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Globalization's Impacts on Nike

University: Bloomsbury institute London

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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  1. Examine the role of Artificial Intelligence in the growth of the business.
  2. How artificial intelligence influences the diversification of business and enhance the operational efficiency of the organisation.
  3. Critically analyse the framework used to analyse the contemporary issues in context to current global theme.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Nike

Idea of global citizenship

A global citizen is a person who understand interconnectedness, value diversity as well as respects. Along with they have ability to stand against injustice practices and most important is that they can take action personally in meaningful manner (Schweitzer and Gionfra, 2018). Global citizenship is the way of living which recognise that globe is increasingly complex web of connections as well as interdependencies. Moreover, global citizenship raise respect for own along with others also wherever they are living. This concept, boost individual for thinking more deeply and critically on what is equitable and how to minimise those activities which harm planet. Apart from this, if an individual is educated as global citizenship then he/she can deal with the problems of global interdependence, sustainable development, diversity of identities and culture, resources & respect etc.. all these are addresses in the classroom with a wide and evolving variety of participatory learning and teaching methodologies which involves role-play, ranking exercise, community of enquiry and so on. Practices related to global citizenship are taken as an good practices in education.

Globalization is the process through which different societies as well as economies become more closely integrated (Myers, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Holdings Corp, 2014). In simple term it can be said that, globalisation is the procedure of interaction within companies, peoples as well as government at worldwide level. Below mention is the relation within globalisation and marketing:-

  • Globalisation is that through which market for customer will expand in which they purchase.
  • Business firms can implement global strategies, deducting marketing cost through standardising goods and strategies.

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Globalisation and Nike –  At global level opposition rise against Nike in 1990s on the basis that they are utilising sweatshops for producing their products. These are as follows -

  • Workers in Indonesia are unpaid
  • Respective organisation use child labour in Cambodia and Pakistan.

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Artificial Intelligence influence the future?

Artificial Intelligence is called device intelligence which presented by machines in contrast to the natural intelligence demonstrate by an individual and other animals. AI is defined as the study of “intelligent agents” where any machine which perceives the environment and also take necessary actions which maximise the chance of success in reaching with desired goals and targets. Along with this, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and automation are the future technologies which have already found traction in an organisation. This will help in organising and managing data which reveal the trends and also make human life easier. AI can have a positive impact on the business operations and its functions (Dadgar, Araghi and Farahani, 2016). The robots future and Artificial Intelligence are not exist without any risk. In the past technologies, businesses are require to look ahead at potential risk, issues and problems. Artificial Intelligence enhance the speed, effectiveness and precision of human efforts. The AI techniques can be used for recognise which transaction are more likely to be fraudulent, adopt accurate and fast scoring and also automate the manually intense information administrating work or task. In future time period, this technique help in designing and programming in such way which act as a human. The working style has been changed by AI because this technology is used in wide range of regular services. In future, such techniques reduces human efforts and people are using this technology to develop device slaves in performing various activity. AI system will usually replace all tasks and develop new one which help in maintaining innovation and creativity.

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What is the purpose of business?

Business in as efforts made by the individual in organised manner for producing and selling (McWilliams, 2015). Their aim to profit maximisation by offering goods and services to customers which satisfy their needs as well as wants. Below mention are the characteristics of business :-

  • Business are working with the motive of profit maximisation
  • satisfy societal needs.

There are some roles also which is performed by the business in today world compare to 2005. Some of them are as follows :-

  • level of competition was narrow in 2005 but , in today's world there is high level of competition because several new companies are entering in the market as well as exit also.
  • Corporate social responsibility was not bad for profit maximisation practices in 2005 but in current scenario CSR is best for generating more and more revenue (Suliman, Al-Khatib and Thomas, 2016).
  • In 2005, production cost is higher because of less advance techniques and profit is lower. Whereas, now profit is high compare to production cost.

laws relating to abortion, death penalty and assisted dying?

According to the National Conference of central Legislatures, every single country or nation is going through different issues related to abortion, death penalty and assisted dying. Due to this, they have made laws or regulations depending on the cases which is being faced by citizens of nation. In present context, two different countries have taken and these are United Kingdom and China for showing the real difference among legislations related to abortion, death penalty and assisted dying. In United Kingdom, Abortion Act, 1967 have been made for the cases related to abortion. On the other hand, Abortion in China is having totally a different legal aspect where government have given them a service related to a request which can be made by women for abortion but do not follows sex-selective abortion. Apart from this, Death with dignity act is being followed by China where an individual can ask his supporter to help him in committing suicide when the person is disabled. Suicide Act, 1961, is being made for the purpose of assistance based suicide in United Kingdom.

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Henceforth, these regulations which has been discussed above have been made with looking at a number of cases in different countries.

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Books and Journals

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Suliman, A.M., Al-Khatib, H.T. and Thomas, S.E., 2016. Corporate social responsibility. Corporate Social Performance: Reflecting on the Past and Investing in the Future, p.15.

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