egregious demands. Ransomware activities are basically rises when users clicking on corrupted links. Through this malware is get installed in software and start to encrypt documents and personal data of users. These are the biggest challenges for developing countries to secure and protect their personal informations from such attacks. For business organisations, it can be a biggest challenges to manage high level of security in their processing services because for them it is required to implement information technology to manage their business activities in effective manner. The only method is to recover and reinstall backups and data is to pay specific amount to Ransom on the bases of their demand and need (Chong, Chan and Ooi, 2012).
  • AI expansion – For a developing country it is hard to manage their services, policies and data securely against cyber attacks. To manage such securities properly in business and country need to pay a specific amount in artificial intelligence to protect such activities in effective manner. It provide various benefits to an organisation, but it is hard to implementation of such securities in a country. These kind of activities are helps to manage operational and functional securities of processing system to protect them from viruses and furthers attacks. These are the robotic transformation that are working over the time to keep their attention towards the upcoming attacks to secure system and data. In technological systems, it is require to protect and resolve issues of malware at a time, so that they would have better chance and opportunity to recover proper data or protect the from furthers issues. Artificial intelligence provide its better contribution in such activities but these are hard to implement effectively because for this country should have to be specific funds and investment that they can invest in such beneficial terms. These activities are stand in the defence of cyber crime or attacks to deal with them immediately (Ali, 2011).
  • IOT threats – Internet of things is a specific mode that uses to send or receive data over the internet. These kind of websites and applications are basically designed to provide easier services and make things simpler. These kind of services help to access data and resolve issues in effective way. IOT helps to resolve intern er users problem before it becoming major issues. But these kind of accessibilities are not secure when each and every individual uses a specific mode to receive data and transfer informations. These kind of websites are basically insecure due to insufficient authentication methodology, lack of knowledge of user, access uses of different devices, insecure data transfer methodology and lack of password securities. Main issue in this process is that so many users are interconnected to each other on a specific platform and insecurely transfer their data as well as further informations. For this a country needs to manage skills and knowledge of their professionals to secure such functions in effective manner. IT division should have to be effective for the uses of Internet of things. They needs to manage users verifications, sophisticated security and password safety to protect information of one user to another in proper manner (Sachs, 2012).
  • Block chain revolution – These are the high level of security that are basically using in bitcoin services. According to this a cyber user should have to decentralised their information to protect them from hacking and furthers terms. It can be a beneficial move for a developing country who are uses cryptocurrency for investment services. It is not only provide effective procedure and beneficial services but also assist to implement technical innovation to decentralised and secured data as well as transactions. But in this procedure some of the biggest challenges can be Initial cost and legacy system that is required in proper way because these are required appropriate investment to adopt them specifically. Block chain revolution required energy consumption because these terms and securities are basically uses in professional securities. Block chain revolution has vast impact on security services but public perception are in its favour so for this it is require to spread awareness in publicly for the uses of such security tools that can secure operating system. Such kind of activities are required a specific privacy policy to protect legal documents, degrees, financial data, deeds and further certification properly. Such activities provide technological facilities to transactions without any mediators or authorised bodies (Choo, 2011).
  • Server less apps vulnerability- For a developing nation, it is hard to implement effective information technology without any security and professional knowledge. Now a days number of internet uses has becoming increasingly high that consider cyber crimes and attacks. Informations of customers are at a specific risk when they access their applications and operating systems off server or locally (as on any device). These kind of insecure activities can maximise cyber attacks on several tools. For example sometimes users store their data on online storage modes as cloud servicing and others than can be out of the control security procedure. For the uses of such application's user should have to be skilled and has high or specific knowledge for the uses of internet securities. In this case, developing countries required to make their security level high to protect several informations and data in effective manner. Information technology is one of the specific tool that are basically uses to maximise profitability, data protection, storage and access uses of information. But for this they require higher cost, investment and skills to manage such activities effectively. Some of the developed nations are uses Server less apps vulnerability to maximise their growth with some secured policies (Castles, De Haas, and Miller, 2013).
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