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Need of careful planning by global financial organizations


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The proposed title of given research proposal happens to be need of careful planning by global financial organizations while taking advantage of the opportunities from emerging –markets. The study has been carried out taking into consideration the financial companies of United Kingdom.


Emerging markets can be defined as a low income as well as a rapid growth country that uses the concept of economic liberalization as a primary engine for growth and development. These markets are considered to be in a transition phase in terms of economic as well as political scenarios followed by an increased sense of cooperation with the global market environment (Jobst, 2008). In the present era, the emerging markets can be regarded as one of the major economic growth engine of the world. They have got a far reaching effect as their importance continues to rise. However, every financial company is also required to have a thorough awareness about the risk factors that are present in the emerging markets. Hence, in order to take an advantage of opportunities present in emerging-markets there is a need for a careful planning.

Watchful planning is a must for any financial organization so as to carry out a fully fledged accomplishment of goals and objectives. This helps in leading the firm in a right direction so that they can excel in existing market conditions. This concept gained all the more significance when the financial companies started diverting there business activities from developed countries towards emerging markets. In this respect, the emerging markets are the nations that are in a rapid growth and industrialization phase (How to Define Emerging Markets, 2010). These nations are transforming themselves into an open market economy and possess a working age population which is also growing rapidly. It was with the rise of emerging markets that companies got a chance to diversify their operations and got an opportunity to grow the business (Emerging Markets Defined, 2013). Hence, all this increased the urge for planning activities. It is only on the basis of proper planning that that there will be a thorough review about current operations of a company. There will also be a focus on determining what needs to be done so as to improve the operational efficiency over the coming years in order to meet the market needs (Baack and Boggs, 2008).


The present research proposal is based on the aim which happens to be analyzing the need for careful planning by global financial organizations of UK in terms of the emerging markets (Adcroft and Willis, 2008). In this respect, the objective of research study happens to be as follows.

  • To understand the importance of emerging markets for financial organizations in UK
  • To determine how financial companies can gain from the emerging markets
  • To analyze how companies of UK can plan to get benefits from the emerging markets
  • To explore the ways in which opportunities from the emerging market can contribute on the planning of financial organizations of UK.


With respect to the formulated aims and objective there has been a preparation of research question which are as follows.

  • What is the importance of emerging markets for financial organizations in UK?
  • How financial companies can gain from the emerging markets?
  • How companies of UK can plan to get benefits from the emerging markets?
  • What is the present set of opportunities in emerging market that can contribute on the planning of financial organizations of UK?


It is a known fact that emerging markets are those nations whose business and social activities are on a verge of growth as well as expansion. There has been some sluggish growth in developed economies as well as an increased pace of globalization (Enderwick, 2009). Hence most of the financial firms are turning towards emerging markets with a sole aim of business expansion. In this respect, the firms who wish to run the business in a successful manner needs to have a careful strategic planning tool (Johansson and Leigh, 2011). This is a very big issue for financial firms due to absence of an in-depth know how about the emerging markets. Hence, this increases the need towards careful; planning so as to take advantage of prevailing opportunities and also sustain a major competitive position for an extended time duration (Dimitriou and Simos, 2013). It is only after carrying out a through strategic planning and a careful analysis that financial firms can achieve the benefits. These are in terms of presence of a pervasive technology, increased spending power of people and gaining from the trading activities (Martelli and Abels, 2013).

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The emerging markets have been playing a very crucial role for financial organizations especially the ones present in UK. They can act as a major source of growth and diversification opportunity for the financial firms (Bennett, 2011). These firms can easily fetch the growth options from these markets. This will be a possibility as many prospects are available for the financial firm in emerging economies as compared to more developed economies. These are in terms of a pervasive network of technologies, increased spending power on account of the growing middle class (Ayyagari, Beck and Kunt, 2007). The firms will also gain by carrying out trading activities with the emerging nations. These aspects signify the importance of emerging markets for financial organizations in UK (Svensson, 2002).

Financial companies will attain widespread benefits from emerging markets. These companies must consider the emerging markets as a historic opening by which they will get a chance to provide a wide array of financial services to the low income groups that are rapidly attaining a middle-income status (Peters, Miller and Kusyk, 2011). These will be in terms of gaining a huge consumer base due to presence of increased spending power of customers in the emerging markets. The financial companies will also gain an advantage in the emerging nations by having an access to various investment avenues (Baack and Boggs, 2008). Along with this due to the diversification of firms in other nations there will be a mitigation of risks. The emerging markets can also provide for other benefits in terms of new product development. These may be related to introduction of a new insurance plan, mutual fund etc. Other than this the financial companies will get a chance to provide new kinds of financial product and services to low-income populations (Johansson and Leigh, 2011). This will further assist the companies towards building a potential for long term growth and achievement of a superior shareholder value.


Research methodology is that area of any study which aids in the process of evaluating the diverse outcomes that are related to a particular topic under study (Taylor and et. al, 2006). In this section, the researcher has made a use of a large number of methods so as to analyze the problem under hand and make an exact comprehension of the study (Alam, 2005). The given section has focused on accumulation of data that can be utilized for practical as well as theoretical purposes. The following research strategies have been utilized for the present study.

Research Design

In present scenario, there has been a usage of descriptive research design. This is to achieve the ultimate aim of research which happens to be analyzing the need for careful planning by global financial organizations of UK in terms of the emerging markets (Saunders, 2003). The method can be justified as it will act as a precursor towards achievement of results by use of quantitative as well as qualitative methods. It will also enable the researcher to arrive at far reaching conclusions as well as data recommendations.


The term sampling can be defined as selection of the group of individuals from entire population so as to estimate the features of complete people. This method has also been used for the present purpose as carrying out a survey of entire population will involve for huge cost as well as time factor. Here, there has been a usage of simple random sampling method. In this respect, a sample of 50 respondents will be made a part of study (Peck and et. al., 2011). The participants will be inclusive of managers in top most positions that have been working for various financial companies of UK.

Research Approach

For the given study, there is a usage of inductive approach. This method by its very nature is more of open-ended as well as exploratory especially at the very initial level of research study. This will assist in interpretation of the results as there has been no formulation of hypothesis. The approach will further assist in the development of some generalized conclusions.

Data collection methods

As per the requirement of the present study there has been a utilization of both primary as well as secondary methods of data collection (Pfeffer and Rogalin, 2012). The accumulation of primary data will be carried out by surveying of top level managers who are a part of varied financial organization prevalent in UK. In this respect, there will be a usage of survey method followed by development of a questionnaire for approaching the respondents (Adcroft and Willis, 2008). The questionnaire will make use of open as well as close ended questions. On the other hand, there is also a utilization of secondary data sources for gathering of data from journals articles, newspaper reports and other forms of publishing materials that are related to the topic (Taylor and et. al, 2006).

Data Analysis

For the purpose of undertaking a thorough analysis of the data collected by primary and secondary sources, there has been a usage of quantitative and qualitative analysis technique. The Qualitative study will be carried out via use of thematic analysis (Peck and et. al., 2011). Whereas the quantitative analysis will take place by representation of numerical facts and figures by bar graphs as well as pie charts.


The main purpose behind carrying out this research work is to analyze the need for careful planning by global financial organizations of UK in terms of the emerging markets There were many studies being done in past in relation with developed market. However, little work is being done in regards with the developing or emerging markets. Thus, the present research work will contribute a significant knowledge in this particular area. Further, the report will also focus on exploring the emerging economies and the global financial organizations of UK and through this, comprehension as to which emerging economy is fruitful for them can be done easily.  Furthermore, this research will help the global financial organizations of UK in planning the ways by which they can grab maximum opportunities from the emerging markets. Therefore, it can be well articulated that the current study will offer a unique contribution to a knowledge on this existing field.

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