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Case Study On Project Research

Introduction to Research Proposal

Aviation industry is one of the biggest sectors in the global economy. The industry contributes highly in growing and developing the economies of the country in order to attain high economics and business perspectives. International airline industry has aligned to every corner of the globe in a convenient manner. Presently, 2000 airline companies are operating 23000 aircraft over 3700 airports in the global market (Young Travelers. 2015). The sector is widely developing and creating high growth prospects. Innovation and development within the market is the integral part of business operations. Consumer needs and economic perspectives (in terms of requirement of high investment prospect) have forced companies in adopting innovative and effective strategies to attain competitive edge within the market (Revealed: the worst airlines for handling flight delay compensation. 2015).

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High airfares and low customization options created high competition within the market and made aviation sector, a dome of riches. Few decades back, travelling through airways was a big challenge for low earning or middle class people. High fares and full services enhanced the cost of flying for normal people (Klophaus, Conrady and Fichert, 2012). Flying was a privilege which was enjoyed only by wealthiest category. However, analysing the market outlook and evaluating demand within the market, Aviation industry stipulated competition by launching low fare airlines. These low cost carriers brought revolutionary changes in the travel industry (Survey: World's worst airlines for customer service. 2015). The services were altered and fancy outlook of the segment was adjusted to cost saving measures in order to attain the needs of higher segment of the population.

This strategy was effective to explode the market demand and enhance profitability within the market. However, in the present era, the competition within the industry has been increasing widely (Alderighi and, 2012). This has adjusted consumer demands for advanced services. Companies are presently focusing on developing service dimensions to stimulate fierce market competition and attain consumer loyalty within the market.

Easy jet is a British low cost carrier who is operating its business for 21 years in the European market. The company is globally established and has developed an effective brand image for economic class flights (Koh and Wich, 2012). It is presently managing its scheduled services for 700 routes in more than 32 countries of the world. It is the largest airline company of UK in terms of passengers carrying ration. It has employed more that 11,000 people and has been successful in developing its growth and development prospects.  Service range of the company is adjusted and developed to attain low cost advantage for the travellers within the market (Straub and, 2013). The present research topic will focus on evaluating the needs of consumers for low cost carriers and analysing those to understand the operations of Easy jet. The research report will develop an in-depth analysis to analyse level of customer satisfaction among students for low cost airline services.

Identifying factors contribution in research project selection

Aviation industry is vast and is growing at a considerable high rate. The demand for low cost carriage is consistently enhancing within the market which has caused a revolutionary change in the economy. Different companies are designing various strategies to create an edge within the market. The present study will help in creating an in-depth analysis of the topic. It will help in understanding the mechanics of budget airlines and issues that the companies are facing while adopting these strategies. Along with this, focus of the report will be on examining factors and service range that young travellers demand from airlines. This will be helpful in investigating aviation sector and developing effective emphasis on analysing its growth prospects.

Researchers are analysing the factors which effect the industry and consumer expectation within the market in order to attain high success measures for the business. The research study will focus on covering the topic in order to develop a well managed academic base for any further researches. In addition to this, the study will help in understanding the sensitive factors of the industry and factors which help companies to survive through fierce market competition. The interest of researcher for the topic related to low cost airlines helped in selection of the topic and developed a keen interest to precede with it. Hence, the present research topic is of interest of the researcher and will help in expanding his/her knowledge for the same.

Undertaking a critical review of key references

Low cost model of airlines

Different authors have identified different aspects or model associated with the low cost carrier. In this context, as per the view point of Lu and (2012) the firm applies low cost model upon airlines by using an effective pricing policies. In this context, it is assessed that low cost airline does not segregate its buyers on the basis of prices. Thus, it offers same type of fare to all the customers. Moreover, low cost airline (LCA) offers necessary discounts to the buyers if they will purchase their tickets in advance. In addition to this, some firms generate revenue by offering different type of services from their websites such as credit card payment and check in baggage etc. However, firm like EasyJet do not use such type of method of saving as it complies with computer reservation system. In addition to this Patel, (2013) have asserted that low cost airline have point to point network or short haul routes. This enables airline firms with regard to make connection with such routes or point where customers visited very frequently. Thus, by opting short haul routes cost and sales maximization benefits is gained by the LCA. However, Ashford, Coutu and Beasley, (2013) have examined that LCA are expanding their services to the medium haul markets due to the presence of intense competition in the existing routes. For example, airlines such as EasyJet and Rynair are practicing the same. Morrell, (2013) have stated that LCA maintain their low cost by eliminating all the additional services such as catering, magazines and entertainment etc.

Services given to attract students towards the low cost airline

As per the view point of Creaton, (2014) LCA offers discounts to the students in the circumstance when they book their ticket in advance. It is being regarded as one of the most effective tactic for attracting the students. This is because, it has been seen that different sales promotional techniques helps in attracting the large number of buyers towards the enterprises in an effective way. This same thing is also applied by EasyJet. In addition to this, according to the view point of Wensveen, (2015) some LCA brands attracts buyers by using customization related offer. In this regard, firm molds its services as per the needs and demands of its respective buyers. Through this way, it attracts large number of buyers. However, Patel (2013) have depicted that LCA attracts customers by showcasing its presence among large number of destination. EasyJet cover many destinations from the low cost carrier. The given thing provide opportunity to the students with respect to perform their travel and tourism activity in different places.

Assessing the satisfaction level of students for the low cost services offered by EasyJet

It has been reviewed by the many authors that students who uses the services of EasyJet are highly satisfied. In this regard, it is assessed that young customers give priority to the two different aspects while making the selection of services. It consists of availing services at low prices and getting all type of benefits and amenities during journey (Oum and Yu, 2012). Among both EasyJet is satisfying the basic need of young customers which is of to get the services at low prices. Thus, at present the young customer of firm seems highly satisfied.

Producing research project specification

Project specification is one of the most significant parts of the research study. The researcher creates an in-depth analysis of the topic and develops a well structured report in order to attain research objectives. The present study focuses on understanding and analysing a vast and interesting research topic. Project specification of the same will develop a clear insight about the structure of the research study and process which the researcher will adopt in order to carry on with the selected topic. The research aims and objectives of the research are mentioned hence forth.

Research aim

To analyse the level of customer satisfaction among students for low cost airline services: A case study of Easy Jet Airlines Research objectives

  • To examine low cost model for airlines
  • To identify the services which attract students towards low cost airlines
  • To ascertain the level of satisfaction of students for low cost services offered by Easy Jet
  • To recommend the effective measures to enhance customer satisfaction for budget airlines

Research questions

1. What is the low cost model for Easy Jet?
2. What are the range of services and practices which attract students towards Easy Jet?
3. What is the current level of satisfaction of students for low cost services offered by Easy Jet?
4. Recommend the effective measures to enhance the customer satisfaction for Easy Jet.

The present study is an exploratory research which focuses on effective achievement of the research objectives. In order to fulfil the aim of the study, the researcher will undertake an extensive research study by using primary and secondary data. Secondary data will be collected through sources such as books, journals, news articles and company websites while the primary research will conduct through survey method in order to collect reliable and authentic data for the research. To collect primary data, a well structured questionnaire will be developed. A sample size of 50 students from UKCBC will be selected and surveyed. Quantitative research tools will be applied in order to analyse findings and attain reliable results for the same. The descriptive statistics and graphical presentation will help in presenting research findings efficiently.

Providing appropriate plans and procedures

Planning is one of the crucial tools to attain success of a project. Research project is an extensive and in-depth analysis of the research topic. It helps in attaining high success measures within the market. In order to develop and design the project in a well structured manner, the researcher will develop an effective plan. The study will focus on efficient understanding of research aims and achieve the objectives successfully.

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Matching research resources

The current study will analyse the business operations of Easyjet and evaluate the impact on the same on level of young customer satisfaction. The research aim of the study is to analyse level of customer satisfaction among students for low cost airline services: A case study of Easy Jet Airlines. In order to attain the mentioned research aim the researcher will collect the data by adopting both primary and secondary resources. The primary method of data collection will be adopted in order to collect authentic and fresh data regarding perceptions of students regarding low cost airlines. However secondary data will be collected through various sources such as books, journals, news articles, past company data etc. This will develop effective base for the research in order to attain the research aim. Research resources will be used and structured in order to identify the research objectives and resolve research questions discussed henceforth.

  • To examine low cost model for airlines
  • To identify the services which attract students towards low cost airlines
  • To ascertain the level of satisfaction of students for low cost services offered by easy jet
  • To recommend the effective measures to enhance customer satisfaction for budget airlines

The research questions to achieve the above stated objectives are:

1. What is the low cost model for Easyjet?
2. What are the range of services and practices which attract students towards Easyjet?
3. What is the current level of satisfaction of students for low cost services offered by easy jet?
4. Recommend the effective measures to enhance customer satisfaction for EasyJet.

Research investigation in accordance with the agreed specification and procedures

Research philosophy

This methodology also refers as a blueprint of the study which helps in collection of appropriate information in effectual manner. By selecting the most suitable research philosophy researcher is able to determine the actual pattern of the study (Creswell, 2013). Here, mainly two types of research technique takes place i.e. Positivism and Interpretivism. As per the given scenario, Interpretivism philosophy has been taken into consideration no hypothesis is being developed. Moreover, this philosophy makes sure that in depth accurate assessment of human behaviour will obtained. Here, students can give their viewpoints about the low cost airlines and it can be easily assessed by this methodology.

Research approach

With the help of appropriate selection of research approach technique researcher can easily reach out the most appropriate and required information. Inductive and deductive are two major research approaches (Forzano, 2011). The present paper makes use of inductive approach as there is no hypothesis development. It begins with the accumulation of the relevant information and leads to provide better results to the researcher about the given subject matter.

Data collection

This is considered as a most important technique in any research as it helps the researcher in finding out most accurate and précised information about the given topic. There are mainly two sources i.e. primary and secondary sources from where appropriate information can be gathered. Here, in this present study data is being gathered by both the primary as well as secondary sources (Gatewood, Feild and Barrick, 2010). Primary information is collected through the students from UKCBC with the help of questionnaire survey. In this regard, questionnaire is developed by considering the past literature so that actual idea can be attained with respect to customer satisfaction among students. In this, only open ended question have been involved in order to gain specific information from the sample. By filling this survey form they can present their viewpoints and satisfaction level towards the low cost airline. On the other hand, secondary data has been gathered from books as well as online articles as well.


At the time of going through the appropriate data collection researcher requires to narrow down the whole population so that better sample can be selected. For the same, there are two techniques by which sampling can be made i.e. probabilistic and non-probabilistic (Goddard and Melville, 2004). In the present scenario, simple random sampling technique has been taken into consideration by which sample size of 50 students has been selected. They can share their ideas and viewpoints as per their concern.

Data Analysis

This is the last and most important section of research methodology as the whole findings and conclusion is based on the appropriate selection of analysis tool. Qualitative and quantitative are two techniques of data analysis. On the basis of this research, quantitative technique is the most suitable as it provides through which appropriate findings can be made. It also helps in drawing better conclusion. For the same, descriptive statistics as well as graphical representation takes place on the basis of which better findings can be frame. Under graphical representation, different themes has been framed which describes different perception of selected population about the level of customer satisfaction among students for low cost airline services.


Use appropriate research evaluation techniques

The Present study is an exploratory research analysis which focuses on developing an in-depth analysis on the low cost strategy adopted by aviation industry. In order to evaluate the research the summative approach has been applied and following tools will be adopted to attain the effective research results.

Questionnaire: The study has adopted the survey method to collect the primary data for the research. To attain the research aim a well structured questionnaire has been developed by the researcher.

Quantitative analysis: The researcher adopted quantitative tools to interpret the data and analyse the same. This is an effective tool to attain reliable and authentic research results.

Probabilistic sampling: The sampling method adopted in the research was probabilistic sampling. Here each individual had equal chance of getting selected which helped in enhancing the research authenticity.

Findings: The above data represents that the respondents of the survey belonged to different age groups which was effective to collect reliable response from the students. 40% of the respondents belonged to age group 20-24 while 20% belonged to the age group of 25 and above. 30% of the students represented the age group of 15-19 years. Hence, it can be said that the data selected for analysis was effective and representative.

Findings: The given data helps in analysing that out of 50 students 25 students said that they often travelled to places away from home while 9 said that they were frequent travellers and 4 said that they travelled frequently. This consists of 76% of the respondents. Hence, it can be clearly interpreted that the young travellers are increasing within the market.

Findings:The above table represents that out of total respondents selected 76% said they have travelled using budget airlines while 24% said that have not. Thus using the above data it can be interpreted that students are increasingly using low cost airline services within the market.

Findings:From the above data it can be analysed that 40% of the respondents agreed that Easyjet airlines is an favourable low cost airline. 24% of the respondents gave a neutral answer for the question which represents that they are neither in favour nor against the option. However, 18% strongly agreed with the question. Thus, it can be clearly interpreted that Easyjet is a favourable and highly preferred options for travellers.

Findings: From the given data it can be clearly seen that 74% of the respondents said that they are satisfied by the services of Easyjet while 26% said they are not satisfied. Thus, on the basis of the given data it can be said that the young people are satisfied using Easyjet services however there is subsequent option for development.

Findings: The above table helps in analysing that 60% of the respondents chose Easyjet due to its low cost factors rather that other factors such as service range, multi base networks, value for money etc. Range of customer services is another effective options chosen by respondents to in favour of the company. Thus, it can be clearly interpreted that low cost is the major factor which has helped the company in generating high market demand and customer satisfaction as well.

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Findings: The above data represents that Easyjet has developed an effective brand image within the market. 54% of the respondents said they will definitely choose Easy jet for future travelling while 19% said that they probably may choose the company. 15 responded as not sure for the question while 12 % said no for the same. This shows that though company has high market demand now but high market competition may result in subsiding the same.

Make recommendations and justify areas for further consideration

The above study helps in analysing that Easyjet is one of the most successful and highly demanded aviation company in the world. The organization has developed an effective base in the European market. The young age consumers highly prefer he services of the company and are satisfied using the same. On the basis of primary and secondary research analysis cost leadership is one of the most crucial factor for creating high market demand within the market. The students prefer low cost over range of services and comfort because their travelling needs are focused on enjoyment rather that other mentioned factors. Easyjet has developed a well established base within the market however it has high and effective scope for growth and development within the market.

Current market scenario is changing on a fast pace. Thus demands the company to enhance develop its services towards higher range of services as cost leadership is a time bound factor. The primary research showed that the company attained favourable response from its consumers however there is effective and high scope for growth within the market. The organization may resolve the issues that the travellers are facing in the current market in order to develop a sustainable growth prospects for the future as well. Moreover, the research study depicts that the customer satisfaction for Easyjet is among students as low cost services is one of the major demand for them.


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